A Costly Mistake-Part II

2009-08-24 27 comments

This is a continuation of “A costly mistake-Part I”. You can read it by clicking HERE.


It was time and the test was about to begin. I could see many officials entering the auditorium with bulks of papers in their hands. They looked like high class professionals and Atlast one of them made his way to the dais with a mike in his hands and started with a welcome note. The welcome note was followed by the Instructions for written exam. Most of the instructions were in Hindi. Majority of the students were from South India and most of them don't know Hindi. I interpreted the instructions to students around me. That's when I realized I can understand Hindi.


“It seems you know Hindi. You can understand a lot better than I expected” A voice spoke from inside my head and this statement brought an instant smile to my face. But it was short lived as the officials started circulating the question paper and answer sheets. We had two hours to complete the paper,which consisted of several aptitude and domain questions.  I first took the aptitude paper and it was like a piece of cake. I completed the aptitude paper in half an hour. The domain paper was little bit tricky one.  It took me one hour to complete the domain part and still I completed the paper half-an-hour before the scheduled time. I returned my answer sheets back and left the hall.


I met my friend who was eagerly waiting for me and both of us hurried to lunch hall. The lunch was free of cost and we were so happy to see the Buffet system(everything was unlimited in terms of quantity). We had a lots of stuffs to eat and someone tapped me on my shoulders. I turned back and to my surprise it was two of my school mates. They both joined us for lunch. And we had a great lunch and the discussion about the school life brought smile in everyone’s face. Myself and my friends  were the last few to leave the lunch hall and we made our way back to the huge auditorium.I completely forgot about the test I wrote and something prickled inside me when I entered the hall. It was half past 1 and the results would be published by 2 o’clock. The half-an-hour was like sitting in a gas stove and something was bothering me continuously. It was 2 and one of the officials made his way to dais and started reading out the names. It was a short list of students. Nearly 300 electrical students appeared for the exam. I had no idea whether I would be selected or not. I never prepared for the exam and I was scolding myself when each name was read. nearly forty to forty five students names were read and I was sitting there with my fingers crossed. My confidence level started deteriorating and the faith over god started surged to the highest point. My counter ticks whenever a name is read and so far the counter read 46.


And suddenly to my surprise the 47 name was “Shankar Narayanan”. I stood up very happily but it ended in sorrow when another guy stood up along with me. He is the other “Shankar Narayanan” who wrote the exam and there was a confusion. Now my confidence overtook faith and I was sure it was me and not the other guy. We both enquired about this to an official and he said “Shankar Narayanan.B” is the one selected. It was none other than me. The selected candidates were escorted to another room and I was the last to enter the room due to the unwanted confusion.


50 electrical and 50 instrumentation students were selected and both my school mates didn't manage to clear the examination. After waiting for several hours, I was asked to appear before the Interview panel at 6pm. Both of my school mates and my friend in Delhi,left the place at 4 o’clock.They assured me that they will come back at 7 and pick me up. All the three left to Delhi and enjoyed going around Delhi and visiting many places like palika bazaar,Bharah kambha road and to several other malls at Delhi.


I appeared before the panel which consisted of three experienced men's. One person was very aged maybe around 60 years. The second was a bit strange,harsh looking man.It was clear that he was on his 50’s. The third was comparatively younger and smarter of the three. After the formal introduction, they asked me three questions. The first two were very easy and I gave very detailed explanation to those questions. Then all the three HR’s discussed about something for few seconds. The third HR shot the final question. It was a bit tricky but I managed some how and I made my way out of the room.


It was 7pm. The interview was over by the time and the results were ready. The results of electrical engineering came first. This time 30 names were read from the 50 selected students. And alas my name didn't make it to the sheets. I could see some students jumping in joy.I felt may be they were better than me. I was a bit confident this time and still I couldn't make it. All the 30 students were asked to assemble separately and the voice continued “You can all go out”. The whole crowd went in silence. He continued “Those other than the names I specified can stay back and get yourselves prepared for next round.” I was shocked and also happy. I couldn't believe what he said. The way they published the results lacked professionalism. It was so unethical and never expected such a good company to react this way.


It was 8pm and I appeared before another panel. The questions this time were general. They asked me whether I am ready to work anywhere in India.And they also tested my Hindi speaking and Understanding ability. To my surprise.. I satisfied there basic criteria in Hindi. That was my biggest achievement through out the Interview process. But it was not over. One last question.. This was my last question for the interview process.


HR said “One last question.. This question decides your future with our concern”


(Was it a technical question? what was the question about? Did I answer correctly? Did I clear the Interview?)


“Are you ready to sign a three years bond with us? You may have to work any where in India… Are you ready for this? If yes you may have to sign immediately and  join as soon as possible”

My mind raced through several answers and several faces……

My heart said “just say yes..This is a great opportunity….”

My Intellect said “just think whether its good for you… before you decide..”

The room was very silent and I could hear the sound of air rushing out from the Air-Conditioner. Both the HR watched me anxiously. Still I remained silent. This may sound as an easy question. But it was really difficult for me to answer this question. I never knew why.

Atlast the silence was broken.. I answered “Sir..I need some time to think about it.. I am not sure about my decision and may be I have to consult my parents before taking the decision.”

HR replied.. “ So you are not sure about making your own decisions…Well and good… you may go now..”

I was very sad and made my way out…. I felt like I should have answered yes.  

The selected list was read atlast and I am not surprised this time.I know I had made a mistake and I shouldn't have done it. I made my way out. 13 or may be 15 were selected at last.

I was sitting at the corridor. i felt bad for making such a mistake. Suddenly one old man sat besides me and said “ Never get disappointed when didn't get appointed”.. Cheer up… better luck next time.. He said…


I soon left the college and realised that my friend didn't turn up… Oh God!!! without knowing Hindi.. “How I am going to make my way from Noida to Delhi..?” I never know the route.. It was 9 pm…. I called my friend and he said he was at Delhi. He asked me to reach barahkambah road In Delhi within 11,so that we can catch the last train to his home. I was really angry and had no idea of what to do. I walked out of the college and searched for an auto. After a long walk for about 2 kilometers I found one auto and asked him to drop me at Delhi. There were two persons. As soon as i said i want to go to Delhi,One of the two gave a smirk and hissed something on the other ones ears. They two were involved in some sort of discussion and finally said ok. They asked me 200.But I argued and managed to 180. I asked 150,but they didn't accept and due to time constraint and there was no other auto around. Finally they accepted for 180 and started from the place. They took an entirely different route from noida. I clearly know the route by which we came to noida. But he took entirely different route.an opposite one. I was little suspicious about them. After travelling for half an hour,we reached a place which was very dark.There were no street lights.There was a fly over,but the auto driver took a different route which was below the Fly over.It was extremely dark and there was no other living being in the vicinity. The auto suddenly stopped.


This scene made me a bit frightening. I asked to myself “Where the Hell am I? Am I heading towards Delhi? Why did the auto stop at this place?” Oh… My god.. I knew I was in some sort of trouble.


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My Formula For Love!!!

2009-08-21 42 comments

A few days back, I learnt “What Is love?” from one my friends in blogosphere. His name is Bharathi and you can check out his post by clicking here. It was such a nice post and reminded me of my teen age.

This is perhaps the most important memory I have collected.Let’s go to the pensive and take a look at my memory.

I was 13 years old. I was at 8th standard to be precise. It was my first year as a teenager. It was the age when love and infatuation were synonyms and it was the age which gave birth to many crushes.

I was a last bench genius those days (not now… of course…Engineering made me blunt…), very good in maths, very mischievous. I would be punished severely for not allowing others to listen to lectures and classes.

It was one fine morning, which turned bad when I saw my biology teacher entering the class. She hated me completely since I won’t listen to her lectures and instructions. Myself and two other friends of mine would be sitting together at last bench. We were more like Ryan, Hari and Alok of “Five point someone”. Suddenly one of my friends raised a topic. We were a bit excited as the topic was new to us to discuss about. This is how the conversation began...X is my first friend and Y the second one…

X: Hey Shankar!!! Do you know anything about love???

Me: No…. I think we can speak about it a few years later..

X: Why not now? See we have started wearing Full-pants (instead of shorts) to school. we are big boys now… aren't we?

Me: of course..We are… (That's the first year we started wearing Full pants. Till seventh we were asked to wear half pants) so what do you want to know now?

Y: Hey guys!! won’t you listen to what the teacher says? It won’t be nice if we stand out of the class before those beautiful girls. I don't want my image to get spoiled.

X: Hey Shankar..You are good at maths...you score 90 every time and you know each and every formula…

Me: so what? What it has got to do with love?

X: tell me a formula for love...If you are so called good in maths…

Me: formula for love? Let me think…

Y: Guys!! Take a look at the girl in the second row..How gorgeous she is??

Me: shut up!!! Let me think for some time.

(The period ended sooner than I expected. I was thinking for the next three periods for a formula. But I didn't get any proper Idea.

Hurray!! It was lunch period and at least we can talk freely without anyone watching us, atleast for some time.)

X: For how much time you will think? The maths genius cannot even derive a formula???

Me: This is not maths. We can rather call it chemistry.

X: ok. What about the formula? If chemistry then make it as a equation.

Me: Why are you suddenly asking about love?

X: Because yesterday my brother told me that he is in love with a girl!!!

Me: oh…!! So what and all your brother does with his lover?

X: He often speaks to her in phone… all useless topics..

Me: That we also do.. Whenever we speak over in phone we talk about useless things as we do now. Next?

X: They go to movies together.

Me: Hey… we also do the same thing. So there is not much difference between friendship and love!!.

X: No…No…No… There is one main difference…

Me: What’s that??

(After uttering those words my friend looked on his sides to check if someone is listening to our discussions. Suddenly he came closer and kissed me on my cheeks. )

Me: What the hell are you doing? What happened to you?

X: What I did to you now?

Me: you kissed me… idiot….

X: I kissed you only on your cheeks. For that you are scolding me. But my brother kisses his lover on lips..

Me: when you kiss on cheeks, that's called a kiss. But when you kiss on lips?? What’s that called? (See we were so ignorant on that age…)

X: may be lips kiss??

(This is where my another friend, who was just listening to what we spoke enters the conversation)

Y: You dumb fools… Do you know what it is when someone kisses on lips??

(myself and X were puzzled..and looking anxiously at Y for the answer!!!)

Y: If some one kisses the other on the lips,its called s**…


Y:Do you think I am joking??

Me: Then let me frame the formula… I have a new formula…I got it..

X: Great…what’s that?

Me: So the lovers do whatever we do… and additionally they do something called S**….

So the Formula is Love= Friendship+s**….. How it is??

X:Disgusting…..s** is something bad. don't use that word.

Me: Then let us search for a good word from dictionary.

( I asked for a dictionary from a girl. We searched for a word which can effectively replace sex. Atlast with great efforts I found a word!!!!)

Me: “Eureka!!!” I yelled.I got it. So the new formula for love is

Love= Friendship + Lust

X: wow.Its great.Now let us spread this to whole class.

Y:Then, What is friendship?? Shankar..

Me: simple… If love=friendship+lust….Then Friendship= love-lust..(This is how engineers refer to problems!!! lol…)

Few Days later….

Teacher: It seems you are studying applied maths?

Me: Ma’m?? I didn't get you???

Teacher: It seems you are deriving formula’s for various unwanted stuffs.

Me: ????

My formula was a Hit.But I got several punishments!! (the after effects of my formula…..)

I was made to stand out of principal’s room for a whole week and had my lunch in staff room along with teachers.

Irony is that, they liked it and some teachers laughed after hearing my formula. But still they punished me.

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8 Marvels - About me!! (Tag)

2009-08-20 31 comments

I was tagged by Shruthi to do this 8 wonders tag……

But Before going to the tag…..I wanted to share the award I got today from my fellow blogger Ip(Indian Pundit). As I said before he is one of the great pundits and here is the award from him.

humane awardI would like to share this award with




Gauri Mathur



Hope everyone else got the award already from Ip,Meghana,pra etc…..

So..Here goes the tag…


Barclays Premier League

UEFA Champions League

All Cricket shows in Star Cricket

Race Day-Formula one

Engine Block

Air crash Investigation

Sach ka saamna

Are you better than a 5th grader?


Sitting at home and eating my mom’s food.


Pizza Hut

Cake walk

Coffee day


Saravana Bhavan



My blogs image hosting failed.

Wrote two good articles in Electronics Engineering.

Played Fifa 09 as a Manager and won with Chelsea.

searching for a new good template.

read bharathi,shruthi and shilpa’s blog.

converted one film to upload it in my mobile.

Got a reward from Ip.

Recollected my memories about a incident which happened in school.


Working on nuclear power plant

buying a new game for my play station

A success in a very confidential work I am doing now.

change my bike

become a millionaire

to buy a Ferrari

To buy a costly and gorgeous diamond jewellery to my mom

To blog consistently(which I never do these days)


Cool breeze

Cold nights

Holding the hands of your beloved one when its very cold

Sitting in a chat shop and eating something hot

Hot coffee

Eating Ice cream in winters

early morning travel in college bus.

my exams during winter. It will be very difficult to get up early morning and prepare for exams.


I think most of them knows this



Stamford bridge

A 1000cc bike

Serving for my country

to help others (hope this will never change through out my life time)

staying with mom through out my life

dying with pride and honour



Formula one



Motors and generators














I learnt a lots of things from past and experiences.I am a person who actually learns everything from experiences.So I don't want to restrict these to eight.Only one thing I want to say









Dark forest in Amazon(an adventurous trip)



A new and good looking template for blogger

A brand new Reebok shoes

Go back to school life in uniform.(those ignorant days are unforgettable)

to see a great entertaining movie

some money to recharge mobile(I spent the money which I had to recharge my mobile)

want the world to turn around like the one in potter and study at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry.I would love to be an auror.

Some thrilling incident to happen in this boring life.

play a cricket match with my friends.

I would like to tag everyone who likes and wishes to do this tag.

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Celebrating Independence!!!!

2009-08-14 44 comments

Hey Guys…

This is the first Independence day I celebrate with my blog and Bloggers..Right from the age of 5 my way of celebrating Independence had been changing and it differs a lot at different stages of life.

From the Age of 5-10..I used to go to school only for the purpose of getting chocolates which were provided at the end of Independence day celebrations in school.

From 10-12 I participated in various dramas,programmes and speech..Those days were real fun as I used to forget many dialogues..But I will manage by speaking my own dialogues which will make the crowd to laugh. And behind the screens I was given punishments for such a behaviour on stage.

But the next stage was a little bit different and fascinating one. At the Age of 13-15 I participated in NCC.I felt really proud to wear the NCC uniform.Mainly because it looked different with all those badges. And since I was the Corporal of my NCC unit I had lots of responsibilities during the Independence day like gathering troops..arranging them in a neat and regular manner. It feels really good when you are commanding others.

At 15 and 16 I was the member of school RSP troop..which was nothing but voluntary services.another similar one like NCC. Those years were great ones too.

But after entering college there was nothing much to celebrate since there were no functions.No NCC or RSP in my college and not even a chocolate to share. So during the college my way of celebration completely changed.I used to pin up the flag over my shirt every year to show everyone that I am proud to be an Indian.But  my focus were really upon watching new movies that are releasing on Independence day. My friends would book tickets and we had some few funny and good hours during those days.

Now my college days are over.Lucky I got this blog and bloggers to celebrate with this time. And to my surprise there was an award waiting for me today from my fellow blogger MEGHANA.

I surely have to tell about her blog here. Those who haven't visited her blog please do so.By clicking the name above.Her blog features mostly about our culture,tradition,friendship,God,Saris etc..etc…arranged in a neat template and very inviting to read.I am very happy to receive the award from her. 

So there is no fun in celebrating alone…So i want to share this award with my fellow bloggers who deserves this too…So I present this award to the following members..And the winners can put this picture in your blog(as a widget) if you like to do so.


This is the code for the award:

“<a href="http://ballat.blogspot.com/"><img alt="Beautiful Blogger Award" style="border: 0" src="http://i598.photobucket.com/albums/tt68/shankar13288/Beautiful-Blogger-Award1.jpg" height="200" width="200"/></a>”


Bharathi – Best political Blogger..For his beautiful views on political grounds



Shilpaa – The analyst.. For her superb and mind blowing analysis on various topics..



Venky- My Top commenter.. This guy has a great passion for commenting.He likes commenting more than writing a post for his own blog.



Ashwini- Die hard Potter fan. Check out her blog..You can find some great post about potter in her blog.I was much impressed to see such a lot of information about harry potter in her blog.



IP- The great pundit of India.. I give this award to him for his latest post about India.



Vipul- The reflector .. For his great reflections and reviews about various topics.



Pawan-The poet.. His poems were always a nightmare for me….



Sugandha- Creative Blogger…. She is indeed very creative..



Shruthi- Do you ever want to know what is a fiction(55 fiction)??? visit her blog….



Nandhini-  Curious Blogger….From Dubai…I was much impressed with her “A booby trap of sorts” post…very funny one….



Pranksy Gang- Fantasy Blogger…. She can be called my fantasy mate. we share same taste in the world of fantasy. A lots of eye candy pictures in her blog.. And her “recent crush” picture gets updated all the time…



And Happy Independence Day to everyone around here…..Celebrate with Beautiful Blogger Award.


Image Courtesy: http://nonzie.com/


And there is something more which I did for the world on this nice occasion(As an Indian)…I got a mail from Bright Planet and there was a attachment…its shown below…


Bright Planet

My Name Starts With “S” Tag!!!

2009-08-13 25 comments

I was tagged by Dhiman..My new blog friend…..Thanks dhiman for the tag…This is really interesting one and little difficult one too.Have to think a bit before writing…


Tag Rules: It’s harder than it looks!(Mind It). Copy to your own note, erase my answers, enter yours, and tag your friends. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real… nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can’t use your name for the boy/girl name question. Have Fun!!

And those of you who have names starting with “S”… should not write the same answer which i wrote…

1. What is your name: Shankar….


2. A four Letter Word: Sure..


3. A boy’s Name: Shiva


4. A girl’s Name: Shivani..


5. An occupation: Service engineer.


6. A colour:  Saffron(present in Indian Flag),Silver,Sea green


7. Something you wear: Shorts (This one was pretty easy….. lucky my name starts with ‘s’…)


8. A food: Schezwan noodles,Schezwan fried rice etc..etc…


9. Something found in the bathroom: Soap


10. A place: Seattle…


11. A reason for being late: Stuck in traffic jam..


12. Something you shout: Shit…!!


13. A movie title: Sleepless in Seattle.


14. Something you drink: Soda…(actually  hate this one..)


15. A musical group: Spirit


16. An animal: Sheep


17. A Street name: Shenoy street


18. A type of car: Scuderia Ferrari(Yey!!!!…My Favourite)


19. A song title: Show me the meaning of being lonely(Back street Boys)


20. A verb: Start..


I am tagging Bharathi,Shruthi,Shilpaa,Maya,Pra,Sugandha,vipul,venky,pranksy,pawan,Priyan,Ip,Avada Kedavra(I didn't know your name till now..Hope will know ur name from this tag),nandhini and all my friends and visitors of my blog….whoever like this tag can take up….


I really want to see bharathi’s answers..so bharathi make it asap…


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A Costly Mistake….Part I

2009-08-12 19 comments

The Known Stranger:

It was half past twelve. The sky was dark and the chill air was whipping through each and every part of my body. It was a tense moment and my hand which was holding the bat was shivering. I could see the Winners Cup glowing with the aid of reflections from the flood lights around the ground.There was absolute silence for a minute. Even the commentator stood silent and I could see my team members waiting eagerly to uplift the Golden trophy.The opponents were busy setting up the field. Everyone came closer and only one person was standing out of the circle in deep fine leg. The path through which the team reached the finals of the tournament was not an easy one. So it was the final moment.There was only a single ball which separated me and my team from the glory. A do or die situation. One ball remaining, two runs to get.

Suddenly someone tapped me on my hands.Everything went dark. A voice spoke “Its time..Shankar”. The voice was not a familiar one to me and I couldn't recognise who spoke to me. I felt like both my eyelids were stitched together and it was too heavy to open.With great difficulty,after a few seconds I opened my eyes and realised it was just a dream. I saw a man who I guess was on his early fifty’s. He was short, half-bald and a bit skinny.But I couldn't see the face clearly. I quickly reached for my spectacles and got it over my nose. Now I could recognise the man who spoiled my sleep and dream. It was my friends father. He turned back to me and said “Good morning…get yourselves ready..Its half past four..”. Half past four??oh my god!! I had never got up so early in my life time..Not even during my exams..

I got up half-heartedly and my eyes were swollen. I hardly slept for two-three hours that night as I was chatting with my friend about Delhi,What is good about it and what is bad about it. It was 5:15 am when I got myself prepared for the Interview and I saw my friend still sleeping in his bed. Atlast his mobile alarm went up and his father started yelling him for getting up so late. He brushed his teeth and took a book in his hand which I recognised as “Men are from mars and Women are from Venus”. Without my approval he took my I-pod and said to me “Lets start buddy..Its already late….”.

From Delhi To Noida:

His house was located at Tilak Nagar. So we had to make a 2 to 3 hours travel to go to Noida. We took the Delhi metro at 6:15am.I thought the train might not be much crowded as it was early morning and I was pretty much looking forward to get a seat so that I could get some sleep. But It was not as I expected..It was much crowded as it would be in peak hours. And the 25 minutes journey was really painful to me. My friend was keep on asking me questions from electrical, but I was not ready to answer and kept silent.We reached Barahkambha Road around 22 minutes later. My friend enquired about the easiest and shortest way to get to Noida.

We caught a bus to Noida and once again I had to stand for another one hour journey. This journey made me sick and I felt like returning back to my friends home.I was not in a mood to attend the interview.I thought of giving up and returning to Delhi. The bus in which we travelled suddenly stopped. When asked about the problem the conductor told “TYRE PUNCTURED BHAYYA”. After lots of difficulties I reached the place of Interview at 8:45am. 15 minutes late from the scheduled time. However the written test started at 9:15 am only. I could see some familiar Tamil faces..I recognised them immediately as they travelled with me from Chennai to Delhi.

The atmosphere around the college:

The place of Interview was actually a college which was owned by the same management which owned the company, for which I was asked to attend the Interview. My friend made his way to waiting room along with my I-pod and his book.He warned me to get myself out at the end of first round. I felt pity for him because he had to wait for me the whole day in a room.

As I said before it was an engineering college along with Integrated management courses. The college was really a huge one with lots of space to play.The site of girls playing basketball and Badminton was very inviting and my bad mood that day cheered up.It was pleasant with lots of plants along the sides of the pathway,which lead to a large building with a black board placed before it.It consisted of the names and registration number of all candidates appearing for the exam. I found mine and noted down my registration number. I was given directions by one of the security to the place where where I have to write the exam.

While entering I felt like the steps were at the centre and the room extended on both sides of it.It was exactly as I thought except that the hall exceeded my expectations. It was a huge auditorium constructed in a semi-circular fashion. The beautiful thing about the construction is while you are in your first step of the stairs you can only view the roof of the auditorium and while reaching the last one you can see a semi-circular dais straight ahead of you. On both the sides you can see black coloured seating's. A writing pad was provided to each person.Electrical students were escorted to left side of the hall and Instrumentation students to right side of the hall.

I made my way to the left side of the hall. There were rest rooms and toilets to the both left and right ends of the hall. The floors were made of marbles which were sandal coloured and I could see my face winking back at me through the floors. The walls resembled or looked liked they were made of woods. And there were large hangings which reminded me the last scene of Hp and the sorcerers stone,where the Gryffindor,slytherin etc..etc.. hangings were seen. The lights also were also of the same colour which added beauty to the place and It gave me a impression of being in a theatre and not an exam hall.

So it was time and the test was about to begin. I could see many officials entering the auditorium with bulks of papers in their hands. They looked like high class professionals and atlast one of them made his way to the dais with a mike in his hands and began his speech.


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FN:This post, I wanted to write two weeks before…. Sorry for the delay……And my apologies if it was too boring to read…

Jhatpat Tag!!!!

2009-08-11 22 comments

Got another tag from shilpa….But still I don't know what's a Jhatpat(The Title).. Lucky the questions are in English for me to answer…
1. Grab the book nearest to you, turn on page 18 and find line 4.
The nearest book is the “ELECTRICAL MACHINES” . which says“For achieving this, the armature must move from position 1 to position 2 very quickly”.
2. Stretch your left arm out as far as you can & catch air?
My Wallet….
3. What is the last thing you watched on TV?
Chelsea Vs Manchester United F.A.Community shield match….and my Favourites THE BLUES(Chelsea) won the game.
4. Without looking, guess what time it is?
As soon as I read the question my eyes directly spotted the clock in my room….So i am sure that the time is 10:40am
5. Now look at the clock, what is the actual time?
As i said before the time is 10:40 am…
6. With the exception of the computer, what can you hear?
My mom scolding me that I am so lazy and not helping her in buying stationary things for her…
7. When did you last step outside? What were you doing?
Today morning…..Got a DD….
8. Before you started this Q&As, what did you look at?
My Facebook account and Shilpaa’s Blog…


9. What are you wearing?

10. When did you last laugh?
Yesterday night while sleeping… I had no clue of this..I came to know when my father enquired about this to me today morning. My father commented “Its high time for him to meet the doctor…”
11. What is on the walls of the room you are in?
Wall mounted A/C… A few laminated pictures of gods.. Wall clock with an oscillating pendulum….
12. Seen anything weird lately?
Yup..I saw myself in mirror.. Last week I was sick and that made me to lose few pounds..now very skinny with spectacles… This made me feel very weird..
13. What do you think of this quiz?
Hope this is not a Facebook kind of quiz… most of which is a crap…
14. What is the last film you saw?
Dead or Alive in star movies… Nice entertainer…. The film is about three women's..One is a princess,second a thief and third, the Wrestler… All the three participate in a fighting competition “DEAD or ALIVE”. The story deals is about what are the obstacles they face on their way to victory in the competition and who wins at last.
15. If you became a multimillionaire overnight, what would you buy?
I would buy the BMW formula one team… I am very sad that they are making their exit from formula one due to lack of funds.So i will buy the team and ask Schumacher to drive for my team.
16. Tell me something about you that I dunno!
I have answered this question in my previous tags… I guess everyone knows everything about me..
17. If you could change one thing about the world, regardless of guilt or politics, what would you do?
I would change the whole world Itself..Green planet…Eco Friendly…
18. Do you like to Dance?
yes..I would like to..But I don't know how to….
19. Imagine your first child is a girl, what do you call her?
20. Imagine your first child is a boy, what do you call her?
21. Would you ever consider living abroad?
No way… India is my country….Live for my country..serve for my country… I never want to be a person who goes to other countries for studying,earning and later complain that I am racially abused…
22. What do you want GOD to say to you when you reach the pearly gates?
why did you come here??… Heaven became hell as a result of your arrival..so go back to world….And i would be reborn again…
Avada Kedavra I tag you..Both for this post and my last post.."My Life In Numbers...."
Nandhini You have been tagged for my last post "My life in Numbers"
I am tagging Venky and Pranksy gang.... For both this tag and my last one "my life in numbers"

My Life In Numbers!!!

2009-08-10 21 comments

I am Back after a small break.. Thanks to shilpa and Bharathi who reminded me that I haven't blogged for a week.And I welcome one of my friends to the world of blogosphere….SHRUTHI…..

So here is a tag from Shilpaa…..
If Life could be defined in numbers, this is what my life (some aspects of it!!) would look like…
Here I go…1-10 and My Life in Numbers!!

This is the position in which I bat for my cricket team.

Two famous sportsman whom I consider as my Ideal match:
Sachin Tendulkar
Michael Schumacher

Three persons without whom life is meaningless….Dad,mom and bro…

Four things to do Before I die:
Watching a Barclays Premier league match at Stamford Bridge             
To drive a Ferrari.
Sky Diving.
Become an expert blogger. 

Five things which are most important for me….

Six sports which I like and love to play:
Formula one
Table Tennis


My favourite number…..can say my lucky number too……

The number of hours I sleep…
The number of hours I used to spend time in college each day…

Nine films which I can see again and again and again…
Independence day
Pursuit of happiness
Saving Private Ryan
Chak de India
Taare zameen par
Rang De Basanti
Indiana Jones
The Godfather

The number of friends in blogosphere
Vipul Grover
Sugandha Gupta
Avada Kedavra

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I am tagging: Avada Kedavra,Venky(manky),Nandhini... hope you three didnt do this tag earlier... 

Friendship Day Wishes!!!!

2009-08-02 23 comments

First I wish all my friends & fellow bloggers in this network a “Very Happy Friendship Day”.

But very sorry I don't know to write any poems.. Actually I tried,but its a great flop…So never mind..Hope there are fellow bloggers here who can write poems about friendship too. I guess pawan or vipul could do it…A few quotes always comes to mind when I think about friendship…Ofcourse they are not my original ones.But they come to my mind whenever I think of friends and Friendship…

Life is Partly what we make it, and partly what it is made by the friends whom we choose”.

A friend in need is a friend indeed”.

A life without a friend is unimaginable. Let it be any stage of life, can anyone exist without any friends? or friendship?

The most important thing is Friendship don't know cast,creed,status or anything. And ofcourse my life is no different. A life without friends can be compared to a pen without ink. Its useless..

And the friends I got over the past few months with this blog..they are also very special too…These friends are ofcourse a step ahead I have to say.Because I haven't seen them before. And they Haven’t seen Shankar too… But still they praise me,appreciate me,teach me,criticize me and they also have read the pages of my life. But they never expect anything in return.This is the world where even close relations expect something in return. But these friends who do not expect anything should be given a note..And I dedicate this post to all my friends in this world..Once again wishing you

A Very Happy Friendship Day

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The Cream and Scum Of Blogging

2009-08-01 37 comments

This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 1, the first edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.

The Idea of Blog-a-ton was originally proposed by Vipul Grover. I am proud that I am part of such a community. Thanks to Vipul and IndiBlogger. Further the topic which I proposed was chosen as the finalised one for Blog-a-ton. A few weeks back, I asked vipul to announce the topic well ahead of the date so that I can prepare myself to write about the topic. The topic was announced a few days back. To be exact I had six full days to prepare and write about this topic. But did I prepare? No…Not at all.

Each day I said to myself there are still six days….five days and kept on counting and suddenly the day arrived. Its August 1st today and I haven't even prepared or written a line about it. Then there was a second thought, ofcourse its the topic which I myself proposed. So should not be a difficult task for me to write about it.But actually its lot difficult than I thought.

So the topic is Cream and scum of Blogging. Its now nearly three months since I started blogging. I am still a kid in the world of Blogosphere. When it comes to blogging there are hell a lot of things to write about…especially about the cream of blogging. blogLetters

First and foremost there has been a great difference in the way I express my thoughts now a days. You can compare my first few post and the posts which I write now a days. I wont say that I am an expert in expressing my thoughts, but the narration level has increased say atleast by one percent.

Most of the my topics are really biased ones. The opinions are single sided. I would have written everything from my point of view. But some topics generate good debates and gives me the overall picture of how to see and analyze things. By the end of the day I could see things differently with different perspectives. And all the credits goes to my readers. A blog cannot be successful without readers and comments. Comments are such an essential thing when it comes to blogging. A little appreciation, a little criticism, the different perspectives of different persons cumulatively gives a whole new picture of the problem or controversy. positives-thumbs-up_id2807701_size250

The next cream is the network,friends and fellow bloggers. When I started blogging there was no one to follow me. No friends and no comments. And blogging was hopeless. Then from Indiblogger I got few good friends and I have to say, they are the best. Most of my topics are not so interesting to read, but still my FB’s says its a nice write up. There comments were really encouraging at every point of time. Getting such a nice set of friends is really great thing. And if you rate my blog with the other blogs in my network I am sure mine will be found right at the bottom of the table.

And further my fellow bloggers say I am one of the honest bloggers around. So always I have to keep up to my name and the small reputation I have. So if you are a blogger you have to work your way upwards and never look back. So day by day blogging improves everything around you..the way you think..the way you express..the way you react…

And lastly I learnt a bit of HTML while editing the looks of my blog. I started liking HTML a lot and so often I spend time in editing the looks of my blog.So blog has helped in learning a lot of things from English to computers.

And I have to say about the tags which really helps in expressing ourselves in few words or a single line.

And there is always a positive and negative for all the things in the world. If you take a magnet, you have a north pole and opposing south pole. Similarly we have both positive and negative for blogging too. Here we call those negatives as scum. scum

The greatest and the worst scum is the addiction to blogging. You get very quickly addicted to it once you get good and encouraging comments.It takes all your time and the worst thing is you wont have a clue that you have wasted so much of time in blogging.So beware of this scum. When I write a new post I spend most of my time nearly two to three hours in it. And you know a few weeks back I spent hell a lot of time in editing the looks of my blog instead of preparing for my interview. And I never knew it took so much time in doing it until I completed my work.

The fellow Blog-a-Tonics who took part in this Blog-a-Ton are Arjuna, Saimanohar, Dhiman, Vipul Grover, Avdi, Daisy Blue, Sid 'Ravan' Kabe, Shilpa Garg, Bharathi, Ranee, Ranee again and Pawan.Click on their respective names to read their posts on The Cream and Scum of Blogging.To be part of the next edition of this online marathon, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.

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