A Costly Mistake-Part II


This is a continuation of “A costly mistake-Part I”. You can read it by clicking HERE.


It was time and the test was about to begin. I could see many officials entering the auditorium with bulks of papers in their hands. They looked like high class professionals and Atlast one of them made his way to the dais with a mike in his hands and started with a welcome note. The welcome note was followed by the Instructions for written exam. Most of the instructions were in Hindi. Majority of the students were from South India and most of them don't know Hindi. I interpreted the instructions to students around me. That's when I realized I can understand Hindi.


“It seems you know Hindi. You can understand a lot better than I expected” A voice spoke from inside my head and this statement brought an instant smile to my face. But it was short lived as the officials started circulating the question paper and answer sheets. We had two hours to complete the paper,which consisted of several aptitude and domain questions.  I first took the aptitude paper and it was like a piece of cake. I completed the aptitude paper in half an hour. The domain paper was little bit tricky one.  It took me one hour to complete the domain part and still I completed the paper half-an-hour before the scheduled time. I returned my answer sheets back and left the hall.


I met my friend who was eagerly waiting for me and both of us hurried to lunch hall. The lunch was free of cost and we were so happy to see the Buffet system(everything was unlimited in terms of quantity). We had a lots of stuffs to eat and someone tapped me on my shoulders. I turned back and to my surprise it was two of my school mates. They both joined us for lunch. And we had a great lunch and the discussion about the school life brought smile in everyone’s face. Myself and my friends  were the last few to leave the lunch hall and we made our way back to the huge auditorium.I completely forgot about the test I wrote and something prickled inside me when I entered the hall. It was half past 1 and the results would be published by 2 o’clock. The half-an-hour was like sitting in a gas stove and something was bothering me continuously. It was 2 and one of the officials made his way to dais and started reading out the names. It was a short list of students. Nearly 300 electrical students appeared for the exam. I had no idea whether I would be selected or not. I never prepared for the exam and I was scolding myself when each name was read. nearly forty to forty five students names were read and I was sitting there with my fingers crossed. My confidence level started deteriorating and the faith over god started surged to the highest point. My counter ticks whenever a name is read and so far the counter read 46.


And suddenly to my surprise the 47 name was “Shankar Narayanan”. I stood up very happily but it ended in sorrow when another guy stood up along with me. He is the other “Shankar Narayanan” who wrote the exam and there was a confusion. Now my confidence overtook faith and I was sure it was me and not the other guy. We both enquired about this to an official and he said “Shankar Narayanan.B” is the one selected. It was none other than me. The selected candidates were escorted to another room and I was the last to enter the room due to the unwanted confusion.


50 electrical and 50 instrumentation students were selected and both my school mates didn't manage to clear the examination. After waiting for several hours, I was asked to appear before the Interview panel at 6pm. Both of my school mates and my friend in Delhi,left the place at 4 o’clock.They assured me that they will come back at 7 and pick me up. All the three left to Delhi and enjoyed going around Delhi and visiting many places like palika bazaar,Bharah kambha road and to several other malls at Delhi.


I appeared before the panel which consisted of three experienced men's. One person was very aged maybe around 60 years. The second was a bit strange,harsh looking man.It was clear that he was on his 50’s. The third was comparatively younger and smarter of the three. After the formal introduction, they asked me three questions. The first two were very easy and I gave very detailed explanation to those questions. Then all the three HR’s discussed about something for few seconds. The third HR shot the final question. It was a bit tricky but I managed some how and I made my way out of the room.


It was 7pm. The interview was over by the time and the results were ready. The results of electrical engineering came first. This time 30 names were read from the 50 selected students. And alas my name didn't make it to the sheets. I could see some students jumping in joy.I felt may be they were better than me. I was a bit confident this time and still I couldn't make it. All the 30 students were asked to assemble separately and the voice continued “You can all go out”. The whole crowd went in silence. He continued “Those other than the names I specified can stay back and get yourselves prepared for next round.” I was shocked and also happy. I couldn't believe what he said. The way they published the results lacked professionalism. It was so unethical and never expected such a good company to react this way.


It was 8pm and I appeared before another panel. The questions this time were general. They asked me whether I am ready to work anywhere in India.And they also tested my Hindi speaking and Understanding ability. To my surprise.. I satisfied there basic criteria in Hindi. That was my biggest achievement through out the Interview process. But it was not over. One last question.. This was my last question for the interview process.


HR said “One last question.. This question decides your future with our concern”


(Was it a technical question? what was the question about? Did I answer correctly? Did I clear the Interview?)


“Are you ready to sign a three years bond with us? You may have to work any where in India… Are you ready for this? If yes you may have to sign immediately and  join as soon as possible”

My mind raced through several answers and several faces……

My heart said “just say yes..This is a great opportunity….”

My Intellect said “just think whether its good for you… before you decide..”

The room was very silent and I could hear the sound of air rushing out from the Air-Conditioner. Both the HR watched me anxiously. Still I remained silent. This may sound as an easy question. But it was really difficult for me to answer this question. I never knew why.

Atlast the silence was broken.. I answered “Sir..I need some time to think about it.. I am not sure about my decision and may be I have to consult my parents before taking the decision.”

HR replied.. “ So you are not sure about making your own decisions…Well and good… you may go now..”

I was very sad and made my way out…. I felt like I should have answered yes.  

The selected list was read atlast and I am not surprised this time.I know I had made a mistake and I shouldn't have done it. I made my way out. 13 or may be 15 were selected at last.

I was sitting at the corridor. i felt bad for making such a mistake. Suddenly one old man sat besides me and said “ Never get disappointed when didn't get appointed”.. Cheer up… better luck next time.. He said…


I soon left the college and realised that my friend didn't turn up… Oh God!!! without knowing Hindi.. “How I am going to make my way from Noida to Delhi..?” I never know the route.. It was 9 pm…. I called my friend and he said he was at Delhi. He asked me to reach barahkambah road In Delhi within 11,so that we can catch the last train to his home. I was really angry and had no idea of what to do. I walked out of the college and searched for an auto. After a long walk for about 2 kilometers I found one auto and asked him to drop me at Delhi. There were two persons. As soon as i said i want to go to Delhi,One of the two gave a smirk and hissed something on the other ones ears. They two were involved in some sort of discussion and finally said ok. They asked me 200.But I argued and managed to 180. I asked 150,but they didn't accept and due to time constraint and there was no other auto around. Finally they accepted for 180 and started from the place. They took an entirely different route from noida. I clearly know the route by which we came to noida. But he took entirely different route.an opposite one. I was little suspicious about them. After travelling for half an hour,we reached a place which was very dark.There were no street lights.There was a fly over,but the auto driver took a different route which was below the Fly over.It was extremely dark and there was no other living being in the vicinity. The auto suddenly stopped.


This scene made me a bit frightening. I asked to myself “Where the Hell am I? Am I heading towards Delhi? Why did the auto stop at this place?” Oh… My god.. I knew I was in some sort of trouble.


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  • Bharathi

    Interesting narration. I never felt bore at any stage. And am curious to know what happened. (I m sure, nothing bad happened as you were onschedule from Delhi :-))

  • Unknown

    yup..nothing bad.... but it was an interesting journey....

  • Dhiman

    Man you reminded me of my fresher days !!! Good pace and narration and I agree with Bharathi that nothing bad happened :D

  • Unknown

    @dhiman: thanks pal..nothing bad happened..so thats why I am blogging here.....

  • Sugandha Gupta

    Interesting :)
    one of the very few lengthy mails ... tht made me read more n continue till the end :)
    great wrk :)

  • Indian Pundit

    Hey Shankar

    Great one dude.
    Really enjoyed the pace and style of narration.

    i am glad that u are safe and sound and nothing bad happened.


    Maybe that question was a LIE......they were maybe just testing ur decision making ability under pressure

    Cheers man.

  • Unknown

    @Ip: Ip it was true...... anyway its true or lie... the mistake was on my side..i always learn from experience... So there is always a next time....

    thanks IP...

  • Unknown

    @sugandha: dont know whether what u said is true... But thanks for those words...

  • Amit Kumar Singh

    Hi Shankar

    I liked the post as you described the whole thing.

    At a time when attrition is one of the main challenges for a company. In many companies ( PSU's) u will find a service bond of 3 or 4 years. Personally, I hate this bonding policy as it enslaves ur future aspirations. This is one of the reason that i am joining DRDO (no bond) rather than Maruti (2 years bond)

    glad to know that u r also frm electrical.

    Best of wishes for ur future..:)


  • Unknown

    @amith: you too from electrical??? great to hear that buddy..... I too dont prefer bonds...

  • Shruti

    hey shankz..
    what a narration it was!!
    that interview procedure is the same as mine!
    Expect there was a re-hr 2 select me!

    i enjoyed the suspicious last part very much!

  • Hey very well written.. but tell you what, you should have said "yes" then.. it was just a trick, they wont put you "anywhere" in India but every company simply asks that question.. Any anyways, you need to sign the bond later on right.. So, you could have just said yes and then thought about it once they offered you a job.. You lost an opportunity.. Dont repeat this mistake again.. Anyway, all the best for future interviews!!

  • and yeah bonds can be broken too..dont think it's the end

  • Vipul Grover

    Man u were at AMITY wernt u, tht sumwat fits the profile?

    nd yeah Barakhamba to Noida.. I stdied at a coaching insttute, Barakhamba for 5 mnths couple of years back.. Usd 2 visit Noida where my relatives live. We might hav used the same bus in tht case:)

    Nice narration shankar.. nd man ur frnd shud hav been more responsible.. irrespective of the fact wat u'll b telling us nxt time, its vry unsafe around noida at nite, specially moving back 2 delhi thru d road u xplain (Greater Noida corridor, i blive).

  • Unknown

    @shruthi: but god gave me only one chance...

    @evanescent thoughts: Even i dont mind if they put anywhere in india... I dont know what made to say no...next time i should be extra conscious... thanks anyway..

    @vipul: amity??? no..not at all.. I never know where amity is...This is some what a much bigger concern and more established one...

    he is very irresponsible fellow....and Vipul... even till now i don't know in which route I traveled back to noida...

  • Lakshmi Rajan

    lol nice gripping narration ! so wat hapnd nex ?

    btw , watever happened , happened for good. So its better not to look forward to the next road ahead..

  • Roshmi Sinha

    Interesting narration... i'm curious to know the end... though.

    And yeah! Better luck next time!

    The next time around you'd know what to say... since you would have already discussed this issue with your folks... by now. Right... ?!!

  • Unknown

    @roshmi: thanks.. yup..I wont make this mistake again..may be i prepared myself to make another one....

  • Unknown

    @lakshmi rajan: I will tell u what happened next.... wait for some time... and thanks a lot for your comments...

  • Gomathy S

    Hey your page loading time has increased so much since the last time I visited.. & I'm using Google Chrome.

  • Unknown

    @daisy: I know..the problem is with my blog....lots of widgets....will look into it...sry for that....

  • Hey Shankar, I have a lovely blog award for you at my site :D

  • and an honest scrap award too :)

  • Unknown

    @ashwini: thanks a lot.... two awards...great...

  • Shruti

    shankz,hi :)
    Check out my recent post

  • Lakshmi Rajan

    when is the nex installment ? ;)

  • Unknown

    @lakshmi: may be within another two days....

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