My Formula For Love!!!


A few days back, I learnt “What Is love?” from one my friends in blogosphere. His name is Bharathi and you can check out his post by clicking here. It was such a nice post and reminded me of my teen age.

This is perhaps the most important memory I have collected.Let’s go to the pensive and take a look at my memory.

I was 13 years old. I was at 8th standard to be precise. It was my first year as a teenager. It was the age when love and infatuation were synonyms and it was the age which gave birth to many crushes.

I was a last bench genius those days (not now… of course…Engineering made me blunt…), very good in maths, very mischievous. I would be punished severely for not allowing others to listen to lectures and classes.

It was one fine morning, which turned bad when I saw my biology teacher entering the class. She hated me completely since I won’t listen to her lectures and instructions. Myself and two other friends of mine would be sitting together at last bench. We were more like Ryan, Hari and Alok of “Five point someone”. Suddenly one of my friends raised a topic. We were a bit excited as the topic was new to us to discuss about. This is how the conversation began...X is my first friend and Y the second one…

X: Hey Shankar!!! Do you know anything about love???

Me: No…. I think we can speak about it a few years later..

X: Why not now? See we have started wearing Full-pants (instead of shorts) to school. we are big boys now… aren't we?

Me: of course..We are… (That's the first year we started wearing Full pants. Till seventh we were asked to wear half pants) so what do you want to know now?

Y: Hey guys!! won’t you listen to what the teacher says? It won’t be nice if we stand out of the class before those beautiful girls. I don't want my image to get spoiled.

X: Hey Shankar..You are good at score 90 every time and you know each and every formula…

Me: so what? What it has got to do with love?

X: tell me a formula for love...If you are so called good in maths…

Me: formula for love? Let me think…

Y: Guys!! Take a look at the girl in the second row..How gorgeous she is??

Me: shut up!!! Let me think for some time.

(The period ended sooner than I expected. I was thinking for the next three periods for a formula. But I didn't get any proper Idea.

Hurray!! It was lunch period and at least we can talk freely without anyone watching us, atleast for some time.)

X: For how much time you will think? The maths genius cannot even derive a formula???

Me: This is not maths. We can rather call it chemistry.

X: ok. What about the formula? If chemistry then make it as a equation.

Me: Why are you suddenly asking about love?

X: Because yesterday my brother told me that he is in love with a girl!!!

Me: oh…!! So what and all your brother does with his lover?

X: He often speaks to her in phone… all useless topics..

Me: That we also do.. Whenever we speak over in phone we talk about useless things as we do now. Next?

X: They go to movies together.

Me: Hey… we also do the same thing. So there is not much difference between friendship and love!!.

X: No…No…No… There is one main difference…

Me: What’s that??

(After uttering those words my friend looked on his sides to check if someone is listening to our discussions. Suddenly he came closer and kissed me on my cheeks. )

Me: What the hell are you doing? What happened to you?

X: What I did to you now?

Me: you kissed me… idiot….

X: I kissed you only on your cheeks. For that you are scolding me. But my brother kisses his lover on lips..

Me: when you kiss on cheeks, that's called a kiss. But when you kiss on lips?? What’s that called? (See we were so ignorant on that age…)

X: may be lips kiss??

(This is where my another friend, who was just listening to what we spoke enters the conversation)

Y: You dumb fools… Do you know what it is when someone kisses on lips??

(myself and X were puzzled..and looking anxiously at Y for the answer!!!)

Y: If some one kisses the other on the lips,its called s**…


Y:Do you think I am joking??

Me: Then let me frame the formula… I have a new formula…I got it..

X: Great…what’s that?

Me: So the lovers do whatever we do… and additionally they do something called S**….

So the Formula is Love= Friendship+s**….. How it is??

X:Disgusting…..s** is something bad. don't use that word.

Me: Then let us search for a good word from dictionary.

( I asked for a dictionary from a girl. We searched for a word which can effectively replace sex. Atlast with great efforts I found a word!!!!)

Me: “Eureka!!!” I yelled.I got it. So the new formula for love is

Love= Friendship + Lust

X: wow.Its great.Now let us spread this to whole class.

Y:Then, What is friendship?? Shankar..

Me: simple… If love=friendship+lust….Then Friendship= love-lust..(This is how engineers refer to problems!!! lol…)

Few Days later….

Teacher: It seems you are studying applied maths?

Me: Ma’m?? I didn't get you???

Teacher: It seems you are deriving formula’s for various unwanted stuffs.

Me: ????

My formula was a Hit.But I got several punishments!! (the after effects of my formula…..)

I was made to stand out of principal’s room for a whole week and had my lunch in staff room along with teachers.

Irony is that, they liked it and some teachers laughed after hearing my formula. But still they punished me.

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  • Shruti

    well shankz this is totally different from what you have written..
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading it!!
    Ivlo periya KD ya ne?!

    All those childhood pranks are to be cherished especially this one!

    keep smiling!

  • Unknown

    thanks shruthi..I am so ignorant..u know...

    I dont know lot of thinks at that age.....very ignorant... nice guy...

  • Amit Kumar Singh

    hilarious post..

    I really enjoyed a lot...

    I don't know ur equation is correct or not
    But ur approach to derive equation was brilliant and scientific... :)


    In between I have completed my tag..
    do visit...

  • Swetha

    ha ha ha :) it was really funny!! good post buddy!!!

    your formula is true!! no doubt in that.

  • Raji U

    No kidding me.. formula for love.. some maths genius ah?? abt me being passionate about love.. yeah I am. I love my family, friends and my blog.. lol

  • pawan

    The best of all your posts man. Strictly speaking, it is hilarious and at the same time it also shows the childish innocence we long lost! Beautiful, never thought that you had this much of humor substance in you, and surely I will link your blog in my next post :D


  • Unknown

    @amith: even I am not sure about my formula... thanks a lot....will surely check out ur tag...

    @pranksy: i doubt that.... opinion differs...

    @rajalakshmi: i already told..that shankar was answers..

    @pawan: thanks a lot....even i never knew that...thanks buddy...

  • Indian Pundit

    Hahahahahahaha.......Shankar thats a great one.

    Cheers man.

    Your teachers were really "proud" of you i guess.

    A mathematical genius.

    Think about it.

    For hundreds of years poets tried to "decode" love......but u did it in a day..

    You deserve a national award for this excellent discovery....hahahhahahahahahaha

  • Unknown

    @Ip: ha..ha.. so only they punished me huh???

    I dont know whether everyone likes this definition... thanks Ip you liked it....

  • Shruti

    hey shankz...
    You are ignorant ah?!
    HUH?? Believed...see i told you na??!!! This s ur best post till date!!

  • Unknown

    @shruthi: I am ignorant... at least at that age.... see I dont know what they call for kiss..... Ignorant fellow......

    I never expected..may be as it is humour...

  • Vipul Grover

    lol * lol on tht one buddy.. u wer gem of a studnt indeed ;)
    tht equation is more potent thn pythagorus' h2=l2+b2 or 4 tht matter Einstein's e=m*c2..
    mst gt its IPR asap :p

  • hahaha...really good one.. very hilarious.. you must be a genius decoding it at such a young age..

  • Unknown

    @Vipul: lol..... Einstein would have commited suicide if he sees this post and comments...

    I was a gud student gone bad due to poor teachers....

    Thanks for your comment buddy...

  • Unknown

    @ashwini: thanks...say genius turned fool......

  • Hey I completed the my name starts with tag. Check out my site. Thanks for tagging me :)

  • Naina

    a witty way of saying something so true..


  • Sugandha Gupta

    while i felt warmth n emotion after reading Bharthi's post ... ur post made me laugh ... beautiful ... made my day :)
    cheers to u guys!!!
    n btw very creative :P... n much more interestin thn ne other math formula :P

  • Madman

    best i have read from your blog da. I will tell you the formula for love

    love = money spent+waste of time+ mokkai+kadalai+kasamusa.


  • Unknown

    @ashwini:yup..will check out..

    @rane:thanks rane..

    @sugandha: The content is same..but the way of expressing differs... of course each one has there own perspective for love..this is mine...
    glad all you guys liked it...

    @venky:lol..venky..i dont know about mokkai and kadalai at that age..venky...

  • Bharathi

    Very nice post Shankar. You brought me infront the memories of our last bench conferences. This post made me to make phone calls to few of my such buddies. :-) And thanks a lot for mentioning my name.

  • Dhiman

    Your Love formula or equation is so correct ... and I don't blame your teachers .... you know Geniuses are always "mis-understood" so they stand out of the class like you had to do :D

  • Unknown

    @bharathi:thanks a lot.....buddy...

    @Dhiman: Thanks are correct....

  • Unknown

    Good one. I think your formula is 100% correct even if it is not maths! You will be very sucessful relationship advisor with all formilas!:-)
    Thanks for template blog suggestion. I will check that out soon.

  • Unknown

    @pra: thanks a lot pra...

    A relationship advisor??? ha..ha.. you must be joking...


    that was an hilarious post.. interesting formula.. LOLZ!!
    keep up the good work.. :)

  • Shruti

    hey shankz
    chk out ma new post!

  • Unknown

    @shruthi: k.... will check out...

  • Lakshmi Rajan

    enna koduma sir ethu .. oru formula kandu pidichathuku punishmenta .. seri seri arasiyalil idalam sadharanamapa ..

    btw , is there any new formula now ? :p

  • Roshmi Sinha

    Ha! Ha! Ha! Hilarious! Very funny...

  • Unknown

    @lakshmi: its in my heart from childhood.. and since most have them liked it and I myself experienced it in my life... I feel like this is the apt one according to me....

  • Benny

    dude,nice wrk..first time here..v impressive!! wil keep following urs da.. u frm chn na..super man..nice to meet a chennaite as a blogger!!Wil surely follow urs da!

    N dude,my blog has been nominated for the best blog award in short stories section.DO visit my blog @ n read my stories...If u feel Im worthy enough 4 d award do vote 4 me @
    thx in advance ya

  • Pri

    That sure was a funny post...thoroughly enjoyed reading it...:)

  • Sh@s

    Your formulaic approach to love and friendship reminded me of the movie 'A Beautiful Mind' in which John Nash approaches a girl in a formulaic way and ends in getting slapped.

  • Unknown

    @pri: thanks a lot...

    @Shas: yup..I too ended getting slaps..from my teachers...

  • liked the equation very much...
    infact it is excellent...

    do see this for what I think though!!

    and yes I have blogrolled you

  • Unknown

    @ Rs: thanks a lot dude..will check out...

  • HaRy!!

    Hey not sure if i hav been here earlier...but very very funy post :) loong one but i enjoyed it...just sounds like everyother teenager when he starts learning these unaware if they are right or wrong! lol at the formula...luv is frndhip+lust.?? wat were yu guys thinking gonna be a regular visitor here... cya around too...maybe team up for nutty posts :)


  • Unknown

    @hary: thanks buddy... I dont know whether I am good at writing nutty posts... But sure to team up with..thanks for ur comment..please visit again and again...

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