A Costly Mistake: Epilogue


First my apologies for taking such a long time to post the final edition of this series. If you have forgotten (or) if you haven't read the first two parts..you can do so from the below links

Part I

Part II

After travelling for half an hour,we reached a place which was very dark.There were no street lights.There was a fly over,but the auto driver took a different route which was below the Fly over.It was extremely dark and there was no other living being in the vicinity. The auto suddenly stopped.

This scene made me a bit frightening. I asked to myself “Where the Hell am I? Am I heading towards Delhi? Why did the auto stop at this place?” Oh… My god.. I knew I was in some sort of trouble.


I looked around. Even the driver left me..He said  “I will be back in few min..” ..Everything was dark. My heart started beating at 210 times a min.  I just took my seat inside the auto and started thinking. My first thought was about my mom. A series of question aroused….

What happens If i die in this same place?

Will they bury me? or burn me to ashes?

How will my mom and dad find me once I am buried or burnt?

What my parents will think about my friend for being so careless?

How can my mom live without me?


While thinking about these.. I heard some distant footsteps. I quickly collected some stones and covered it using the file within which I had my certificates. I heard the footsteps more clearly as they were approaching me. Suddenly 5 to 6 peoples appeared before me.Everyone looked like rogues. very tall and stout. One man hurried towards and asked “Where you want to go?Delhi?” I said yes. On hearing my answer everyone started laughing at me. I don't know why. They spoke in some language I guess it might be Urdu or something else.  I couldn't understand even a single word.


I checked my mobile.Still no signal and the time was half past 9… Then one man who was on his late 50’s came near me. He threw his arm around my shoulder and pulled me. He said  “Come I will take you to Delhi”. His attire and outfits clearly depicted he is a Muslim. His Voice was flat and rude. He said something in urdu..I was not able to understand fully, but with some words I assumed myself what he said.. He told me that “we have to walk for 5 min from here and then I will drop you near Delhi”. I had no other option except to go with him.


The others left the place laughing and singing loudly,as if they have achieved something. We started walking and he was still holding my shoulders very firmly. He asked me the place which I belonged to and I said I am from Chennai. And I started saying my usual Hindi dialogue to him “Maaf kijiye… mujhe Hindi thoda he malum hai..” To my surprise he started speaking in English.. He said “My name is Azad khan”.. He also said he knows English very little.


To my surprise He was a very nice man and took me to his place. He somehow managed to speak in English. After reaching his place, He escorted me to his auto and soon we started moving towards Delhi.I asked him about why the auto stopped there.. and what’s all this about… He replied politely with a smirk that the auto in which I came had no license for entering Delhi.So they asked the Muslim bhai to take me to Delhi. He dropped me at Indaprastha around 10:15 pm. As conversed before he asked me 180rs… But I was so happy and relieved to reach that place and I gave him 200rs. I soon got the metro train and thought about what and all happened in a single day. I laughed at myself..  thinking about death for this small issue. This Incident had a great impact on me to such an extent that I forgot totally about the interview I attended. I soon reached Bharahkambha Road where my friend was waiting for me.








And I wish all the aspiring Engineers of India. Today is Engineers day….


Its our responsibility to take India to various heights interms of technology and Innovation…


September 15 every year is celebrated as Engineers day in India. Its a tribute to the birthday of the legendary engineer Sir M.VISHWESWARAIH, CIVIL ENGINEER.He was the wizard  of engineering. He was also called the precursor of economic planning in India.




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  • Shruti

    Hey you have written it well!!
    Very nice!
    Adhu yepdi??

    What happens If i die in this same place?

    Will they bury me? or burn me to ashes?

    How will my mom and dad find me once I am buried or burnt?

    What my parents will think about my friend for being so careless?

    How can my mom live without me?

    Really i was feeling the same thing! The last point popped up my mind first, about your mom!
    Great going!

  • Indian Pundit

    Hey Shankar

    I am glad that u are safely back in Chennai.

    Two questions:
    1) What did u tell ur friends??They were supposed to pick u up i guess........but they did not.....

    2) What happened to those stones??........lol......

    Anyways, Happy Engineer's Day to you.

    i too am an engineer-in-the-making!!

  • Unknown


    @ip:thanks for the Comment IP..

    I told my friends about what happened and they just laughed...

    lol.. those stones?? I forgot about that till i reached my friends home... and I threw it when i reached his home...

  • Vipul Grover

    Hmmm.. and they lived happily ever after :p
    bt 1 thing i really wish happend aftr this.. u punched ur frnd really hard on meeting him. He deservd it!
    nd yeah Happy Engineers Day buddy..

  • Sh@s

    Wish ya Happy Engineers Day!!!

  • Unknown

    @vipul:lol.. yup... he really deserves it...

    @shas:thank you shas.. wishing u the same...

  • Bharathi

    Vipul and IP wrote what ever I thought of writing. So my job is reduced :-).

  • Madman

    Shankar you were scared of cat thinking it is a tiger. Most of us will be deceived.Remember always this my friend appearances are always misleading.

    The clouds which are white in color pretty much like snow, looks so enchanting with the a sky blue background but never brings us rain, which is so essential for life on earth. Then there are clouds which are dark and ugly coupled with dark background. But they bring us rain which is the purest natural form of water and which literally makes the world go round "

  • Unknown

    @bharathi:thanks a lot for the comment bharathi....

    @venky: dai... idhuku ivalo periya build up?? overa philosophy pesadha da...

  • Lakshmi Rajan

    I wish you kept one of the stone as a reminder in life that not to judge a situation or people hastily :)

    Experience is a great teacher!

  • Hey that was a very good ending for the story.. Thank god the ending was happy!! I was really getting scared when you spoke of death!! you really scared all of us.. but you shud have really kicked your friend.. that was toooo bad.. anything could have happened that night.. be careful from next time.. never trust your friends for such things.. very well written :)

  • Madman

    @ shankar

    illa da yosichi vecha dialogue laam veena poga koodathu la, athaan connected panni vitten, naraya eduthula use pannuven kandukaatha. hehehe

  • Roshmi Sinha

    Finally! We get to know what happened till the end... finally the 'suspense' is over!

    Great that all went well... and you went back home... safe and sound.

    Good samaritans are still there in this world... thank God for that!

    Imagine! If the (first) auto driver had abandoned his vehicle and not asked anyone else to drive you back to Delhi... *shudder*

  • BK Chowla,

    What will my mom and dad think...

  • phew........
    finally I completed it....
    it was a nice story and funny...

    happy engineers day bro!!
    I am sorry I don't have anything particular to say about the story..

  • Unknown

    @lakshmi rajan: yeah..ur correct..best experience... wont forget these incidents in life time...

    @ashwini:ofcourse..the ending is an happy one..so only I am writing here.. will kick him on behalf of u and punch him on behalf of vipul...when i go to delhi next time..

  • Unknown

    @venky: adhuku naan dhan kedachena.....????but timing was good...

    @roshmi:aha... here is a surprise visitor.... Did u follow all the three parts..I never knew that..thanks a lot...yeah...a stupid driver....

    @chowla:thanks a lot chowla ji...

  • Unknown

    @rsv:thanks a lot rsv..for ur comment...

  • Roshmi Sinha

    Hey Shankar! I'm not a 'surprise visitor'... I read your posts regularly and comment on them most of the time.

    And yes, I had read the Part I and II of this story and was eager to know what happened in the end... the Part III satiated that.

  • Unknown

    @roshmi: thanks a lot roshmi....and I hope you will stay in touch... and comment most of the time..

  • Unknown

    All three posts are really good Shankar. I like the way you described the examination hall in first part. When you described the hangings remind you of HP movie I could actually visualise it in front of me.The start of that post is simply great! The incidence about the auto in the second part especially the end which holds the suspence is wonderful.yes the way they announced the results second time was very unprofessional.In the third part what you thought about death and your parents was quite natural in the circomstances like that.The greater experiances in life teach you to tolerate the small failuars.I would also like to box ears of your Delhi friend!!
    I am sorry I missed first two parts earlier,but I am fortunate and happy to catch the action at last!!

  • confused rants

    Was eager for the part 3 ,..read Part I n II ..As i said you write really well .So here is a reason for you to visit my blog..something is in store for you though a little late.

  • Unknown

    @pra:thanks a lot pra... thanks a lot for reading all the three... I thought it was too long..and no one would like to read too much... your comments are very encouraging...

  • Unknown

    @sweet nothings: will check out... thanks for ur comment....

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