If I were a baby again


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When I chose this topic for Blog-a-ton 4, I thought it’s going to be a great fun to write about this topic “If I Were a Baby Again”. But it’s really difficult than I imagined and writing from a child's perspective of viewing this world is highly impossible for me. Now I feel heavier topics are way better than these lighter ones. These kinds of topics certainly need a lot of creativity and I feel a 10 year old would do it in a better way than what do.

If I were a baby again…..There are certain things which I wanted to know or feel. baby-bottle

How it feels being inside a mother’s womb? How my mom feels when I kick her from inside the womb or bang my heads to the walls of the womb. And those are the only moments where a mom smiles, even though she feels the pain inside.

I want to see…How happy my parents are when they invite me to this world… And how do they feel when I stand on my own legs for the first time…

I just enquired to my mom about my earl days and my behaviour while I was a kid. She said with a smile “you are very calm… You neither cry nor smile. You always bore a weird look which scares others. But on the other end “you are so rude and adamant. You won’t even drink milk. Every kid takes milk from their mom for minimum 6 months. But you were so adamant and had milk only for 3 months.”

So If I were a child again, I assure you mom that I won’t be such a rude and adamant child.

I really hated toys when I was a kid. My dad buys me new toys every week. But I would break them within a day or two. But still he would buy me new toys every week. Sorry dad… I should have preserved all those toys (atleast for remembrance). Dad, I will surely preserve all the toys if I were a baby again.


I always like to rest my head over my mom’s shoulders. She often scolds me for doing that now-a-days “you are 21 and you still want to sleep over my shoulders?” God please give me those days back where I can rest my head over my mom’s shoulders and her hands tapping at my back for making me to sleep.

There is another pleasure being a kid. When I was a small baby, many girls used to kiss me again and again. Oh my god… Will I get those pleasures again? I wish to become a baby again. And girls beware If I were a baby again I would kiss you back for sure.

And last but not the least…

If I were a baby again, I would put myself behind wheels right from the age of 8 or 9. Then I would start karting and one day I would drive for Ferrari F1. I wish I were a baby again…

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