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Hello everyone. Aren't you surprised and wondered when you saw an update from Ballat after one and a half months? Well yeah, even now, its not Shankar who is writing this post, its someone else. This place once saw many posts flowing freely from his pens ,but where's Shankar and what happened to him? He is busy. Zynga (Creators of Farmville, Mafia world, Cafe world) is keeping him engaged. (He is going to kill me the moment he read this Tongue). Shankz asked me to inform you all that he will be back to the blogging world soon, yeah real soon I guess.

Wondering who is writing this post? Its me Shruti (Hits and Misses), who came here to dust off and clean this place which remained uninhabited for a long time. Jokes apart. So why am I here? What am I doing in Shankar's blog? Remember guys? I am one of the author for this blog who writes 55 Fiction. Yeah am here for the same. So everyone in this blogging world must have heard or read a 55Fiction somewhere. Its just a Micro-fiction where the entire effect of the story is captured and wrote in just 55 words or less. So ready to read my fiction? Here you go..

Unlike her home, this place had everything she needed. A smiling face bent down: her new Mummy. She buried her fears and smiled back. She missed her Ma's soft tender face. She had to forget Her and love these people now. Ma had detailed her everything, carefully after the accident they had both died in.

With Love,

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