If I were a baby again

2009-11-07 Comments

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When I chose this topic for Blog-a-ton 4, I thought it’s going to be a great fun to write about this topic “If I Were a Baby Again”. But it’s really difficult than I imagined and writing from a child's perspective of viewing this world is highly impossible for me. Now I feel heavier topics are way better than these lighter ones. These kinds of topics certainly need a lot of creativity and I feel a 10 year old would do it in a better way than what do.

If I were a baby again…..There are certain things which I wanted to know or feel. baby-bottle

How it feels being inside a mother’s womb? How my mom feels when I kick her from inside the womb or bang my heads to the walls of the womb. And those are the only moments where a mom smiles, even though she feels the pain inside.

I want to see…How happy my parents are when they invite me to this world… And how do they feel when I stand on my own legs for the first time…

I just enquired to my mom about my earl days and my behaviour while I was a kid. She said with a smile “you are very calm… You neither cry nor smile. You always bore a weird look which scares others. But on the other end “you are so rude and adamant. You won’t even drink milk. Every kid takes milk from their mom for minimum 6 months. But you were so adamant and had milk only for 3 months.”

So If I were a child again, I assure you mom that I won’t be such a rude and adamant child.

I really hated toys when I was a kid. My dad buys me new toys every week. But I would break them within a day or two. But still he would buy me new toys every week. Sorry dad… I should have preserved all those toys (atleast for remembrance). Dad, I will surely preserve all the toys if I were a baby again.


I always like to rest my head over my mom’s shoulders. She often scolds me for doing that now-a-days “you are 21 and you still want to sleep over my shoulders?” God please give me those days back where I can rest my head over my mom’s shoulders and her hands tapping at my back for making me to sleep.

There is another pleasure being a kid. When I was a small baby, many girls used to kiss me again and again. Oh my god… Will I get those pleasures again? I wish to become a baby again. And girls beware If I were a baby again I would kiss you back for sure.

And last but not the least…

If I were a baby again, I would put myself behind wheels right from the age of 8 or 9. Then I would start karting and one day I would drive for Ferrari F1. I wish I were a baby again…

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A single question……

2009-11-03 Comments

After a short sabbatical from blogging…Here I am with a new form of fiction.(A new form for my blog.) Its a 77 fiction. I tried writing a 55. But couldn't restrict myself to 55 words. So came up with this 77 fiction. 

77 Fiction is a form of micro fiction that refers to the works of fiction limited to a maximum of seventy-seven words.Most 77 Fiction works are dramatized so as to get the effect in limited time.

77 Untitled-1

Arun returned home very sadly….

His mom exclaimed  “What happened to the interview son?”

Arun replied “They asked me a question for which I could not answer”

Mom: “Why Arun? Did they ask something which you haven't learnt?”

Arun:Mom… They asked me a question for which I cannot answer “YES” through out my life time..

Mom: What was that question for which you cannot answer the whole life?

Arun replied “Have you got your recommendation letter?”

Guys this is my second attempt… Will try to improve soon in this form of genre..

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