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Social networking is not new to us. We have seen a lot of networking websites such as Orkut,Facebook,Tagged,MySpace etc. I read today’s Hindu Newspaper. I found a new social networking website. You might think what's new in that. Everything is same. I felt the same way when I read the paper.
The website was created and designed by Harshavardan and Laksmi Parkavi of Chennai..So I entered the site and registered my account.Let me furnish the unique advantages of that site.
First advantage is that Signing up is so easy.It takes only a few seconds to sign up for that site.
We say first impression is the best impression and this easy sign up process created the first and best impression.
Profile creation is simple without asking much details and unnecessary things.
Some features of facebook like wall and twitter has been combined in this site. So we can enjoy the advantages of orkut,facebook,twitter at same place.logo
We can post our talents like, we can post our good photos, post our blog links,post anything creative and points are awarded for your unique talent. There is also a vote system through which you can vote to others talents.
There is a column called power ideas were you can post your unique ideas. The ideas may be about cookery,science,projects etc..
The most amazing thing which differentiates Hardum from other websites is that you can buy products for free.You can donate free products,You can sell your products and you can even exchange your books and other products from others in your locality.
There are lots of free vouchers too. Do you think its over not all. Here you can search for latest job openings.Apply for the job and post your resume too. This site directly bridges Employers and job seekers.This site also provides the latest news from your Tinsel Town.
I am new to this site and still there is a lot more to explore. The website has just been started and it looks cool.So don't wait.Register Immediately.
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Blogs Behind My Blog

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Hello friends

This post is dedicated to all my friends who have helped me in designing this blog.Also to those who were commenting,appreciating,criticising and keeping track of whatever is happening around in this blog.
I decided to write one post each day and i fulfilled it successfully for the month of June. This is my 30th post for the month of June and of course I am writing it a day earlier.I am not sure what might happen tomorrow. May be i might be busy with a work or else even I might face my end tomorrow(i.e) death. So I have planned to write my 30th post a day earlier.
Everyone must have come around this saying atleast once in Life.blog
“Friends and Books should be few and good”.
I started blogging with no prior network or followers. Now after a month and half I have 12 followers to my blog and there are few who visit my blog daily and write their views on my post. I was always jealous when I see blogs with huge networks. But now I am not. I have a very small network,but still the network around me is one of the best. I visit everyone’s blog daily and some have been really inspirational,some informative and there are some blogs which are innovative.So here I take the pleasure to notify some great blogs in my network which are really worth reading. I assure you these are some blogs which makes you to visit and read again and again.
Here I have categorized the blog according to their contents.
Best Informative Blog:
Author: Sriram. This blog is the best informative blog. It has various information regarding Astrophysics, Creativity,Illusions,Aerodynamics etc..etc.. If you want to have a nice knowledge in science and facts then this is blog is the best one for you. Further if you want to know about anything in science you can comment and you will be responded shortly(or_ you can find a new post about the topic you have queried.
Best  Tech Blog:
Author: Jaladhi Desai. This is one of the best tech blogs. If you want to know anything about computers,Windows vista,Windows 7. I recommend you this is the best place. I once asked for a little help from a help from this guy regarding designing a favicon for my blog. I wanted to replace my ugly looking orange Blogger Icon into my own style. I just asked this guy to design me with two letters BT. The next day he gave a link to one Icon. I saw and I was surprised it was way better than I imagined. You can look at my gorgeous favicon near the address bar. Only very few offers such helps to members. What is so special about him is, he doesn't know me.I haven't spoken to him before.Just posted a comment in my blog to me and he instantly helped me. In this world no one offers to do even small help to others. But he does it.
Best Blog About Politics:
This section consists of two blogs.
If you are interested in politics and Issues then these are the two blogs that you must spend time with. The blog by shree consists of various categories but I mainly categorized it under politics as most of it contents reflected the politics in India.

Best Personal Blogs:
There are several blogs under this category as each one has its own beauty. In these blogs you cannot find any words,sentences paragraphs etc. What you can see is the Imagination and creativity taking the form of words.

Over Cups Of Coffee           By Psych Babbler

A rose is a rose is a rose     By Shilpaa Garg

The World Of An Engineer   By Srinath

Wrahoolz Wramblingz         By Subhayan Mukherjee

Devils Workshop                By Swetha

So there is a newcomer to my network and to the world of Blogosphere. I welcome Lavanya to the world of blogging. She has been toping my list of commentators for more than a month. She has almost written comments for all my post. And atlast she herself started a blog to express her views. Hope she still write comments to my blog even after starting her own blog.

My Opinion  By Lavanya

I thank everyone for being in my network and I hope everyone will stay in touch forever.

Picture Courtesy: blog.zoneforum.com

From Hobby To Passion


Its been a great Sunday today. My day started of with a great victory in a cricket match in which my team participated. The surprise was that I played a match winning knock today. Few shots which I played surprised the opponents which includes Kevin Peterson's Switch Hit(or) Shot. I received great appreciation from both my team members and opponents. But I fear this could be my last innings this year as I broke one of my fingers while taking a catch. One of my right hand fingers now appears to be bended(or) tilted at an angle of 30 degrees.

So its been one and half months since I started blogging. When I started blogging I felt like I was standing at the centre of an ocean and searching for the shore. I got this strange feeling because I didn't have a single person to guide me and none of my friends used to blog,So my network was zero. There were times when I just used to write a post and sit back the whole day checking whether anyone would comment. I was also a little bit scared of receiving negative or criticising comments. A criticism would really  put down the energy of a rookie. Then I started exploring for widgets as my next step. Discovered some great widgets,added them to my blog. I added the Hit Counter for the first time and was anxious to see whether my counter goes up or not. I used to reload the page often and see whether my counter has gone up by at least one  point. And slowly it started increasing.
When I started blogging, I was zero in expressing my thoughts. Giving shape to thoughts and imaginations are the most difficult things for me. Days passed as I wasted most of my time thinking and analyzing about the contents.I never knew what to write and ended up writing some posts on my subject electrical engineering with some basic diagrams. Suddenly there was a great surprise,the counter started ticking at a faster rate. Next I added the Cluster map widget. After installing this gadget the counter craze was over.Now I started longing for a tiny red mark to appear on the map. I felt like there was no improvement in my blogging skills and felt like giving up. There were 0 followers, no comments. I wondered why no one is commenting. There was not even piece of encouragement nor criticism. Why the hell am i writing blogs?
Then I started searching for other blogs and wanted to compare my standards with those blogs. Most of the blogs had a large network with large number of comments. Wlarge_PS2002~Passion-Postershen I was surfing through one of the blogs I found one badge “MEMBER OF INDIBLOGGER”. That was the time I realised that there are various communities for bloggers. I registered myself for Indiblogger and became a member too. I received both positive and negative reviews from INDIBLOGGER’s renowned members. I started exploring various blogs,read lots of contents.learnt how people expressed themselves. What are all the contents about which people are writing.
I learnt about editing templates,took my high school HTML book back from shelves and started reloading what ever I read in High School. I joined various other communities,Learnt some blogging tricks and posted about it in this blog.  Started writing comments in others blog, started writing in the forum of Indiblogger,reviewed various sites and asked back for reviews.
Then one fine day I saw many read spots on my cluster maps. There were Visitors from US,UK,Canada etc. Comments started pouring. All of a sudden my energy boosted and blogging which I actually started for passing my time turned into a hobby and now became a passion.
Still I am not saying I am an expert blogger and express my thoughts well. But there has been a considerable improvement in my writing skills.
I have created some menu’s in my blog design. Shifted my labels,Blog rolls to menus. And also attached a feedback form, after going through various hacks from fellow bloggers.
After one and half months these are few notable small achievements of my blog:
I got a page rank of 1/10
Ranking 72 in Indiblogger
Got a rating of 7.8 from Blogged
My blog is one of the top50 blogs in Web2rank.
Now I am heading towards 500 hits in my counter.
But there has been a small difference of opinion between myself and My brother. He is a great techie. Always learn new things in management,marine etc..etc.. he has a blog in which he writes about various unknown,unbelievable facts. But I prefer writing my personal things and I always wanted to give shape to my own Imaginations. He always asks me what's the use in writing these blogs? What are you going to gain from writing blogs? I have no other answer to say to him except Self-Satisfaction.
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The 15 Books Tag

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I was tagged by Shilpa Garg for the 15 Books tag:
The rules are:
"Don't take too long to think about it. Fifteen books you've read that will always stick with you. First fifteen you can recall in no more than 15 minutes. Tag up to 15 friends, including me because I'm interested in seeing what books my friends choose."

So this is my list of 15 books:

Harry Potter Series By J.K.Rowling

The Joy Of Laziness By Peter Axt/Michaela Axt-Gadermann

A Matter Of Honour By Jeffery Archer

The Dragons Of Eden By Carl Sagan

Da Vinci Code By Dan Brown

Beloved By Toni morrison

Digital Fortress By Dan Brown

Angels And Demons By Dan Brown

Deception Point By Dan Brown

The Lord of the Rings By J.R.R. Tolkien

Gone with the wind By Margaret Mitchell

Nothing Lasts Forever By Sydney Sheldon

Are you Afraid Of Dark By Sydney Sheldon

Tale of Two Cities By Charles Dickens

The Chronicles Of Narnia By C.S.Lewis

I am tagging the following members:

Shilpaa Garg, Srinath, Bharathi, RM, Swetha, Sheba, Gauri Mathur, Kim Sethi, Subhayan Mukherjee, Kunu

Women Biased Society-Global Proof


This is the continuation of my earlier post-Women Biased Society. Once again I say gone are the days of sati,female infanticide etc..etc…. This is women era and society provides support to women's only. This is a proof.

Image Courtesy:Google.comgirls rape

Click for bigger picture..

Which Is More Cruel… Racism Or Raping?

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Please answer this poll first and read on!!!!!

Which is More cruel?

From the title itself you can conclude what this post is about. Its about two most cruel things in this world. The two most cruel things which we have to eradicate from this world. When someone asked this question to you.. “Which is more cruel? racism or raping?” I wonder what's going to be the answer.

First lets get on with Racism and Racial Discrimination.

The definition of racial discrimination is contained in Article 1 of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination to which Australia is a party:

"The term "racial discrimination" shall mean any distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference based on race, colour, descent, or national or ethnic origin which has the purpose or effect of nullifying or impairing the recognition, enjoyment or exercise, on an equal footing, of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the political, economic, social, cultural or any other field of public life".

A few days back,may be a few weeks or months,  there were racially motivated attacks on Indian students. It lead to a great protest in both Melbourne and Sydney. The protest attracted attention from Medias all over the world. I felt very proud about our unity in protesting against Injustice and Racism. The whole country joined hands against Racism.

This not only happened to our students in Australia,But even our country’s Cricket players faced the same situation from fellow aussies. But irony is that we Indians were also involved in racism against aussie players.

symondsansymo r67650_187250040227 australia-racism-protest-2009-6-7-4-51-19   

But now lets get into a different issue. Now I have a doubt are we eligible enough to fight against the racism in Australia? Do you think foreigners from other countries are safe in India? I feel our fellow Indians do worse things to our foreigners,which is far more cruel than racism(my personal opinion). So let me prove why foreigners are not safe in India.

A few days back, A 18 year old girl from Britain came to India for teaching small kids. She works for an NGO in India. While returning from work,she was offered lift by two fellow Indians(I am ashamed of calling them as Indians). I think this happened in a place called Palampur. The girl unaware of the consequences ahead got into the cab with those two guys.Then the cruel thing happened,She was molested at first and then was later raped(not once) repeatedly.

But I wonder why no attention was given to this issue by both rape_new_313media and our Indian Government. So shall we deduce that according to our Indian Government Racism is cruel than Raping? Or India is not concerned about foreigners safety? Or Indian government thinks this is the revenge for the act of Racism on Indian Students?

So when we are not able to give any safety to peoples from other countries,How can we expect safety for Indians from other countries?  This is not the only incident,various similar incidents have taken place in past and I fear this would continue in future. I really condemn for the above act. The girl from Britain worked for an NGO to help the kids in our country. This is what we give back to her in return.I don't think any punishment or imprisonment would be worth for such an act. I really feel a new law or rule should be enacted against rapist,so that they should never think about rape in future. This is a more serious issue than Racism and it has to be eradicated.

This is a land which abolished Sati,Child marriage,Female Infanticide(to an extent). I firmly believe raping can also be abolished and eradicated from our country.  

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This is an Excellent Commercial..Hats off to Aamir Khan!!!



Michael Jackson- The best Dancer the world has ever seen,passed away  on the morning of June 25, 2009 due to a cardiac arrest. He is referred to as the “King Of Pop”.

His music Videos "Beat It", "Billie Jean" and Thriller were the best among his alb2005 News Pictures Of The Year WSRzPtceJGOlums.His stage performances and music videos such as Moonwalk and Robot which involves lot of complicated dancing techniques made him so popular. The magic in his voice attracted and brought crowds at his feet.

He has won multiple Guinness records and he is one of the few artists who have been inducted twice into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame.

However there is also the other side of Michael Jackson. He has involved himself in lot of Child abusing cases. Apart from his personal life, he is considered as one of the greatest legends the world has ever witnessed.

For more info about Jackson Click Here

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From Hero To Zero

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Have you ever wondered how things have changed in the last one year? There has been a tremendous change in almost everything around us. Let it be economy,let it be sports.. there has been a drastic change.

The pictures shown below are funny examples which portrays the reactions of leading companies in world towards recession.





Now Lets see the change in sports from last year to this year.

1)Last years ICC Champions T20:India

This Year Failed to Qualify for Semi-finals.

2)The Cricket Legends Australia Ranking Number One in ICC last year.

This Year they face continuous Failures. I never felt like they played this years T20Championship. Knocked out in the first round.

3)Pakistan, I never thought this country would ever play International cricket again after Srilankan players were shot at Pakistan. But they are the T20 Champs this year.

Did anyone notice during the match between Pakistan and Srilanka(finals). One of the spectators waved something towards camera. It was written “India Are You Watching This” . It was really hard to believe India back home and Pakistan going for Title.

Formula One:

Lets get into the World of Formula one. Honda which was one of the Giants in car manufacturers,announced their retirement from Formula one Championship.


Lewis Hamilton and McLaren the Champions of 2008 now struggling at the back of the grid trying to get some points and often lap defeated by Jenson Button.

butt_hami_bahr_2009Brawn GP, Ross Brawn bought the last years Honda team. With Mercedes powered Engine They establish themselves as supreme heroes of Formula One this Year.


Ferrari, The best team formula one has ever witnessed struggles like McLaren this year to get some points. But with their experience and Hard Work they are fighting their way ahead.

Felipe Massa- Last Year proved his supremacy and talent.But lost championship by one point. This year struggling in the middle of the Grid.

Kimi Raikkonen- The champion of 2007 and one of the costliest players in whole world.Earns around 130million$ a year. He is a disaster this year.


From Heroes To Zeroes

kimi-raikkonen _felipe-massa-magny-cours mahendra-dhoni ricky_ponting Lewis_Hamilton

From Zeroes To Heroes

jensonbutton re-born-button-praises-new-start-with-brawn-gp-4851_1.jpg

pakistan-cricket-team 104751

Picture Courtesy:Google,www.smarthelpinghands.com, www.news.thomasnet.com

Magic!!!!! Try this!!!

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Pick a card, just one card among the six. Are you done? Just choose one card among the six, I know which card you’ve chosen, don’t believe me? Click here "Reveal The Card".
Is it right..?
Ha Ha Ha.....
Try once again...!!!!!
I can read you any number of times....!!!!!

 Click Here For More!!!!

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Bride Wars


Very recently I was at satyam cinemas,Chennai to watch a nice movie. I usually prefer Tamil movies. But on that day we decided to go for a nice English or Hindi movie for a change. I am actually a fanatic of action and fantasy movie. I never preferred Drama or comedy movies.

One of my friends said Bride wars is a really good movie. This movie got nice reviews and it’s a must watch movie. So we decided to go to  Bride wars.

Bride wars portrays the the story of two best friends who turns enemies when they schedule their wedding on same day. Liv(Kate Hudson) and Emma(Anne Hathaway) are two good friends. The former is a Lawyer and later is a school teacher. Both of them gets engaged in sabride_warsme day and their dream is to get married in Plaza Hotel. They book two different dates,But due to a small mistake from the secretary of  Marion St. Claire their wedding gets scheduled on same day. A revolt breaks between the two, when none of the them agrees to change their date of wedding. As an outcome the two best friends becomes two worst enemies. So,Whether both of them turns friends again? Are they getting married on same date? Is the remaining plot.

The film is categorised under comedy,Romance. But only very few scenes(might be two or three) in the film made me laugh. There was no importance given to romance or love,as both the male counterparts were almost absent for most of the film. They just appear in the scenes to agree and nod their heads to the female leads. There were lengthy scenes with more dialogues than necessary which was very distracting and the two friends always shouts excitedly in each and every scene during the first part of the film was awful.

However there are few plus points too. Kate Hudson did her role really well both in comedy and emotional scene. She was the only plus to the film. And Anna Hathaway, She was looking dull through out the film. She actually got a very serious role in this film when compared to Kate. She looks pretty and cute in every other film,but in Bridal Wars she is a disaster when in looks. She looks as if she had not slept for weeks and I felt like she was crying the whole day before enacting the scenes.

I felt even a cruel war film with lots of blood shed would have been better than the Bride wars.

Picture Courtesy: www.wordpress.com

My Rating: 6/10


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Hi friends..

These are the five essential things which i use in my day to day life. I named these five things as Hi5..

So the Hi5 includes:

Sony Playstation2

Sony Hdtv

Mobile-Nokia 2600classic


My I-Pod Shuffle

Sony PlayStation 2:

The play station is absolutely the best of all. My play station really helped me during the worst and most difficult part of my life. My play station is almost two years old now. And Play station 2 is getting outdated at the market. I usually play at least ten hours a day during my holidays.  I usually love gaming a lot and many of my friends say I am an expert gamer. I always had that passion for gaming right from the age of 11. Games like NFS Underground,Most Wanted,Cricket 07,Formula one 06,Fifa  09 are my favourites. I used to sit for hours playing and while playing I used to forget the world around me.

I really felt the heat of life during the early 2009 period. I was affected by Hepatitis-A virus and was denied to go to college.My doctor insisted me to remain in house and so my parents never left me out of my house. Further the most unexpected tragedy in my life happened during the same period. My girl friend said she is no more in love with meBroken heart and broke up without any reason.This happened after our two beautiful years of relationship. This further affected me. Now I felt really lonely.I was away from my friends as I was not going to college and no more love. Now there was no one to whom I can share my sorrows. I never wanted to take my mobile as it was her last gift to me. My health was getting worse as I always used to think about her and my present situation. My close friends advised me as usual, “Just concentrate on things which you like the most,so that you might feel better”. So I was just thinking of what can change me? Studies?? books?? not at all. Then It was this play station which came to my rescue. I took my play station bought new games and started playing 24*7. I played and mastered each and every game I used to play during those times. It changed my world completely. I felt like I was reborn and after three months of great struggle,My blood reports showed that I was completely normalSmile. But once again my happy days with play station ended as my semester exams came right ahead….

DSC01068 DSC01065DSC01067 DSC01064

My Bravia HDtv:

A life without television is unimaginable now a days. That too technology has developed to such an extent that televisions are used not only for media. I use Televisions for three purposes.One like every human being for watching sports,news,movies,entertainments,commercials etc. Second is my Samsung 17 inches LCD monitor is replaced by my Bravia. Yes, Of course I use my TV as computer’s monitor.I usually have the habit of watching HD and Blue ray movies. So I connect my whole system to my bravia to watch the Hd movies. I bet even a worst movie with good visuals will be a treat to eyes in Blue ray and HD formats.And the third use is of course my TV is the screen for playing games with my play station.

DSC01241DSC01242 DSC01248DSC01245

Nokia 2600 Classic & I-Pod:

My mobile,just a simple Nokia 2600 classic always keeps me in touch with my friends. I just now very recently passed out from college,So my mobile is very useful to stay in touch with my friends. But now-a-days we have orkut,facebook etc to keep in touch with everyone.But mobile is always Unique.

Listening to A.R.Rehman,Harris Jeyaraj,Eminem,Back street Boys with my I-pod always turns me on. I usually have the habit of travelling long distances in Buses and trains. My I-pod always makes my journey time a very comfortable and soothing one. There are times where I used to travel 15 to 16hrs in Bus. But with my I-pod these 15hrs just looks like 5 hrs of travel. Thanks to apple for such a creation.


My Pc:

Last but not the least. This one really helps me.I would call this an All-Rounder. Let it be Studies,Profession,Social Networking,Entertainment,Blogging,gaming etc. This always keeps me engaged. I am very sad that my most recent hobby (i.e.) Blogging has replaced my Play station. I never play now a days,as I spend most of my time for blogging. Its really sad to see my Play station packed inside a box.


Top Commenters Of My blog For The Month Of May 2009

2009-06-18 4 comments

The following persons are the top commenters of my blog during the Month of May-june 2009.

Top Commenters of june for my blog..

Here Comes The Half Blood Prince!!!

2009-06-17 5 comments

Hello friends…

The much awaited Harry potter and half blood prince movie will soon hit theatres on July17,2009.Meanwhile the trailers,pictures of the film have been released…

The scenes are really awesome and unlike The Order of phoenix these scenes almost matched what we imagined while reading the book.I read the book nearly 6 times and watched the trailers 'n' number of times. My eagerness to watch the film goes high whenever I watch the trailers. The Dual between Harry and Snape,The sectumsempra spell, Of course the death of Prof.Dumbledore are the highlights of the film.

Many would have been disappointed with the order of phoenix as most of books contents were missing in the film. Hope the sixth part(half blood prince) wont be the same.

Watch and enjoy…. Harry Potter Fans!!!!!

The Latest trailers of the film….

Best Harry Potter Film According To You?

Expectation leads to Disappointment

2009-06-15 9 comments

Yesterday night I witnessed a real life example for “What happens when the expectation exceeds limits?”

Its not only me,But millions witnessed the same. This is about the exit of India from T20 world cup.

Yesterdays match was between India and England. India in a must win situation after there defeat to West Indies in their first Super eight match. India were clearly the favourites with strong batting and bowling line up. This is one of the best teams India ever had in their cricketing history. And the young,wise captain M.S.Dhoni was considered the best captain in the world. The day before the match, Legends like Sachin Tendulkar,Srikanth and Gavaskar quoted “This team can perform very well under lots of pressure”. Everyone from legends to millions of fans were expecting India to defend the title.

It was the first time in history the English crowds were outnumbered by our Indians in lords. The stadium never looked like Lords in England. It was like one of the Indian home ground's. The stadium was full packed with tri colour flag flying high in the air. It was a lovely scene to see our flags flying in air. There was a sudden huge roar from the crowd when Dhoni came to the field for the first time to call for the toss. Dhoni won the toss and selected to field. Indian Players walked to the field with a strong line-up. Gautam Gambhir, Rohit sharma, Yusuf Pathan, Yuvraj Singh, Ravi Jadeja, R.p.Singh, Zaheer Khan,Harbhajan Singh,Ishanth Sharma&Suresh Raina accompanied the captain.

Things started well when dangerous Luke wright was dismissed my R.p.singh.Credit goes to pathan for his excellent catch from leg slip position. However Kevin Peterson and Ravi Bopara smashed the Indian blowers. Kevin Peterson was at his best. Everyone expected the intresting duel of Yuvraj vs Kevin.But kevin proved to be mightier than ever. Ravi Jadeja rescued India by taking the wickets of Kevin and Ravi Bopara. Still England managed to get a comfortable total of 153 at the end of their Innings.

Indian innings started of in a great fashion but didn't last long.As Rohit sharma and Raina went back with a single digit. It was a great disappointment. But jadeja and Gambhir stabilised the innings. But the Run rate went sky high and the inexperienced jadeja failed to capitalise due to pressure. Further Disappointment awaited India when Yuvraj was stumped out in a cheap way. Yuvraj started of well but he went out like a cracker which failed to burst. The crowd remain silent and the captain accompanied by Yusuf pathan tried till death. Atlast the tri coloured flag came done after falling short by just three runs.

It was the same time last year when Dhoni lead an inexperienced Indian side towards the glory.There were no expectations last year as trio Dravid, Sachin and Ganguly opted their way out of team.But India managed a great win. But this year million hearts broke down when our players fell short and failed to win the battle.

Whom can we blame for the failure?

Our Great captain of all time Dhoni??

Inexperienced Jadeja??

Man with immense ability Yuvraj??

None can be blamed.The expectation we had on our team,The expectation the great legends had on our team were shattered. The greater expectation makes things worse than it is in real.

This is my rating according to yesterdays performance.




Rating(out of ten)


Rating(out of ten)

Gautam Gambhir 7.5(average performance with both bat and in field) Ravi Bopara 8(stabilised English batting with impressive shot)
Rohit Sharma 5(poor in field and with bat) Luke Wright 6.5(impressive with ball but failed with bat)
Ravi Jadeja 8(good bowling,poor strike rate in batting) Kevin Peterson 9(Absolute match winning knock)
Suresh Raina 5(poor fielding and bating) Paul Collingwood 7(Impressive in field and confident as a captain)
Yuvraj Singh 6(unimpressive bowling and batting) D.Mascarenhas 8(Good running between wickets and got an important wicket)
M.S.Dhoni 8(for fighting spirit) Owais Shah 6(was he in English line-up yesterday)
Yusuf Pathan 9(great catch and impressive batting) Foster 6(Didn't get an opportunity to prove  himself)
Harbhajan Singh 8(excellent bowling except that 2x 5 wides) G.swann 8(Great bowling,got dangerous yuvraj and jadeja)
Ishanth Sharma 5(No match to peterson’s skill) Stuart Broad 9(SPlendid performance with ball and in field)
R.P.Singh 8(Bowled well getting early wicket) Ryan Sidebottom 9(Clearly the match winner striking two early wickets)
Zaheer Khan 7.5(better bowling Performance) James Anderson 6(poor bowling performance)


Overall Performance:

England 7.5/10

India      7/10

Dhoni,cricket,england,india,world cup 09,icc t20

God and Ghost

2009-06-14 9 comments

Most have you would have endless debates about the existence of god and existence of ghosts. I have debated and queried about the existence of god and ghosts.But till now I never found a definite solution.

Some say Its just a belief, while others make fun of me whenever I raise this issue. But none gave me a concrete solution with proof.  Very recently I saw some horror films which convinced me about the existence of ghost.

We all know Newton's Laws of motion. And third law is the most common law. “FOR EVERY ACTION THERE IS AN EQUAL AND OPPOSITE REACTION”.

Our world consists of both men and women. We have oceans and opposite to that we also have deserts. We have birds which can fly in the air, at the same time we also have fishes which can swim underwater.

We have protons as well as electrons. So everything is balanced with opposing forces.

So If god exists then why there cant be an opposing force called ghosts and devils. If you say ghost doesn't exist, Then there is no god…

I sincerely apologise for wasting your valuable time if you think this doesn't make sense.

I am a firm believer of the existence of god. But I can neither accept nor deny the fact about the existence of ghost..

Do you think that ghost exists?


The word recession is not in their dictionary!!!!

2009-06-11 8 comments

Have you ever wondered about the influence of recession in the department of world sports. I am a great fan of formula one races. I love formula one than any other sport.

A few months back I was discussing about last years Brazilian grand prix with my friend,My friend asked me “Do you think recession would have a major influence on Sports especially formula one?” I replied “I don't think so. The teams running formula one are giants and this is not going to affect them anyway.”

The next day when i saw the newspaper I was shocked, one of the worlds leading car manufacturers Honda quitted formula one due to large expenses. From that instant formula one association has implemented budget cap,cost cutting measures and lot of steps to handle recession.

On the other hand one of the greatest sport proved that the word recession is not in their dictionary. I am talking about the worlds greatest game “SOCCER”. The recent headlines from the community of football proved that they are unaffected by recession.

Day before Yesterday, One of the Spanish teams Real Madrid transferred the veteran Ac Milan player for the record price of 58million Pounds, the worlds best and costliest deal ever made in the history of soccer.

Today, the same Spanish team once again transferred Christiano ronaldo from Manchester United for record price of 80million Pounds. This is the worlds costliest deal ever made.

Could you imagine the worlds two costliest transfers were made during the time of recession?

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Fact About Liver!!!

2009-06-10 4 comments

Liver is one of the vital organs in our body.Here I am sharing with you one of very interesting fact about liver, which I came to know very recently.

We have come across Lizards. If you ever cut the tail of a lizard it will grow back automatically.

Liver is one such organ which can grow back. Perhaps Liver is the only organ which can grow back in our body.liver2

The liver is the only organ which can be partially removed from our body and can still function effectively in a human body. Over a certain period of time,Liver grow back eventually.Liver has the potential to regenerate automatically.

We can even cut ones liver partially and donate it to one of our close relatives. But the transplantation can be carried out within close relatives because while transplanting the tissues of both the persons should match. Removing a partial liver is a major surgery and not an easy one.

However the rate in which our liver grows back depends on prostaglandins. prostaglandins is a member of lipid compounds.

Picture courtesy:www.hepfoundation.org.nz

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How to add Polls to your Blog posts


I think everyone would have known how to create a poll widget in your blogs. But have you ever tried to create a poll in your blog posts?

These are some simple steps which helps you to create a poll in blog posts.


Step 1: Goto your dashboard. Click->layout->add a gadget.


Step 2: Select polls from list of gadgets available. And create your poll.


Step 3: Now you can see the newly created poll widget in your blog.click view blog to goto your blogs page.

Step 4: Right click over the poll widget and select View page source.


Step 5: Now press Ctrl+f and type the name of your created poll. click search. Then copy the <iframe>tag </iframe> immediately below it. copy the full line with iframe tag.


Step 6: Goto your Edit Html in create post section. Paste the iframe tag in the edit html mode to your post to which you want to attach the poll.Please don't forget to type the name of your poll above the tag you pasted in html mode.


Step 7:Now you can delete the poll widget from your sidebar.

Your poll appears in the post itself. Hope this was useful.

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