Effects Of Electric Current

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When electric current flows in a circuit,it produces various effects such as

  • Heating Effect
  • Luminous Effect
  • Chemical Effect
  • Magnetic Effect

Out of the above four effects Heating effect and magnetic effect are predominant.

Heating Effect:

In every electric circuit there is a resistance which opposes the flow of current.In order to overcome this resistance and for flow of current, an energy is expended. Here the expended energy appears as heat, causing the heating effect.

The expended power is given by

P=I^2 R
Where I is the current
R is the resistance..

Magnetic Effect:

When a current flows through a conductor it affects the magnetic materials near it or surrounding it.

We can prove this effect with a simple experiment.

Take a flat cardboard and pass a conductor through the board.Connect a battery to the free end of the conductor. Place some iron filings over the cardboard in random fashion.

Now,when no current flows through the circuit the iron filings remain as you placed with out any order(in random manner)

When supply is given using a battery and when current flows through the circuit,you can see the iron filings arranged in concentric circular fashion. This is due to the magnetic effect produced by current.

Now You might ask why the iron filings are arranged in concentric circular fashion..

Consider a simple example... When you throw a stone into a well the wave propagates in the form of concentric circles. similarly when current flows the iron filings are arranged in concentric circular fashion.
magnet,magnetic effect of current,current

From this experiment we can conclude that:

  • A conductor carrying current produces a magnetic field.
  • Direction of magnetic field depends on direction of current flow.
  • The field is in the form of concentric circle.
  • The direction of field is perpendicular to the direction of conductor.
The last and final conclusion can be proved from cork screw rule.

Consider the tip of right handed screw. If the screw is to move forward,it has to be rotated or turned clockwise.If the screw has to move backward it has to be rotated in anticlockwise
(or) Counterclockwise direction.

The relation between current and magnetic field is same as above.
The direction of current is same as, the way the tip of the screw moves(ie forward or backward movement). The direction of magnetic field is same as the direction of movement of head (clockwise or counterclockwise).

How To add .gif Or animation to your posts?

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Have you ever tried to attach a .gif image to your posts. I just did that today.I created one animation today working for hours and when i tried to share it in my blog,I ended up disappointed. My animation just remained as an ordinary picture. So then i found out how to add your animation to your posts. I think it might be helpful to my friends, who are interested in sharing a animation with the world. So follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Create your own animation.

Step 2: Since you cannot directly add an animation to your posts, u have to upload your animation in any of free web hosting domains. for eg:www.photobucket.com

Step 3: Now register for free in photobucket and upload your animation.

Step 4: As soon as you uploaded your animation, goto ur album and when u hover your mouse over the uploaded animation you can see a box as shown in fig. below

step 5: Can u see a HTML Code text box? copy the contents of the box and paste it in ur posts. Do remember to paste in Edit html mode and not in compose mode. U can then return to compose mode and have a preview of your animation.

Hope this helps you. If u have any queries please write to me in comments.

Basics Of Electricity


Now lets see some basic concepts involved in Electrical Engineering which includes Current,Voltage,Potential Difference, Emf and Ohms Law.

We often use the term current in our day to day life.Lets see the definition of current


Current is defined as the flow of electric charge between two points of a section (or) a conductor.

We very well know the unit of charge. Suppose if u don't,The unit of charge is COULOMB.

The unit of current is Ampere.

From above two statements we can conclude Ampere= Coulomb/second.

Now lets define what is ONE AMPERE:

One ampere current is defined as the rate of flow of one coulomb of electric charge through a section for one second.


A voltage can be defined as the potential difference that exists between two points.

Voltage can also be defined in terms of the energy required to further charge the body (or) Potential Energy per unit charge on the body.

Therefore we can define ONE VOLT as:

The body is said to have a potential of one volt if 1 joule of work is done to put 1Coulomb of charge on a charged body.

Potential Difference:
If two water tanks having water at different levels are connected together using a pipe,then water will flow from higher level to lower level,till the water level in two tanks are equal. When the water levels in tank (or) beaker is equal,all flow will stop.

Now same concept is applied to electricity. If two points in a electric circuit are at different electric potential and if the two points are connected through a wire or a conductor,current will flow from higher potential to lower potential and try to equalize the potential between the points.
potential difference,potential
Electro Motive Force:

Electromotive force of a device is defined as the energy per unit charge provided by device to the circuit.

Electromotive force is also defined as the difference in electric potential between the terminals of source of electricity(eg:battery from which no current is supplied to circuit)

Suppose If Q is the unit charge provided by the device and W is the energy then

EMF=W/Q. Its unit is Volt (or) joules/coulomb.

OHM'S Law:

According to Ohms law, the potential difference that exist between two points of a conductor is directly proportional to the current through the same conductor,provided the temperature remains constant.

Ohms law: V directly proportional to I at constant temperature.

V=IR where I-> current through the conductor
R-> Resistance of the conductor

The greatest disadvantage of ohms law is, It holds good for constant temperature conditions. And it is not applicable to varying temperature conditions.

Catalans-The Champs Of Europe!!!!!

2009-05-28 1 comments

Barcelona proved to world that they are the best in Europe by winning the Champions League final against Manchester Untied on 27th of may 2009.

Pep Guardiola's side won by a 2-0 margin,shattering the dreams of Manchester United from achieving quintuple trophy's this year.

The Olympic Stadium in Rome saw some electrifying atmosphere with huge number of fans supporting two greatest European teams of all time(Fc Barcelona and Manchester United).Manchester United was impressive through out the year and they were almost considered as unbeatable under Sir Alex Fergusen's management. On the other hand Fc Barcelona under Pep Guardiola's management was the only team to match Manchester united.Sir Alex Fergusen would become the greatest manager of all time if his side wins this game(having already won four trophy's this season). On thee other side Pep will become the youngest manager to win the champions league if his side wins the game.With both side having some great players in line up,there is no wonder it is called the greatest games of all time.

Huge crowd turned from Old Trafford dressed in red to support their men(Manchester United).
The match started with great expectation. Cristiano Ronaldo's Aggression met the tactical Messi for the first time.

Both the team were equally good until the first nine minutes of play.However It was Samuel Eto'o of Barcelona, who got the better of Manu's defense and made a strike which went past Edwin Van der sar to score the first goal of the game in the tenth Minute. The whole stadium went silent and some barcelona fans started shouting.Soon all Barcelona flags In blue and red started flying. Manchester united in white were disappointed. Manu's defence failed miserably. The combined efforts of Iniesta,Xavi,Henry,Messi and eto'o held manchester united midfield and striker's from scoring a goal in first half. Christiano Ronaldo was marked superbly by Piquet(barcelonas Defenender).Rooney spent most of his time defending for Manchester United.

Second half started when Anderson was replaced by carlos tevez of manchester united. However barcelonas defence proved too good for the manchester united. But still manchester united hopes were alive,as they can come back into game at any minute by scoring an equalizer. But their hopes shattered when a superb pass from one of the midfielders of barcelona was turned into a header by Lionel Messi which went past Van der sar for the second goal in the 70th minute of the game.And till the end of the game Puyol and his men held tight so that manchester didnt score even one goal.Whislt blew after the added time and shouts from various barcelona fans,players echoed throughout the stadium. Disappointed fergusen and his side had nothing much to do and Manhester united faced their first defeat in champions league in the last two years. Barcelona became the first spanish team to win the champions League.

Messi finished Fifa player of the year in second behind Christiano ronaldo.But in yesterdays game Ronaldos was no were near messi's. Messi outperformed ronaldo in every department of the game.

For Pictures:


Courtesy: www.mirror.co.uk

How to add powerpoint presentation to your blog

2009-05-23 2 comments

Do u know how to add PowerPoint presentation to your blog?

There are lots of ways.

First Method:

  1. Create a PowerPoint presentation
  2. Then convert it into a flash video using converters.lots of free converters are available.
  3. Then upload into free uploading domains such as you tube.
  4. Then copy the embed code or source code from you tube and paste it in your post.
  5. Goto posting and click create. Then paste the source code or embed code to add your presentation.
Second Method:

  1. Create your presentation.
  2. Goto scribd.com
  3. Register and sign in.
  4. Then click upload.
  5. Upload your presentation.
  6. Then copy the source code and add it to your post or even gadgets using HTML/JAVASCRIPT.
Third Method:

This is a bit complicated method.But it is efficient because you can adjust the time between each slide from 5 to 10 seconds. You can also adjust the height and width of ur presentation window.

1.Open the created presentation with Microsoft PowerPoint.Click Save as and select the format as png from dropdown box.Then click save.

2.Now a window will open and ask you whether you want to export every slide or export only single slide. Select every slide.Each of your slide will be saved in separate single folder and your slide would be named as slide1.png,slide2.png etc...

3.Now goto www.flickr.com.You can use your Yahoo id to log in.Create an account if you dont have yahoo account.After signing in goto upload.Use basic uploader.

4.Click select button and choose the files from location to which you saved the png files.

5.Upload the slide in reverse order.suppose if u have 5 slides. Upload slide 5 first..then 4,3,2,1..
You will be asked for tag while uploading.give same tag for all slide. In basic uploader u can add only 6 slides at a time.Suppose if u have more slides, upload the six slides first.Give a tag.Click upload. Then again upload the remaining slide and give same tag for those slides.

6.Now u can see all slides in one single window.Right click any where on the window and select view page source.

7.U can find the code shown below in your html source.
<link rel="alternate" type="application/atom+xml" 
="Flickr: Your Photostream Atom feed" href="
U can see id=38650661@No5 in the above line. copy your id from your source code. And remember the tag you have given for all slides.

8.enter ur id and tag in the code shown below. use this code to your create post column or even you can add this code to your gadget with html/Java script gadget.

For adjusting Height and width u can enter height="___px" width="____px" in the code.

If the Above Methods are not clear just give me a comment.your query will be answered within 24 hrs.If you find any other easier method inform me.

Dc Motor-Principle


We have often come across the term Motor.But many of us don't know what exactly is a motor? And What it does? In this section lets see what is a motor and how motor works..

Motor is a device which converts given electrical energy into mechanical energy.

So how the motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy?

Before going into the principle of electric motor, we have to know a basic rule:FLEMING'S LEFT HAND RULE.

What is Flemings left hand rule?

Flemings Left hand rule shows the direction of the motion of the conductor carrying current in the magnetic field. (or) left hand rule shows the direction of thrust on the conductor carrying current in magnetic field.

According to LHR... The thumb,first finger and middle finger of left hand is held mutually perpendicular to each other as shown in fig.

-> First finger shows the direction of field.

-> Middle finger shows the direction of current.

-> Thumb shows the direction of motion of conductor.
left hand ruleright hand rule,flemings,fleming

Principle Of Motor:

The working of motor is based on the principle that whenever a current carrying conductor is placed in a magnetic field it experiences a force in the direction as shown by flemings left hand rule.

The magnitude of resultant force is given by:

F=BIl Newton

B is the Magnetic Field.
I is the current carried by conductor
l is the length of the conductor.

The principle of motor diagram is shown above.

Importance of Standby Power


Its time to vote!!!! Now In Nxg(may21/2009)

2009-05-21 2 comments

Do u remember my post titled "Its Time to vote!!!!!" ? That topic was my first official post. I started writing blogs exactly a week ago (i.e) from 13 may 2009.Nxg is one of the supplementary Of the daily newspaper" THE HINDU". Last Thursday I saw few articles in Nxg. They were really good.Articles were published in the penultimate page of the supplementary with title MY SPACE.But it was specified only best three articles would be selected and rest will be displayed in website.Seeing the level of some writers I thought my article would not stand a chance to get into papers.

But i decided to post my first ever article i wrote in my life time. I did it too. I never told anyone about this. Today morning i got up from bed and took Nxg. But was disappointed at first because I didn't see the title "ITS TIME TO VOTE" anywhere in the page. But suddenly, I noticed my name at the bottom of one article with my college name. Actually the title was modified by the EDITOR of the page.

When my father saw my article, He was really happy and soon i started getting both appreciations and criticism from neighbors,friends etc....Actually i had my Final year exams today,But i totally forgot about that.Instead my mind started thinking about what made me to write such an article and post it to"The Hindu".

First is my brother sriram. He actually insisted me to do something useful,which ended up in starting my blog, Which in turn helped me in writing the post. So indirectly with or without his knowledge he is one of the reasons.

Second is one monthly magazine: "THE FROZEN THOUGHTS". This magazine boosted my self confidence and the articles in the magazine was awe inspiring. Especially the Unposted letter of the April edition.

Thanks To Nxg for posting my article.It serves as a huge encouragement and kindles the flame within me to write more articles.

The Prancing Horse

2009-05-19 Comments

Have u ever heard of this name before?If not can u identify the logo above?

I am referring to Scuderia Ferrari(famously known as prancing horse). So this post is related to formula one.

Those who knew formula one would have surely come across this name..Ferrari.

Ferrari is one of the best teams in the history of formula one.It was Originally founded by Enzo Ferrari in the year 1929.The prancing horse made its debut in F1 during the year1950.But 1950 was not a good year for ferrari as Alfa Romeo dominated formula one.

However Ferrari tasted the sweetness of victory during the 1951 British Grand Prix.But the consistency was lacking in Ferrari.The following years was not so easy for them.

After ten years of hard work,they won their first constructors title in the year 1961.They won thrice in 1970's. In 1980's ferrari saw some great competitions from Mclaren,Williams,Lotus and various other teams.

There was  a tough competition between Alain Prost in ferrari and late Ayrton Senna in Mclaren,during late 1980's and early 1990's.

But It was the year1999,the formula one world saw ferrari at its peak.Seven time formula one world champion Micheal Schumacher joined Ferrari in the year 1996.

Ferrari started its unbeaten run of winning 6 constructors title from the year 1999 to 2004.Micheal Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello were the drivers during this period for ferrari.

But life is a combination of both victories and failures.2005 season was dreadful for ferrari.Fernando Alonso and his Renault team showed a great improvement and the ferrari's dream of seventh consecutive title ended.

Schumacher announced his retirement at the end of disastrous 2006 season,When alonso claimed his second world title.Everyone thought the winning run of ferrari has come to an end.

In 2007 kimi raikkonen replaced Schumacher.Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe massa redeemed ferrari after poor runs in 2005 and 2006 seasons.Ferrari once again emerged champions in both 2007 and 2008 seasons.Kimi won the drivers title in the year 2007.

Ferrari holds great records in formula one which no one would have ever imagined.

They have won the most number of constructors title:16 times. And taking Drivers title:15 times.Altogether they have won 781races.

But rule changes in F1 have always bothered ferrari.The rule changes after 2004 season brought the worst out of ferrari and schumacher.They suffered a lot of reliability issues. And again the rule changes in 2009 dropped ferrari at the bottom of championship table.

But the current situation seems bit complicated for the ferraris...Politics in formula one is at its peak.

Recession!!! Formula one, being one of the costliest sport,no wonder it is affected by recession.Honda one of the giants in car manufacturers anounced their retirement from F1 after 2008 season.

So Formula one president implemented a budget cap for the upcoming 2010 season.A budget cap of about 40 million is about to be introduced.

But ferraris are against this.Being a number one team,ferrari denies to accept the budget cap and they raised a issue in court against this rule.

And ferrari sporting director stephen Domicelli reported ferrari might quit f1,if budget cap is implemented.

So,Is there a future for ferrari in formula one?Having the most number of fans around world, if ferrari quits at this stage its a big loss for formula one administration.

Being a great fan of ferrari,I wouldn't want that to happen. Without the prancing horse Formula one would be compared to a car without fuel in it.  

Teaching a service or a profession?

2009-05-16 7 comments

I wonder whether teaching is a service or just a profession to earn money....
For me everyday starts with hot coffee and Newspapers.I usually read The Hindu and Times of India.Last week I was shocked to see a news.... Guess what? Its a 17 year old girl in her XII standard died in school due to severe asthma attack.
Staff reports say that the student suffered an asthma attack while she was attending a class.The school authorities delayed in taking the girl to the hospital. And the medical facilities in the school were not adequate to give first aid.
Acoording to the sources,When the girl complained of her breathlessness,the school authorities instead of calling for an ambulance,instead called to her parents and waited for them to come.When they arrived she was taken to hospital and she was reported dead. Parents claim that why the school authorities waited until a car arrived from her house.
This happened last tuesday.
Then again this week one boy drowned in swimming pool and died.Once again lack of good coach and various facilities were the primary reasons.It took place in chennai and the coach was arrested.
And today I was really shocked to see a 10 year old girl died in school due to severe punishment.This took place somewhere near calcutta.
According to sources, The teacher punished the girl with duster for making a mistake in her bengali lessons.The girl vomited four times and when taken to hospital,she was found dead.
Three children dead in two weeks time.This is due to negligence of teachers,coach and lack of facilities. I wonder whether teachers work only for money and income, neglecting childs safety and future. 
I personally feel schools are no more a safe place for childrens. Everyone used to say Mother,Father,Guru,God(MATHA PITHA GURU DEIVAM).Does the teachers still hold a place ahead of god?Are they still eligible for the position ahead of god? I dont think so.....

Formula One 2009 Drivers And Teams

2009-05-15 Comments


Here is a list of drivers And teams participating in Formula one races 2009.I got a comment to post something about formula one races.This is my first post about formula one and various updates and news will be posted in my blog.So if you are a fan of f1 keep watching for regular updates.

So F1 2009 kicked of with ten teams. Honda made their exit from formula one at the end of 2008 due to recession. But Ross Brawn bought the team and named it as brawn gp.So brawn made their entry into F1.

Ten teams and their drivers are shown Below.

Mclaren :Lewis Hamilton, Heikki kovalainen.

Ferrari :Kimi Raikkonen, Felipe Massa.

Brawn Gp: Jenson Button, Rubens Barrichello.

Toyota :Jarno Trulli, Timo Glock.

Red Bull: Sebastian Vettel, Mark Webber.

Torro Rosso: Sebastian Beumi, Sebastian Bourdais.

Renault :Fernando Alonso, Nelson Piquet Jr.

Williams :Kazuki Nakajima, Nico Rosberg.

Sauber Bmw: Robert kubica, Nick Heidfeld.

Force India: Adrian Sutil, Giancarlo Fisichella.

After dramatic win for Lewis hamilton in 2008,Ferrari decided to fight back to win the title which massa lost by just one point. But So far in the year 2009 its neither lewis hamilton nor massa in podiums, fighting for title.Its the newcomers brawn who have been in podiums,with no sighn of ferrari or mclaren in it.Jenson Button of Brawn won four of five races driven so far this season, seems to be the emerging champion.

Is this the end of Ferrari and Mclaren Era???? Stay Updated to know more....

Its time to VOTE!!!!!

2009-05-13 4 comments

Hurrah.....Its time for me to cast my first vote.

Today(13/5/2009). I woke up in the morning with lot of dreams to cast my vote for the first time in my life.Since i am voting for the first time in my life,I was little bit enthusiastic and excited.Before the day of voting two questions unhinged me.They are:

  • Why should i vote?
  • To which candidate should I vote?

These two bugged me for a week.I started finding a solution myself. so my first question "Why should i Vote?" I found two solutions for this answer.

First reason: India is a democratic country. So its our duty to cast vote and select a good leader.So as a citizen of india its our duty to vote.

Second reason: Someone else may vote with our name.This should not be encouraged.

I found the reasons rather convincing. So i decided to vote.

My next question...To whom should i vote? I dont know anything about politics.I dont know who is better than the others.

So i took my query to my parents.Both of them ended up with two different answers and when i asked the reason for selecting those persons,they gave some reason which was not convincing.So then who else to ask? Its my friends. I asked many.I was left out with different choices and different views of my friends.But still I never found any answer convincing.

Atlast the day arrived.I got up early.Now a bit excited and tensed.I took my voters Id and left to the polling booth with my parents.I was still in a dilemma whether to vote or note.I reached the booth.There was a long queue.The list of candidates was specified and was shocked to see nearly 45 candidates contested.And how to choose who is the best among 45.Without prior knowledge,how am i going to select the right person?So while i was thinking of this one hour went as such.I was near the room in which i have to cast my vote.After few min i reached the place. I was asked some number by the officials.Unfortunately,since this was my first time i dont know the procedure.The official opened a book and started searching for my name.My fathers,Mothers and even my brothers was there in the list.

ALAS... I didnt find mine...Since i was a newly applied one,my name was not present in the list.But i showed my voters ID.But i was not allowed to vote without the name in the list.

I was dissappointed to the core.My dream of voting for the first time remained as  a dream itself.I returned home without voting.And now i have to wait for few more years to vote.

But i hope at that time i will be matured enough to find the solution for my second question.

So..my wait continues. 

My first Post

2009-05-12 2 comments

Hello friends

This is my first post.

I dedicate this Blog to my sweet bro(sriram).He insisted me to start a blog and start writing.This is mainly for improving my writing skills.

So this Blog is dedicated to my bro and all my friends who encouraged me to do this.Instead of wasting my time in chatting,... I prepared myself to do something useful.My brother came up with this idea of blogging. I took my first step which is nothing but creating a blog and posting my first post. 

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