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This has been one of the worst weekends. Now-a-days I usually sit before the TV for watching 3 programmes.

Barclays Premier league

Formula 1



Disappointment no 1:

My first disappointment was at Saturday evening. It was a fine evening until…. I saw both the Ferrari's Failed to qualify in a good position for the Singapore Grand Prix. Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen managed only 13th fastest and Fisichella who gave the glory for Force India, managed only 18th. It was a great disappointment as Kimi failed to qualify within top 10.

Disappointment no 2:

It was not over. There was blow after blow. Second came when Pakistan managed to score more than 300 against India.

Disappointment no 3:

It was Barclays premier league..Chelsea against Wigan.. It was very disappointing to see Chelsea losing 3-1 to Wigan. Chelsea won all league matches before this game. 6 continuous wins and alas… The winning streak ended. The Blues were shattered. Heart broken.I switched back to watch India’s match.

Disappointment no 4:

About 45 min later.. Little master gave a flop show when he was caught out.. I expected a century from the little master, but he apparently failed. He just got for 8 runs.

Disappointment no 5:

Few hours later… OMG.. India lost to Pakistan. India were bowled out for 248.. All went bad when the GREAT WALL of our team was broken by our Great “Bajji”. Good innings from Dravid. It was a great disappointment.  


Oh…Thank god.. Only one disappointment on Sunday. Once again Ferrari failed miserably to score a point at the Singapore Grand prix. That’s not so disappointing actually..Because the result was expected. But the greatest disappointment is LEWIS HAMILTON took P1.  



Actually wanted to write a review about our teams wonderful display at the Champions trophy. But not in a good mood to write.Lets have our fingers crossed for the match against Aussies.. GO INDIA GO…

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Who Am I???

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Who am I? What for I am born and what am I going to do in this world? Sometimes when I am alone and when I deeply think about myself, a series of questions strikes me inside my head...

Who am I?

Am I good son to my parents??

I feel like I have never made my parents happy. Right from the age of 5, my mom asks me to study well. But till now I haven’t bothered to listen to her words. I shout at her when the food she prepared is not tasty. But till now I never understood the pain of standing in kitchen and cooking. Am I a good son to my mom??

Am I a good friend??

Sometimes my friends ask me for help. I do help those most often. But sometimes there comes situations during which I am forced to say NO. My friends like me a lot... While there are some who hates me too… Why can’t I be a good friend to everyone?? Why can’t I help everyone when they need me?

Am I a good student??

Lectures, Have I ever listened to them in my life time? Teachers scold me and also punish me for not listening. But I didn’t realize they are punishing me for my own good. I never bothered to respect their words. Am I a good student to my teachers??

Am I a good Citizen?

Till date.. what I have done for my mother country? Why am I so selfish to think about myself? Why I am Self-centric? Why can’t I think out of box and make a difference?

Am I a good Lover?

Whenever she called me I ignored her. I spent most of my time in cricket, racing and other games. Did I satisfy her at least once? Did I do whatever she asked me to do? I couldn’t manage to keep my eyes off other beautiful girls, even when she was sitting alongside me. I never failed to express the beauty of everything around me. But I miserably failed to express the beauty of life when she was with me. Am I a good lover?

And the questions go on… For everything the answer remains no. Till now I haven’t found out who I am and what role god has assigned me in the game of life….

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Recently there are lots of issues with my blog and some of my FB’s are complaining about the page load time of my blog. I know that my blog takes a long time to load and its mainly due to the css of sliders and other stuffs. I tried editing the template and removing some of the widgets. I removed some unwanted widgets too. But still it takes a long time to load.


So after searching for a new template and after trying out some,I am fed up. There is no good template which matches our expectation. I searched lots of websites,lots of templates and Finally I gave up the Hunt for a new template.


But now I started working on creating my new template. Its lot tougher than I expected. I have worked on it for past 4 to 5 days.But till now I have been successful in giving a 3 column layout for my new template.


I am very bad in choosing colour combinations. So i asked for help from my few friends to choose the colour for headers. Some of my friends helped me with their Ideas but I still don't know whether they are good and which one to select. So I leave it to you friends for choosing the header. Photoshop is really cool and interesting. But it often makes me to scratch my head. Its more complex for a rookie like me.


Untitled-4 header and menu new new1 Untitled-1 Untitled-2

Some headers have title.But Others don't have.So you guys have to help me out. Help me out in choosing the headers, so that I can successfully create a template. Select the one which you like the most from the above headers. If you are not satisfied with anything,give me your own colour combination. I need two colours. The top one and for the bottom links colour. Please suggest the colour combination in the comment box in case if you feel none of the above is good.


Which Header Is Good?

So probably considering the rate at which I am working on creating a template,  I think it will take another month to complete the entire template. Fell free to give your own suggestions about What a good template should have?Is the read more hack necessary? Do you like the sliders? or you think sliders are not important? Thanks a lot in advance.

Rajnikanth-Is he the Real Superstar?

2009-09-18 39 comments

These are my personal views upon superstar and his films…So superstar fans if you think this topic is offending ur beliefs..You can quit at this point.Actually in Tamil nadu this topic creates more controversy and chaos than the topic about existence of god. And my FB’s from North India and those who are not familiar with Tamil movies,very sorry for writing about such an unfamiliar topic and Tamil movies.

“Superstar yaarunu keta chinna kozhandaiyum sollum.”

Even a small child knows who the superstar of Tamil cinema is… But do everyone feels the same as they grow up and mature?

When I was young I too idolised him as a superstar. But if you ask me now,will I say the same?

My answer is a big NO….


What can you find in the superstar movies?

Rajnikanth films usually are of same category… A two and half hour pure entertainer..

Analysis About Rajnikanth movies:

Every film starts with an Introduction song.. Where the hero is perfect in everything,the hero never makes any mistakes and he pour lots of advices to the general public.

I should accept he is the Style Samrat. A man who can capture hearts with his unique style.

So as I said before every movie starts with a introduction song.He appears to be a normal ma,n but actually he is a superman who can do everything and who is talented in doing everything.  Let it be love, stunts.He is the best.


He has special types of guns.His gun can fly,go and shoot the bad guy and comes back to his hands. So without any trouble and without aiming,he can shoot a person from where he is standing..Regardless of where the target is. Wow…Incredible right?? Is he a Superstar or a Superman?


In all his films..He is either a rich man or a poor man. He has never done the role of a common man. If he is rich,he becomes poor half way and then becomes rich again within a short period of time(maybe in a single song).


In other case he would have been rich in flashbacks(may be his father or ancestors)..which he realises half way and the remaining film lies with whether he is rich or poor in the end.

There are even some incredible concepts in his films.. In one film “Arunachalam” He should spend 30 crores in 30 days for claiming his remaining property from going into bad hands.

Next in line comes another great film.. Where our superstar is an Atheist.But our superstar accidently meets the god himself. God teaches him a powerful mantra,which he can use for seven times.. The rest of film lies with how and for what purposes he uses the mantra. And he apparently wastes few times in testing it..


Is he educating the society by passing some good message through the film? There is nothing wrong if he never passes a message to the society and provide a two and half hour entertainment. But he should not teach something wrong to the society. Don't you agree?I am speaking about the concept of Hawala. I think most of our people were unaware about the concept hawala until he utilized this concept in a film. Such Illegal concepts should not be preached.Especially by rajnikanth as he is considered as something great by our fellow people over here.


I accept that he provides a great form of entertainment.But where is the reality? where is the quality?


Is he acting in such kind of films from the start of his career? Was he accepted as the superstar in his very first film? The answer is NO. Then at what point of time he started acting such kind of movies? What made him to act in movies which makes no difference and which has no quality or reality?


Rajnikanth Before:

Rajnikanth actually started acting as co-artist and as a villain.Especially along with kamal Haasan. His earlier films had some quality and he established himself as a good actor.

His good films includes “Aarilirundhu aruvadhu varai”..(From 6 to 60 years) Where he plays a role of a young man who sacrifices his whole life for the sake of his siblings. The story is about a man’s life from 6 years to 60 years. The film mostly characterises human relationship and bonding. Such an excellent movie it is to watch. And another notable film is “SRI RAGHAVENDRA”, where he portrays the character of lord Raghavendra. Is he the same superstar who acted in such good and quality movies?


The Turning Point:

I guess doing such quality movies didn't earn him the required fan base and Image. The turning point came when he acted “BADSHAAH”. The film was a huge hit and created a great image. So inorder to maintain his image and fan base,he started acting in similar kind of movies and apparently his films started lacking the quality.


Apart from all the above, all Rajnikanth movies have some good ingredients too. But what I feel is the lacking quality and reality has shadowed the good ingredients.



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A Costly Mistake: Epilogue

2009-09-15 25 comments

First my apologies for taking such a long time to post the final edition of this series. If you have forgotten (or) if you haven't read the first two parts..you can do so from the below links

Part I

Part II

After travelling for half an hour,we reached a place which was very dark.There were no street lights.There was a fly over,but the auto driver took a different route which was below the Fly over.It was extremely dark and there was no other living being in the vicinity. The auto suddenly stopped.

This scene made me a bit frightening. I asked to myself “Where the Hell am I? Am I heading towards Delhi? Why did the auto stop at this place?” Oh… My god.. I knew I was in some sort of trouble.


I looked around. Even the driver left me..He said  “I will be back in few min..” ..Everything was dark. My heart started beating at 210 times a min.  I just took my seat inside the auto and started thinking. My first thought was about my mom. A series of question aroused….

What happens If i die in this same place?

Will they bury me? or burn me to ashes?

How will my mom and dad find me once I am buried or burnt?

What my parents will think about my friend for being so careless?

How can my mom live without me?


While thinking about these.. I heard some distant footsteps. I quickly collected some stones and covered it using the file within which I had my certificates. I heard the footsteps more clearly as they were approaching me. Suddenly 5 to 6 peoples appeared before me.Everyone looked like rogues. very tall and stout. One man hurried towards and asked “Where you want to go?Delhi?” I said yes. On hearing my answer everyone started laughing at me. I don't know why. They spoke in some language I guess it might be Urdu or something else.  I couldn't understand even a single word.


I checked my mobile.Still no signal and the time was half past 9… Then one man who was on his late 50’s came near me. He threw his arm around my shoulder and pulled me. He said  “Come I will take you to Delhi”. His attire and outfits clearly depicted he is a Muslim. His Voice was flat and rude. He said something in urdu..I was not able to understand fully, but with some words I assumed myself what he said.. He told me that “we have to walk for 5 min from here and then I will drop you near Delhi”. I had no other option except to go with him.


The others left the place laughing and singing loudly,as if they have achieved something. We started walking and he was still holding my shoulders very firmly. He asked me the place which I belonged to and I said I am from Chennai. And I started saying my usual Hindi dialogue to him “Maaf kijiye… mujhe Hindi thoda he malum hai..” To my surprise he started speaking in English.. He said “My name is Azad khan”.. He also said he knows English very little.


To my surprise He was a very nice man and took me to his place. He somehow managed to speak in English. After reaching his place, He escorted me to his auto and soon we started moving towards Delhi.I asked him about why the auto stopped there.. and what’s all this about… He replied politely with a smirk that the auto in which I came had no license for entering Delhi.So they asked the Muslim bhai to take me to Delhi. He dropped me at Indaprastha around 10:15 pm. As conversed before he asked me 180rs… But I was so happy and relieved to reach that place and I gave him 200rs. I soon got the metro train and thought about what and all happened in a single day. I laughed at myself..  thinking about death for this small issue. This Incident had a great impact on me to such an extent that I forgot totally about the interview I attended. I soon reached Bharahkambha Road where my friend was waiting for me.








And I wish all the aspiring Engineers of India. Today is Engineers day….


Its our responsibility to take India to various heights interms of technology and Innovation…


September 15 every year is celebrated as Engineers day in India. Its a tribute to the birthday of the legendary engineer Sir M.VISHWESWARAIH, CIVIL ENGINEER.He was the wizard  of engineering. He was also called the precursor of economic planning in India.




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Hey guys

I was out of town last week. So couldn't write much after BLOG-A-TON.

First my hearty wishes and congrats to IP.Great going buddy. I somehow managed to get a single vote this time.This result for me is very similar to the result of BLOG-A-TON 1. Now I think I have to considerably improve my style of writing to get votes in future. And thanks a lot Raji… For voting.


Now there are other reasons to celebrate… 5 awards in the past 4 days. Thanks a lot to all my blogging friends.. When I logged into my blogger account today morning I was surprised to see message from IP.. The pundit has an award for me… It feels great to get an ward from Pundit.. It seems he loves my blog(Don't know whether its true or not..) Thanks a lot IP.



Another Award from IP. I didn't notice this before..Thanks a lot IP..for such good awards…



I share this Blog Buddies award with






Another message from devils workshop clearly depicted that another gem was added to my crown. Thanks a lot Swetha.. for the Honest scrap award.




The third one from Raji. She gave me the Stylish blogger award. I thank you again for the award. She requests me to post often. I will try to do it Raji. I am so lazy now-a-days. I am also writing for another website. Typing throughout a day makes me sick. But i will try my best to keep this blog alive.



The fourth one was a complete surprise. There was no message about this award. When I visited his blog, I saw many awards were presented to everyone. It was really nice to see the various awards given to various persons. But atlast there was one award,which according to him was very apt for my blog. Thanks a lot Bharathi. It feels really good to receive award from fellow Bloggers.




Now I am certified Honest blogger. Actually speaking the fact,I am not such honest. On seeing one of my posts,Some bloggers said I am very honest. To keep up my reputation and maintain the same image, I continued the same.. And ended up as a certified honest blogger. So thanks a lot guys.













The above 5 bloggers are best in their style of writing. Especially I have to specify about pawan. Let it be his psycho series or poems.He is cool and best..

Who deserves the vote???

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I guess everyone might have seen my last post which was published on behalf of BLOG-A-TON, the online marathon for bloggers….Where we decide and we write.


BLOG-A-TON 2 was a great success. Nearly 30 bloggers participated and wrote for a single topic-TEACHERS Aaj Kal…


Asusual I forgot the date and some how manage to write a post at the last few moments and posted it. The final phase of blog-a-ton is the voting phase,where all the participants votes for the best post and the person who gets the maximum number of votes is the winner.


Will you believe if I say writing a post is easier than selecting the right person who deserves the single vote? Yes it is… I felt it really difficult to select a single post out of the 30(approximate)…


I first read ashwini’s post.She was new to blog-a-ton and so I wanted to check her post very first. I was amazed to see such a nice post. At the same instant I commented and I decided I should cast my vote to ashwini. To be frank I liked the pictures of the post than the way she expressed it.The pictures clearly reflected about the teachers of this age.Especially the kalinga war picture. So I decided to vote for ashwini.


Then as soon as I logged in my blogger account I saw half a dozen post with title “Teachers Aaj Kal” or “Teachers now an then”. So I decided to check everyone’s and comment before voting for ashwini.


I reached Bharathi’s. His post are quite natural and true. Let it be 200 words or 2000 words… It will be very interesting till the end. As soon as I read his post,I was in a great dilemma…Whether to vote for bharathi or ashwini.Both are equally good. I especially liked the attitude of bharathi. He never wanted to win blog-a-ton and never cares about the votes. But he wanted his message to reach the society(i.e.) to fellow bloggers… I liked his post a lot and I thought now I have to short list between two. whether its bharathi or ashwini?


Then I clicked on “A rose is a rose is a Rose”. It was shilpa’s blog. She was the winner of blog-a-ton and I expected a lot from her. You know they always say when you expect so much it will lead to disappointment. But in this case it was false.She was at her best. I think before writing the post,she might have taught her son “Differentiate between” answers. And straight away she implemented the same for Blog-a-ton. It was a classic post I have to say. The differentiation was uniquely constructed with nice pictures and beautiful quotes exactly in opposition to each other. Now its between three…SHILPA…BHARATHI..ASHWINI..


Next came Vipul ’s. This time vipul ’s father wrote for blog-a-ton as a guest blogger.  I feel that only a teacher or a professor can best describe about this topic. Because only a teacher truly knows the difficulties involved in being a teacher and how today's teacher differs from yesteryear’s. And Vipul’ s father was no exception. His post was amazing and I guess vipul made him to write for blog-a-ton inorder to win blog-a-ton 2.(just kidding;-))..


And so the list added on…


Pawan… who differentiated very well between teachers during his school days and college days..

Shruthi.. who justified the post with amazing quotes and a very different 55f…

Ranee.. narrated the topic with a beautiful and touching story..

Pra…IP…Guria…Dhiman…. Rajee…..the list went on…..Each one’s post was very good and It really became very tough to vote. I asked vipul to open up the option by which “A person can vote for themselves”. A better way to solve the above problem. Another reason is  that mine would not manage even a single vote. Atleast let me tick my own counter.

Further this voting system is an acid test for my friendship too. Shruthi and Bharathi are my two good friends over here.. So as a good friend I have to vote for my friends right.. But is this the place to show my friendship?

Pawan commented that my post was really good and he will vote for me if he didn't come across any other interesting post. So how can I repay the courtesy to him? Should I vote him back?


Now who really deserves the single vote(4 cheers)? Lucky, time has been extended so that I can think for some time.. And may be my Fellow bloggers can help me to sort out..


If you want to participate in future events of BLOG-A-TON,Please click here.

I am very happy that some of my blogging friends have joined BLOG-A-TON after seeing my post. So indirectly my post has been a source of inspiration for some of my friends over here.


I got one super cool award..from Shruthi….Thanks a lot shruthi….for the award..


superior scribbler awardThese are the rules for the award:

Each Superior Scribbler must in turn pass The Award on to 5 most-deserving Blogging Friends.
Each Superior Scribbler must link to the author & the name of the blog from whom he/she has received The Award.
Each Superior Scribbler must display The Award on his/her blog, and link to This post which explains The Award.
Each Blogger who wins The Superior Scribbler Award must visit this post and add his/her name to the Mr. Linky List.
Each Superior Scribbler must post these rules on his/her blog.



I share this award with











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This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 2, the second edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.

This time the topic deals with teachers of yesteryear and teachers of today.  I am not sure about the teachers of yesteryear. How they teach?are they good or bad? etc..etc… But the fact is let it be yesteryear or let it be today…  There are teachers who are really good,who treats teaching as a service to the society and on the other side there are also some teachers who  merely work for money.They treat teaching as another profession and teach for the sake of earning money.


So in this post I will share about the different types of teachers I have seen so far in my life.


Teachers: I first would like to discuss how many teachers can teach,assist or help in mastering the various concepts of the studies. Let it be ABCD that we study in LKG or the complex engineering and medicine concepts. How many teachers can really teach in a way so that every student in their class can understand? How many teachers can honestly clear the doubts of students in their class?


From my personal experience I can hardly say 5 or 6 teachers have done that so far. A teacher should take a class in such a way that each and every student of his class should be eager to listen to the concepts. Especially the students who talks or sleeps during class.The teaching should be very lively and interesting. But most of the teachers today are not able to control the class. They remain as a mere complainers that students are always sleeping in my class.. Some say “the students never listen to my lectures. They are keep on chatting during the lecture hours.” But they never think about why the students or not listening and they cannot understand the fact that they cannot convey the message properly to the students. And as a result of that the students lose interest in their class.

I see those teachers as mere losers. They cannot teach properly and beg the students by asking “atleast give respect to our age.” My college lecturers are hardly four to five years elder to us. Most of them have just completed their ME. They joined as a lecturer as they didnt get any good job. They don't know how to take a lecture. How to make it interesting.. And they don't even try to improve and remain mere complainers.


On the other hand there is one experienced teacher. No teacher comes to our class for the second time. They teach for one semester and never turn back the next semester. They say we are such bad students.


But two experienced and good staffs took class for us for continuously 3 to 4 semesters. I can call them here the yesteryear teachers. Their ages would have crossed 70 and their experience in the field of teaching is more than my own age. Both the staffs liked our class very much. We don't chat or give any trouble to these two staffs as they keep us tightly packed with various good and lively concepts. Their way of explaining things have been so good and Only those two staffs can control our class with the power of teaching. Even the worst student in our class remains silent and listen to whatever those staffs say and teach. They often say “I don't understand this. Your class and you guys really good during my session and its weird when other teachers complain about your class as ungoverned and worst class.


So I feel, If a student fails in a subject its not the failure of the student.Its rather the failure of the staff who took that subject.

Young Lover:

I think this is a very rare case. And this wont happen everywhere(I think so..). I was in my second year of college. I am Electrical student. I had one beautiful friend who did her computer science engineering.She was a close friend of mine. Many boys were crazy after her,I don't know why. And many proposed to her,gave letters etc..etc.. But is it wrong? Giving a love letter during collage days is not such a bad thing.


But it was very weird when one of the lecturers of my college ran behind her for over a month and ended up giving a love letter. That too his wife works in same college too. How weird it is. The girl cried a lot and she never came to college for over a month until that lecturer was suspended from college. This really is very bad. How a teacher can give a love letter to her own student?  That too if he is a bachelor,then atleast we can consider. He is married and still needs another girl.

Do we have to respect such kind of teachers? Is this what a teacher does?

According to me I give respect to a person according to his/her deeds and not based on his/her age.  I completely hate such kind of teachers.



What should a invigilator do? Take care of the hall during examination and should protect students from involving in mal-practice. What today teachers do??(especially male staffs)


Usually during our exams, We wait for the right time to copy.lol… not me. I wait for the time to show answers to others.I accept I will  copy during my internal tests, But not during universities.Do you know when the right time is?


Its when a male staff is invigilator and when a female staff crosses the examination hall. The staff immediately starts chatting with the female staff and that's the best time we get to copy . Both the staffs will be very intimate and involved while speaking to each other, as if they are talking about inventing a new type of machine. And the male staff would often turn to class and starts creating scene by shouting “If I see anyone copying,i dare say you will be suspended from college. I think you know very well that I am very strict”. He just creates scene and wants to impress the fellow female staffs.


Are they qualified to be called as teachers?



This does not mean teachers kills students.. They directly or indirectly responsible for spoiling the life’s of various students.And this happens more often in our mother country.


  • 17 year old girl in her XII standard died in school due to severe asthma attack.
  • One boy drowned in swimming pool and died. Incompetency of the coach and lack of good coach is suspected as primary reason.
  • A 10 year old girl died in school due to severe punishment.This took place somewhere near Kolkata.

There are lots of such similar incidents happening in our day to day life. The primary reason is that teachers don't do teaching as a service.But they only do it as a profession. Teachers work only for money and income. That's their primary goal. They never consider child's safety and future.


So far everything was like against the teachers. So do I have a grudge against today's teachers? No way. I wouldn't have got so much success and marks without teachers. Each and every teacher in my department helped me and I vow them a lot. I was affected Jaundice last year and I was not able to attend college for four months. I missed all classes and never did any lab sessions. I thought I cannot write the exam that semester due to lack of attendance.  So as a matter of fact I thought I would get 9 backlogs(as i had 9 papers at that sem).I was really worried about my condition. But my HOD called me to college and personally advised me to start studying while I was at me home. He encouraged me a lot and said “I know you don't listen to classes and you can write exams without attending.I will take care of your attendance and with your past records, all the teachers agreed to help you with attendance.So its high time for you to start preparing for exams.Don't let me down and keep up my name.”


All the teachers helped me with the attendance and they allowed me to write the exam. And luckily I cleared all papers those sem and my HOD was really happy to hear that.


MATHA PITHA GURU DEIVAM…Do they deserve a position ahead of god?

As I said before Some teachers value teaching while most of them don't. Most of the teachers consider teaching as only a profession and only very few does it as a service.


I think yesteryear teachers must have considered teaching as a service and very few considered it as profession. So they deserve the position ahead of god.


But Considering Today’s teachers… Most of them value it as profession and very few as service. So do they still deserve a position ahead of god?


My Best Teacher:

I end up this post by telling this world about my favourite and best teacher. According to me EXPERIENCE is the best teacher. None can teach us as good as what Experience does and none can make such an impact in our heart so that we don't forget the lessons teach by experience for rest of our lives.


Ofcourse there are lots of books which can teach us how to survive in this competitive world but only experience teaches the value of life and how to cherish it.

The fellow Blog-a-Tonics who took part in this Blog-a-Ton are Vipul, Rajalakshmi, Dhiman, Ranee[1], [2], [3] , Avada, Indian Pundit, Sojo, Aneet, Pramathesh, Aativas, Sid, Pra, Ajinkya, Lakshmi, Govind, Shilpa, Bharathi, Mytuppence, Azad, Pawan, Pankaja, Saimanohar, Guria, Shruti, Vishnu,Nasrajan and Richa. Click on their respective names to read their posts on Teachers : Aaj Kal. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.

Brand Tag!!!!

2009-09-04 29 comments

I was tagged by Shilpaa for this brand tag.


Numerous brands move us in our day to day life. I think brands are like relationships. Do you maintain a good friendship brand? Are you loyal and caring in your brand relationship?

Take any day in your life and chart out the brands you have used.


Let me start my brands from electronics!!!



When it comes to electronics..I always prefer this one… As for me Sony is second to none in Electronics.

At my home you can find  Sony 32” LCD….

Playstation 2.(after i earned enough will be shifting to playstation 3)

Sony Ericsson

Sony Digital camera.




Apple I-pod







This connects me…with the world…

Nokia 5130 xpress music







Without this I cannot write this post… and You cannot see this one..

My pc….

Hewlett Packard







   I had this laptop… my brother’s..  before buying this pc…


 Dell Inspiron







Running without this is a nightmare…









Hot Mexican flavoured Cheese burger… my favourite….

 Burger Man 









Yummy pizzas from Pizza hut…….










This takes me distinctly ahead of everyone in road…..







This is a little bit outdated product..I am having the same watch for over for more than three years.. high time to change…How about fast track??





Weekends are hell without these channels… I either watch Barclays premier league or formula one racing…








Will mostly get good offers from this brand. Often gives buy 2 get 1 free…








Levis is best….








Connects me with WWW……apart from social networking sites…Thanks to Google…








Seedhi bhat..No bakhwaas… CLEAR HAI…








Sprite for my bike……Shell..I actually use Bharath petroleum..But since my brother is working for this concern now..He wants me to use his own company’s product…marketing the products of his own company….



I think that's all of now…

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Formula 1- Is it entertainment or a sport?

2009-09-01 43 comments

"F1 is not purely sports. It is entertainment and this venture by JKSP is a commercial initiative," said a ministry source. F1 will not have an impact on Indian sports "in terms of either participation, broad-basing or promotion of excellence".

"The proposed F1 race does not satisfy conditions which focus on human endeavour for excelling in competition with others, keeping in view the whole sports movement from Olympics downwards,"

The above statement was given by the ministry of sports when JPSK sports proposed to build a formula one racing track in India. This statement had a huge impact on the world of motorsports.

I wont say formula 1 is not an entertainment. But how the ministry can say its not a sport. Do they really mean what they say? On what basis they classify between a sport and an entertainment?

Every sport has entertainment as its ingredient. Cricket, Soccer,basketball,baseball,Badminton,tennis and the list goes on. And formula 1 is no different. Lets see the reasons why Indian ministry rejected the venture.

  • Formula 1 is not a sport,its an entertainment
  • Formula 1 is a very costly sport
  • Formula 1 is not in Olympics
  • Much crowd wont turn up to watch the sport

The above four are the premier reasons given by ministry.

The first point.It seems our ministry wont encourage entertainment in  our country.

Lets take cricket. Test cricket,One day International and 20-20. How much crowd will turn up to watch a test cricket when compared to T20? Test cricket is really good form of sport.It tests the skill,ability and energy of a player. And one day cricket is also acceptable because its played for a whole day and to an extent the player can prove his skill and ability.

Lets come to t20. A shorter form of cricket,purely commercial.In this form of cricket you just have to sustain for four hours to get lots of money. It is more entertaining and cool to watch the ball flying over stands.

When they say T20 is a sport. Why not Formula 1? This shorter form of cricket is no match to the high level of engineering,competency,skill,will power of formula one racing.

If you are watching formula one races,you might have seen a Advertisement.I have mentioned this previously before in one of my posts.


Imagine yourself being subjected to a G-force of 5G’s. (Don't know what's a G-force? for example: When we sneeze or cough we experience a G-force of about 2G’s.Then Imagine how 5G’s would be… G-force is nothing but the measure of gravitational force)

Imagine yourself being in a 50 degree C pressure cooker.

Imagine your Heart beating 210 times a minute.


This is what a Formula one driver goes through.Every formula one driver loses around 1 to 2 kgs when they drive a one and half an hour race. Now would you still call t20 as a sport and formula one as a mere entertainer?


Lets analyze the next case… Formula one is a costly sport….  I do accept it is a costly sport and loads of money are involved in it.

But I really wont accept if ministry says they don't have money to spend. When BCCI can spend a lot for giving incentives and apartments as gift to Indian players, why not the Indian ministry spend on formula 1.


Third case is the most stupid one. Formula one is not in Olympics. According to our ministry other than sports played in India and the sports in Olympics, every other sport is an entertainment and not purely a Sport.

Just think how many sports are being played in Olympics and in how many India participates and in how many they are winning medals? And over the period of time there is no improvement regarding the participation of Indians in Olympics. But atleast they have started winning some medals. So this is the most stupidest of the arguments.


The fourth case…Much crowd wont turn up to watch the sport. I think the ministry must be kidding. Google very recently conducted a small survey about which communities have more number of Indians and the communities which involves active participation of our country. And to my surprise Soccer and Formula 1 were among the top ten communities in which there are lots of Indians and they are actively taking part in it. I am proud to say I am one among them.

There are fans for formula one who are ready and willing to go to every country where the race takes place. So huge crowd from other countries might turn up to India for watching the sport. And die hard fans(like me) would turn up to see the Scarlet car shining under the sun light.  So this argument is not acceptable too.


And according to me there is a difference between World wrestling entertainment and Formula 1. The former called the entertainer as everything is predetermined and fake in that.The latter involves will power and courage. So formula is absolutely a sport which is much entertaining to those who have the knowledge about the sport and for those who like watching races.

And Indian ministry has the rights to deny the development of Formula 1 in India. But I guess they don't have rights to classify whether It is a sport or an entertainer and that too without a pure knowledge in the sport.

This sport is a great Hit at Singapore and Malaysia. When they can spend for a circuit.. Why not India? The night race at Singapore was  great and dramatic one. We have already seen a Indian Formula 1 driver and an Indian Formula one Team. And the racing track in India is absolutely a dream come true.



These are my views upon the issue and ofcourse my views in this topic is biased since I am an ardent fan of formula one racing. I prefer India can spend In formula one racing than spending for the so called Idle mans game.


And Kudos to Vijay Mallya. It was really great to see the tri colour car racing for the pole position and fighting with a Ferrari till the end. Great work from VJ and team. Force India’s Budget is only one third of Ferrari’s Budget. But still it fought with Ferrari in Last race and Ferrari would not have managed without the KERS technology. Force India managed to get second position and they got the first ever points in Formula one after hard fought battle for over 30 races.


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