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May 1,1994…

The world saw one of the dangerous accidents ever witnessed in the history of formula 1. One of the greatest legends, Best formula one driver who remained a nightmare for other drivers was killed in an accident during the San Marino grandprix on May 1,1994.His name,Ayrton senna Da Silva. A three time world champion, a great human too.

Before the race, a fellow driver died during the qualifying session.Ayrton senna raised the issue of Safety in formula 1 and formed a committee regarding the safety of formula one drivers. But the legend himself sadly died during the race.

He is the driver who lost his life to prove formula one drivers need safety.

Various electronic systems,tyre barricade and various security and safety systems enhanced after his death.

July 25,2009…Felipe_Massa_484953a

It was 15 years since this happened. Day before yesterday another similar incident took place during the qualifying session of Hungarian grand prix.

The suspension spring from Rubens Barrcihello’s vehicle hit fellow Brazilian Felipe Massa strongly on his head at a speed of 162mph. The impact made a small hole in the helmet and Felipe fractured his skull. He was taken to Budapest military hospital where he underwent surgery. Doctor’s say he is in stable condition,but still in danger.

I think this is high time for Formula one officials to consider safety of drivers and neglect the conflicts and politics running within. Look at the Video… Which shows how the spring hits the helmet of Felipe Massa.


You know the bravery of these drivers have to be acknowledged.

I recently saw an add about formula one….The advertisement is about human will power and Formula one.. This is what the Adv. says

  • Imagine yourself being subjected to a G-force of 5G’s. (Don't know what's a G-force? for example: When we sneeze or cough we experience a G-force of about 2G’s.Then Imagine how 5G’s would be… G-force is nothing but the measure of gravitational force)
  • Imagine yourself being in a 50 degree C pressure cooker.
  • Imagine your Heart beating 210 times a minute.

This is what a Formula one driver goes through…HUMAN WILL POWER… HOW AMAZING

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