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I was tagged by shilpa a few days before.Wish list? “What do I need to do now?”

Shilpa says So what you need to do is….Show us something you want, but would never spend the money to buy.

A lot of things we wish to buy at different stages of life. So it might be a long list if i specify all those. So let me write about the thing which I wish to buy now, but would never spend to buy it. Rather than saying “but never would spend to buy it” it would be better if i say “I don't have that much money to buy this”.

So you want to know what’s costly wish?? read on..ferrari-2009_1365601c

I wish to buy a Ferrari Formula one car.The scarlet Scuderia Marlboro Ferrari is topping my wish list. But buying that car is not even possible in dreams…

Do you know how much the scuderia is worth?


The gorgeous looking attractive car. Would love to take a ride atleast once in my life time. Ferrari’s are one of the giant car manufacturers in the world. They are competing in formula one right from the year 1948.

I am waiting for formula one to be launched in India.I will be going to the race once it is launched and atleast want to see it once in my life time.

Image Courtesy: www.telegraph.co.uk/

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  • Madman

    Shankar if i tag this, the post will be very short i will answer here in this comment section.

    "if whatever you desire in life happens, then there is no God, if you always desire what is happening, there is no sorrow in life"

    simple i don't desire anything out of my reach.

  • le embrouille blogueur

    I am not sure if you saw my comment on an earlier post ....I have tagged you in one of my posts ....http://dukulsblog.blogspot.com/2009/07/tagged-four-and-some.html....keep up the good work !!

  • Unknown

    @venky: why not venky??? whats wrong in having a desire which is out of your reach??

  • Unknown

    @le embrouille blogger: sure will check out... sorry for the late response...

  • Madman

    @ Shankar

    There is nothing wrong, its just my way i don't desire what i can't get.

  • Shilpa Garg

    The small boys and the big boys... they have the common denominator, they love four wheels...Period!
    Ferrari is a ultra cool pick!! :)

  • Unknown

    @shilpa: ya..ferrari is indeed a cool pick....

  • le embrouille blogueur

    Shankar ...thanks for the tag ... I will need some time .. since there is really nothing I wish to buy which is so darned expensive ....!!!

  • pRiYaN...!

    really a cool choice da..
    (hope u neva mind addressing u 'da')


  • Unknown

    @priyan: no..i never mind... a simple da brings us closer.. and makes us good friends.. don't be too formal...

  • Bharathi

    As like venky, I decided to give my answer here as it is very small for a post.

    I cant think of any material items honestly.

    But I can say I like to have something that money cant buy. Thats 'knowledge on life'. At the moment my interest is to explore it.

  • Unknown

    @bharathi: great one bharathi... but you could have posted in your blog expressing how you are going to explore life. and any interesting events connecting those..would have been great... thanks atleast you replied here..

  • Bharathi

    I will definitely write a post once I get an answer for that. at the moment I've only started and if I write anything now it would be like a blind explaining another blind about the beauty of sunrise. :-)

  • Unknown

    @bharathi: ok..fine..waiting for that post....

  • Subhayan Mukerjee

    yeh i can comment !!!


    and sure, shall take this up within a week :)

  • Unknown

    @shubhayan: take your own time shubhayan....welcome back..

  • Sugandha Gupta

    ohhh Ferrari ... ahha all u guys are Ferrari freaks *wink wink*

  • Unknown

    @ why so serious: I am crazy when it comes to Ferrari...

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