Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince!!!


Atlast the much awaited Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince is here.. It was my favourite book of the series and was eager to see the film from the moment I read the book last year.

When I entered the theatres I was very excited and happy to watch the film. The scenes, visualisation everything was stunning and I never wanted the film to end. But yet when the film ended I felt a surge of discontent,unhappiness within me. The fact that there was no more Hogwarts and no more Dumbledore was killing me.

The film started with a collapsing bridge in the muggle world and Harry enters his penultimate year in Hogwarts. The mystery becomes deep when harry gets the book of Advanced Potion Making which belongs to The half blood prince.

What's new at Hogwarts this year? Professor Horace Slughorn was appointed as the potions master and Snape to preside over The defence against dark arts.

The first half mostly comprises of hilarious comedy and romance. Let it be comedy or romance the scenes are really entertaining and amusing. Things get dark when Harry collects the memory of Horace which involves an important conversation between him and Tom Riddle about the most dangerous Dark Magic.

The Dark lake was visualised in a great way than one would have imagined.The dark lake scene may be called as the best scene in the film. Apparently the film ends with the Death of the Head Master of Hogwarts.A sad and unhappy ending which you might have ever witnessed in Potter series.

Charming Hermonie:

The best performance of the film can be warded to Emma Watson. She was so charming and Beautiful.Let it be her feelings for Ron or Deep friendship with harry,she is at her best. Especially the scene in which she converses with Harry after seeing the romance of ron with Lavender. She cries and asks harry “Is this the way you felt when Genny kisses Dean, harry?” She was cute through out the film.

Malfoy Manor:

So far we all saw Draco as a mere loser.He was unknown for most part of the last two books.But this time he proves how dangerous he could be.Ron and Harry attended fest and Party’s but Draco remained alone in his dark suit for most part of film. Looking mysterious,angry. But he is seen scared for most of the film and did most of things out of the fear that he would be killed by Dark lord. His performance was notable in this film.

Crazy Lavender:

Her looks makes us uncomfortable.She is not that good or cute. But her actions and her love for won-won makes us laugh.she is annoying at some scenes,but really makes us laugh in the other.Nice characterisation of lavender.

Dumbledore character deserves pity when drinking the liquid to get the horcrux which was under it. And it really makes us feel when Harry atlast says to Hermione that it was a fake and everything was a waste.

Tom Riddle:

This character was one of the greatest highlight of the film. Let it be the young boy and a grown teenage one, the darkness remain in each and every move. you could see a perfect villain look with this character.We have seen Lord Voldemort..But this is Tom Riddle’s first appearance and every one surely call him the perfect villain.

The Difference:

Once again I must say this is not a faithful reproduction of the book.There were some differences and some important missing sequences.


According to book it was Nymphadora,who escorts harry to school after being stuck at Hogwarts express.But in Film its Luna who saves and Harry.Luna disappears after that.She is seen in only other two scenes,Slughorn’s Fest and after Dumbledore’s death.

The battle after the Death of Dumbledore.. action scenes were missing in this film.They desperately missed it.I think the director concentrated on finishing it within time and lost track of the battle sequence.

Bill would be attacked by the werewolf and he would be hospitalised. But in film “was there a character called bill?”

The quidditch match in which Ginny plays a seeker. Absolutely Quidditch was given the least Importance. I thought I would see harry catching the snitch for the last ever time.But It never happened.There was quidditch,but it mostly focussed on Ron and not harry or snitch.

But I should say its really difficult to make a two and half an hour film from a seven hundred page book.


But the director compensated for everything with a nice,hilarious &enjoyable movie.Once again Harry potter never failed to make an impression in hearts of people.

But the fact that No Dumbledore  and Hogwarts without Harry,Hermonie,Ron and Dumbledore as its Headmaster makes me feel sad and bad.


My Rating:


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  • Subhayan Mukerjee

    shall go ASAP ... seems good ...

  • Sugandha Gupta

    cant wait to c this one ... huh ... nice :)

  • Unknown

    @why so serious:
    Nice film... but I am not happy with the way it ended... the action sequences were missing...

  • Bharathi

    I will let you know about my opinion once I see the movie.

  • Sathish

    borrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring [:(]

    cant understand what the characters are really upto
    it has so many deviations with some very pathetic romance scenes
    i really dunno wat Harry nd Dumbledore were upto in the end
    all the characters were not utilised at all
    the movie was full of harrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry..............

    if u r a EMMA WATSON fan like me u'll be very disappointed coz she does nothin in the movie jus appearing in a handful of scenes[:(]

  • Unknown

    @sathish: i am completely against you. If you dont understand what the characters are upto,better go and read the book...I am very sorry if you want hermonie kissing scenes or any other scenes.. I would tell you this not the movie you are looking for or this is not your type of movie. will let you know if suppose Emma Watson get a role in american pie or any such movie..Dont know what the characters are upto? which characters you are saying about? tell me..i will let you know about all characters...

  • Madman

    I didnt see the movie yet waiting for the dvd rip in torrent hehehehehe.

  • Bharathi
    This comment has been removed by the author.
  • Unknown

    @venky:even i prefer mininova.. but theatres are really good.. i go there for good effects..theatres are really the best..

  • Bharathi

    Hi Shankar, I loaded a new template for me. But I cant find the cutomization button to add widgets. Since you added the new one now, can you help me?

  • pawan



    Being an avid movie watcher, I refer to a lot of sites before watching a movie. This time I did the same with Harry Potter as I didnt want to waste a hundred bucks on a damn movie, and the result?. All the sites to which I referred gave negative comments!

    As Venky said, I'll pirate the movie, that's a better option!

    N.B.: I am sure I blog rolled you on my blog, but it suspiciously disappeared today and also when I was looking at my followers updates, I found your blog and upon clicking it the warning came as blog removed. So I had to access your blog through Shilpa's blog, well is it a fault with ur blog or my comp?

  • Unknown

    @pawan:refer to imdb.co pawan..read the review..its best site for movie reviews...
    huh..another problem....let me check oout....

  • Unknown

    @bharathi: do you mean you cannot find the add widget button on your layout?

  • pawan

    Talking of imdb, I refer the site almost 50 times on a daily basis. I refer a lot more too, as in rotten tomatoes, all movie, meta critic and wikipedia. But the most accurate ones being the ones of rotten tomatoes but their way of judging is too harsh so one might feel cheated!

    And on Imdb I have voted close to 600 movies I have seen, so trust me mate, I got the right info! ;)

    And I'm sure I blog rolled u and I'm unable to access ur blog from my follower updates!

  • Unknown

    @pawan: will check out..Imdb rating is 8.3/10 pawan.. which reflects the quality of movie...

  • pawan

    Talking of Imdb, looks like you don't know the biggest flaw of it. Amny people actually vote for a movie without actually seeing it, just for the sake of increasing the number of movies they have voted. This is an alarming trend on Imdb. If you don't know the actual reason why 'Te Godfather" has been stripped from the number 1 position is the same reason why 'The Dark Knight' made into the top ten, it is also the same reason why the 'Shawshank Redemption' became the number 1 and also it is the same reason why HP6 is 8.3.

    Just see the user comments of HP6 dude, you will understand!

  • Lavanya

    just waiting for the weekend, to go for this movie..

    good review.. good work shankar..

  • Unknown

    @lavanya: I am not sure how good the film is.. each and every friend of mine liked it.. but I got different views from my blogging friends... comment about your views after watching..

  • pawan


    YOu are right! It's individual opinion that counts!
    Anyway I'' go for it!
    My sister booked the tickets! ;)

  • Unknown

    @pawan: great.... make sure to comment about it after seeing..

  • pRiYaN...!

    i ve nt cn d movie yet...i wish u watch is soon !


  • sorry.. I dont agree with u :( I am a die-hard potter fan but I hated the movie :( thoroughly disappointed.. all the crucial scenes were removed and unnecessary scenes were added :(

  • Unknown

    @evanescent thoughts: generally there is disappointment when you compare books with films. As i said before making a 700 page book into a 2 and half an hour film is really a difficult one. Let it be Da vinci code or harry potter. There is always an disappointment. Watch it as a film ,clearing your memories of book.. you are sure to enjoy it...

  • Sathish


    these are ur comments and my answers

    * If you dont understand what the characters are upto,better go and read the book...

    well Mr.Shankar i have seen all the potter movies and understood them while watching them itself....this movie lacked the depth in the script.

    *I am very sorry if you want hermonie kissing scenes or any other scenes.. I would tell you this not the movie you are looking for or this is not your type of movie. will let you know if suppose Emma Watson get a role in american pie or any such movie.

    Being a Fan of an actress doesnt mean i like her kissing and dancing obscenely , did Emma Watson ever do that in the previous potter movies.

    U better watch the slang u use Mr.Shankar

  • Unknown

    @sathish: sorry for being so rude...

  • Noooo.. but they cannot cut down the most crucial scenes and add unnecessary ones right? read my review on my site :(

  • Unknown

    Hi Shankar, I finally found this review. It is a nice Review. I think we agree on all the points.
    Actually at first I was very disappointed with the book itself.I started to read it then kept it half read then I read it almost after a month.I felt that J.K. has handled it totally differently.It was not that mistarious or dangerous.It was kind of funny.In the movie director had caught that mood perfectly!On the other hand 7Th book is more with gloomy environment and full of action!

  • Unknown

    hey..sry...I should have sent you the link...sorry for troubling you... disappointed with book??its strange... This is my favourite in Hp series....mainly because I was eager to know who was the half blood prince...This book developed a great hatred towards snape.... but after reading 7th..snape was one of my favourite characters.... tow characters which I like most other than voldemort and harry are Snape and sirius black..I like sirius more than harry...dont know why..

    Speaking about the movie..director simply concentrated on entertainment rather than story....

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