The Indian Dream


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Blog-a-Ton is back. The topic is THE INDIAN DREAM..

I never thought I would be writing this post on behalf of Blog-a-ton. I have my exams tomorrow,still I am sitting here wondering what to write. But I don't want to sight exam as a reason for not participating in this online marathon for bloggers. I should have prepared myself in the past weeks, but couldn't do it because of my commitment with another website and in providing a new look to my personal blog. So sorry guys if this post disappoints you. Participating is more important. So here is a short compilation of my dream about my India.

Clean INDIA..

Green INDIA..

Pollution free INDIA…

This is the first and foremost of my dreams about India. Clean and Green India.


Let farmers DIG happily..

Let researches set foot in MOON..

Let our citizens be employers providing employability to the whole world.

Let the quality of institutions develop to such an extent that the whole world should turn up to India for education.

Let our films win Oscars…

Let our country be No.1 in everything we do.. (apart from Aids and Corruption… for which we hold top ranks…)

Let builders house a Formula 1 track..


But how these things are possible?





Community Categorisation…






Last but not the Least..

Will this happen???

                           1 INR = 45 U.S.D…

Sorry guys. I could not elaborate on things as I don't have much time. Hope every other post for this blog-a-ton would  do.

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