New Look…!!!New Author….!!!


Atlast here is my new template. Sorry I couldn't add the header for which I asked your suggestions. And this template for sure cannot replace the looks of my old one. The glitzy sliders, which attracts everyone at their first sight is no more available. But there are other issues to be dealt with too. There has to be a compromise and balance between looks and performance.So this time I tried to concentrate in decreasing the loading time of my blog neglecting the looks. I don't know how many of you like this template. So you can pour in your suggestions. But please don't say to change the entire template. It has consumed all my time.

Further this is not a single persons work. However I invite minor suggestions like fonts,size etc. I have to thank some of my friends who were really helped me and suggested me about the good and bad at each step. I sincerely thank my friends Venky, Shruthi, Karthi for being a part in successfully creating this template.


I sincerely thank EVO, a very good designer who helped me with SEO and page elements column. He prepared the page elements as I wanted and imagined. I just mailed him about the changes I need and within 2 hours the design was ready.


Once again I invite suggestions regarding fonts and its sizes and possibly whatever change that can be made within layout. I still have to add some widgets.


And I am happy to announce a new author to my blog.  You all know her probably. I think everyone in my network follows her blog too. So again I am happy to announce that Shruthi one of my very close friends will be the guest author of my blog and I am very happy to announce that in future you all can see 55 fictions in my blog too. A person cannot be good in everything and cannot satisfy everyone. I tried writing 55’s. But every attempt ended in failure. So I recruited shruthi to write 55 fictions for my blog. I asked her to write a 55 fiction each month,starting from OCT 1.  My friendship with Shruthi is a very weird one. We both studied at same school. She is put up at a place which is hardly 5 mins from my home. But till date I haven't seen her. And also Venky.. His place is hardly 2-3 mins from my home. Till now I haven't met him in person. But I am very happy to say that I got some great friends through this blog.Some too close… Some too far…. and this blog has given me a greater exposure to outside world. Last but not least, this blog has done things which I wouldn't have imagined in my life time.


And sorry for those intensedebate comment form. I had problems with the blogger comment form especially the picture display.So I have added this intense debate comment form. Please let me know if you genuinely have any problem with the comment form. After confirmation from venky and after trying it in all browsers, I think this comment form is compatible with all browsers. Do let me know if any problem exists.


So thank you all again. Waiting for your valuable suggestions.

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