Conversation with Ghost!!


Curiosity killed the cat...



I am always curious regarding the existence of ghost. I had never made a research about the existence of god.

This post has nothing to do with the existence of ghost. So don’t think it’s a crap. May be you will enjoy it or you might feel bored. But do remember to put up your views. Both criticism and appreciations are invited.

Few months back, I read some ghost stories and was reading various articles regarding the existence of ghost. I am very much interested in paranormal sciences and my curiosity led me to do more research regarding its existence.

It was a usual summer night and the time was half past 11. I found a very interesting article written by Donald Tyson, who is very renowned researcher in supernatural and paranormal sciences. The article was about the existence and proof of ghost in earth. How they come... why they come... Are they harmful? All the answers were in the article. With a great interest I finished reading the article. But still I was not much clear about the ideas and concepts as they were beyond science.

My heart said Ghost do exist… But my intellect shot back some questions to my heart... Those questions had no proper solution.

When many persons can see ghost why can’t I? Why no ghosts find me even though I sleep alone in a dark room which totally void of any form of light?


As soon as the world war started between my intellect and heart…ghost


Hush….. There was silence… the power went off. Oh... My!! That was a bit scary as I was thinking about all these. It was really hot and I was sitting before my computer. I was eagerly awaiting the arrival of current. I was very eager to do more research on the existence of ghost.

Suddenly I felt like everything was turning cold around me. I felt the cool breeze slashing through my body. But the windows were closed and there was no chance for the breeze to enter.

Soon my room was getting colder and I asked to myself “Why is it so cold over here? There is no power. Air conditioner is not working but still it’s cold as if the temperature has gone down below 14 degrees.”

That’s because I am here… A reply came…

“Who is that??” I asked to myself again... Did anyone speak to me? Or is it my thinking?

Once again the strange voice spoke “Whenever I go to some place, the place becomes cold. Don’t you remember you just studied few minutes back?”

What the hell?!!! Who’s that? Then suddenly Donald Tyson’s lines struck me.

“Ghost appears in places where the light is poor, when the air is still and quiet. And things turn cold when the ghosts are near you”

Oh my god!!! Is this a ghost? Did I hear it really? (Or) Are they just hallucinations? While thinking about this once again the strange voice spoke…

“I think you were just wondering about the existence of ghost and asked to yourself about why you haven’t seen ghost so far? “

Now I understood these are not just hallucinations. I could hear the strange broken voice. I started trembling not out of cold, but out of fear. I never dared to open my mouth again. But still it was difficult to understand… where they real or not? Am I getting psychologically affected?

With great difficulty and out of great fear I spoke with my trembling voice “Who are you? How do you know about all these? Why are you here?”

The voice replied “I am here because you wanted to see me and know about my existence...”

I had no answer.

Me: Where are you from?

Ghost: I am from a different world and I do not belong here. Both our worlds overlap with each other and I get to meet humans whenever the separation between two worlds becomes thin.

Me: So…Are you going to harm me? Or Kill me?

Ghost: I am not harmful to human beings until I want to harm them.

Me: Is it true that you can move through walls? How come it is possible?

Ghost: Yes. I can move through walls. According to me your world is just a 3d image. So I can move through anything.

Me: So does that mean you cannot touch objects?

Ghost: There are some exceptions. Some ghost can appear like real humans with bones and flesh. And some can touch objects and haunt humans too. If ghosts want to haunt someone we can be as distracting and threatening.

So don’t ever question the presence of our world in future.

Suddenly the cold I felt was gone. Everything became normal.

I shouted and screamed out of fear..

I woke up from my bed screaming.

My mom and dad heard my scream. I guess my neighbours too.

My mom hurried towards my bed and asked what happened dear?

I replied it was just a bad dream. That night I never slept again as these stories were haunting me again and again. I promised to myself that I should not read such things in future and started spending time with my play station.

But the promise didn't last long….

Last week…..

I was standing at a bus stop where  two ladies were conversing. I guess the son of one of the ladies died and the reason of the death was quite weird. She was explaining the whole story to the other lady. It seems her son used to work for a BPO and will return everyday to home around 11:30 pm or 12’o clock midnight. It seems there is a graveyard not far away from their residence. The guy, who usually returns home within 12  never turned up until 1. He was carried home unconscious by some workers at around 1:30 that night. When her mom enquired about this to the workers, one of them replied “He was lying unconscious near the grave yard”.

After this incident happened it seems his behaviour was quite weird and subsequently he hanged himself to death a few days later.

I was shocked and once again the curiosity which was sleeping inside me was awaken. The same night I started searching for haunted places in the world and once again started doing my research.

But still I am not sure about why that guy died and the existence of ghost remains uncertain until I see it or unless it is scientifically proved.


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