A Love story…….


She-My Girl:


spicysaturday It was a very pleasant evening. The pleasant breeze and the sun setting down spreading its last vibrant colours of orange and red over the sky, captivated my heart. But soon I was distracted from this view. I quickly turned back to see what unhinged me.

I witnessed a smile which is worth millions of dollars. My eyes forgot to blink the moment I witnessed her smile.

I witnessed a pair of eyes which penetrated deeply inside me and started caressing me.

It was the eyes and smile of a girl. What could be more appealing and more pleasing than a women’s smile?

I was looking at her with my eyes wide open as if I have seen a beautiful mermaid. But she saw me as if she was seeing an alien.

That is the day...the evening... I fell in love with her... even without knowing I was in love.

I felt like my heart was beating 210 times a minute. I wanted to say Hi, but I felt like my lips were glued and couldn’t speak a word.

Her smile...Her eyes pulled me like an electron attracting a proton. I wanted to see her each and every moment and felt like spending my entire life with her.

Is this so called love? Would everyone feel the same when they fall in love?

Everything was new to me. I felt like a child, who screams to seek the attention of its mother … Without knowing the directions and the way destiny is churning up my path, I started my journey blindly.

For the first time in my life I understood the meaning of the phrase…

Love is blind

Happy Days:

After several pathetic and comic attempts, at-last she started considering me as a human. Soon we liked each other and we were in love.

2 happy and beautiful years passed. These 2 years, I never thought about anything else other than her. But soon things changed. There is a life ahead and I had to prove myself as a responsible person.

I wanted to meet her at the same spot where I met her for the first time. As-usual I was admiring the sun-set and she came, her face full of smile which was much brighter than sun’s rays.

But I was thoroughly struggling between the burden of responsibility and charm of romance. I told her about my work and busy schedule ahead. Her smile faded away instantly. But she clearly understood my situation and replied “I will wait for you.” Saying this she turned and started walking away.

She never asked me how long it will take to complete my work and when I would be back.

Few months passed….

The work in which I was involved was completed and I proved myself. So the time has come for me to get back to my girl. I called her and she planned for a movie the following day. I said ok and cheerfully headed towards my home.

Love Lost:

As soon as I reached my home I got a phone call. It was my boss.

BOSS: Hey… Your project was a great success and I have arranged a meeting with the clients. So make yourselves available.

Me: I had no other option except to say “Ok. Boss…”

I called back to my girl and said “I have one last meeting tomorrow. So let’s postpone our date to day after tomorrow dear. I am very sorry”… I thought she would start scolding me.. But the cute girl replied “No problem honey…I would take another friend of mine tomorrow. But make yourselves available day after at least”.

The official meeting ended quickly to my surprise. So I thought of calling her to the movie. But I had certain group of friends, who always wanted a party after every success. I explained my situation, but it reached deaf ears. As a part of celebration they first took me to a Cinema theatre. Irony was that my girl friend was standing right there ahead of me with her friend.

This is where things started getting worse. She thought I lied to her and never gave a chance to explain. Subsequently what ever happened after took her away from me. There was certain misunderstanding and everything went wrong.

Several months passed in this manner. I called her and pleaded for giving me one last chance to prove everything was wrong and I am still the same as I was before. She nodded.

With a beautiful bouquet and with her favourite chocolate in my hands I was waiting for her. Her face was dull and was shocked to see her in that state. Her face clearly portrayed the feeling of how much she missed me. I hugged her and said I am always yours. Tears found the way out of her eyes. I spent a few hours with her and her face was bright all over again with glowing smile.

It was 9pm. We stood at a corner of a street and it’s time for her to go. I said bye… she nodded. I turned away from her and started walking. I was thinking about how special she was to me and how good the life is with her.

Suddenly I heard a scream. I stood still for a moment and realized it’s her voice. I turned back. There was no one in my vicinity. I hurried back to where I left her.

As soon as I reached the place I saw her a few yards away… After seeing her every part of my body started trembling. I didn’t know what to do. There was no one in the street. It was deserted. I couldn’t utter a word as my lips were glued again. Oh my god… Did I hurry to see her in this condition? Her face was still bright. But they were not covered with smiles anymore. All I could see is the red blood all over her face and body. I reached her without knowing what to do. My trembling hands took her head and she had the glimpse of me for one last time. I could clearly see the tears from her eyes and the tears lost its way over the blood around her face.

I carried her myself crying, trembling and praying to god to give her back to me. All my efforts went in vain, when I realized half way that she is no more. She was still seeing me and the pair of eyes penetrated inside me to bring the tears out of my eyes. I slowly closed her eyes and I lost my love.


Now I am standing at the place where everything started hoping to see her again. The pleasant breeze and the sun setting down spreading its last vibrant colours of orange and red over the sky, captivated my heart. But there is no one to unhinge me now. It was hard for me to realize the fact that she was no more. She stayed in my eyes forever, and we together enjoyed the beauty of sunset through my eyes. According to the world I lost my love. But still her love and she herself remain in my heart forever.

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