Importance of Standby Power



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    hi man..
    hey it was introduction to stand-by power? what are you trying to say? do we need to save that 10% of electricity? also i have my tv plugged in for 24 hrs. Do u mean to say the tv still consumes power? if so how? Is there any stand-by power for ceiling fan? I hope you know about overhead projector what we generally use in colleges. so how about the role of stand-by power in that? "surge-current"---can you through some light on it? you can better add your audio explanation so that it will be self-explanatory for cracks like me....!

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    i never said a ceiling fan consumes standby power. i have shown a list of devices which consume standby power.A TV consumes standby power if it is in power mode.. ie, the power is on,but not in use. U should consider 10% of total energy consumed in a year and it tends to increase each year as the number of electronic products increases. so 10% is a rough estimate.

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    I changed the title to importance of standby power...

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