Its time to VOTE!!!!!


Hurrah.....Its time for me to cast my first vote.

Today(13/5/2009). I woke up in the morning with lot of dreams to cast my vote for the first time in my life.Since i am voting for the first time in my life,I was little bit enthusiastic and excited.Before the day of voting two questions unhinged me.They are:

  • Why should i vote?
  • To which candidate should I vote?

These two bugged me for a week.I started finding a solution myself. so my first question "Why should i Vote?" I found two solutions for this answer.

First reason: India is a democratic country. So its our duty to cast vote and select a good leader.So as a citizen of india its our duty to vote.

Second reason: Someone else may vote with our name.This should not be encouraged.

I found the reasons rather convincing. So i decided to vote.

My next question...To whom should i vote? I dont know anything about politics.I dont know who is better than the others.

So i took my query to my parents.Both of them ended up with two different answers and when i asked the reason for selecting those persons,they gave some reason which was not convincing.So then who else to ask? Its my friends. I asked many.I was left out with different choices and different views of my friends.But still I never found any answer convincing.

Atlast the day arrived.I got up early.Now a bit excited and tensed.I took my voters Id and left to the polling booth with my parents.I was still in a dilemma whether to vote or note.I reached the booth.There was a long queue.The list of candidates was specified and was shocked to see nearly 45 candidates contested.And how to choose who is the best among 45.Without prior knowledge,how am i going to select the right person?So while i was thinking of this one hour went as such.I was near the room in which i have to cast my vote.After few min i reached the place. I was asked some number by the officials.Unfortunately,since this was my first time i dont know the procedure.The official opened a book and started searching for my name.My fathers,Mothers and even my brothers was there in the list.

ALAS... I didnt find mine...Since i was a newly applied one,my name was not present in the list.But i showed my voters ID.But i was not allowed to vote without the name in the list.

I was dissappointed to the core.My dream of voting for the first time remained as  a dream itself.I returned home without voting.And now i have to wait for few more years to vote.

But i hope at that time i will be matured enough to find the solution for my second question. wait continues. 


  • Unknown

    ohh Dont worry.. you ll get tired of voting all your life :)

  • Pankaj Jain

    thats some thought, i must admit .. !!
    and i voted too !! ;)

  • Madman

    i too voted myself, i've also writtena post about da, btw fro whom did u vote hehehehe.

  • Unknown

    Hey my full post..I didn't vote at all..

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