The Prancing Horse


Have u ever heard of this name before?If not can u identify the logo above?

I am referring to Scuderia Ferrari(famously known as prancing horse). So this post is related to formula one.

Those who knew formula one would have surely come across this name..Ferrari.

Ferrari is one of the best teams in the history of formula one.It was Originally founded by Enzo Ferrari in the year 1929.The prancing horse made its debut in F1 during the year1950.But 1950 was not a good year for ferrari as Alfa Romeo dominated formula one.

However Ferrari tasted the sweetness of victory during the 1951 British Grand Prix.But the consistency was lacking in Ferrari.The following years was not so easy for them.

After ten years of hard work,they won their first constructors title in the year 1961.They won thrice in 1970's. In 1980's ferrari saw some great competitions from Mclaren,Williams,Lotus and various other teams.

There was  a tough competition between Alain Prost in ferrari and late Ayrton Senna in Mclaren,during late 1980's and early 1990's.

But It was the year1999,the formula one world saw ferrari at its peak.Seven time formula one world champion Micheal Schumacher joined Ferrari in the year 1996.

Ferrari started its unbeaten run of winning 6 constructors title from the year 1999 to 2004.Micheal Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello were the drivers during this period for ferrari.

But life is a combination of both victories and failures.2005 season was dreadful for ferrari.Fernando Alonso and his Renault team showed a great improvement and the ferrari's dream of seventh consecutive title ended.

Schumacher announced his retirement at the end of disastrous 2006 season,When alonso claimed his second world title.Everyone thought the winning run of ferrari has come to an end.

In 2007 kimi raikkonen replaced Schumacher.Kimi Raikkonen and Felipe massa redeemed ferrari after poor runs in 2005 and 2006 seasons.Ferrari once again emerged champions in both 2007 and 2008 seasons.Kimi won the drivers title in the year 2007.

Ferrari holds great records in formula one which no one would have ever imagined.

They have won the most number of constructors title:16 times. And taking Drivers title:15 times.Altogether they have won 781races.

But rule changes in F1 have always bothered ferrari.The rule changes after 2004 season brought the worst out of ferrari and schumacher.They suffered a lot of reliability issues. And again the rule changes in 2009 dropped ferrari at the bottom of championship table.

But the current situation seems bit complicated for the ferraris...Politics in formula one is at its peak.

Recession!!! Formula one, being one of the costliest sport,no wonder it is affected by recession.Honda one of the giants in car manufacturers anounced their retirement from F1 after 2008 season.

So Formula one president implemented a budget cap for the upcoming 2010 season.A budget cap of about 40 million is about to be introduced.

But ferraris are against this.Being a number one team,ferrari denies to accept the budget cap and they raised a issue in court against this rule.

And ferrari sporting director stephen Domicelli reported ferrari might quit f1,if budget cap is implemented.

So,Is there a future for ferrari in formula one?Having the most number of fans around world, if ferrari quits at this stage its a big loss for formula one administration.

Being a great fan of ferrari,I wouldn't want that to happen. Without the prancing horse Formula one would be compared to a car without fuel in it.  

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