Celebrating Independence!!!!


Hey Guys…

This is the first Independence day I celebrate with my blog and Bloggers..Right from the age of 5 my way of celebrating Independence had been changing and it differs a lot at different stages of life.

From the Age of 5-10..I used to go to school only for the purpose of getting chocolates which were provided at the end of Independence day celebrations in school.

From 10-12 I participated in various dramas,programmes and speech..Those days were real fun as I used to forget many dialogues..But I will manage by speaking my own dialogues which will make the crowd to laugh. And behind the screens I was given punishments for such a behaviour on stage.

But the next stage was a little bit different and fascinating one. At the Age of 13-15 I participated in NCC.I felt really proud to wear the NCC uniform.Mainly because it looked different with all those badges. And since I was the Corporal of my NCC unit I had lots of responsibilities during the Independence day like gathering troops..arranging them in a neat and regular manner. It feels really good when you are commanding others.

At 15 and 16 I was the member of school RSP troop..which was nothing but voluntary services.another similar one like NCC. Those years were great ones too.

But after entering college there was nothing much to celebrate since there were no functions.No NCC or RSP in my college and not even a chocolate to share. So during the college my way of celebration completely changed.I used to pin up the flag over my shirt every year to show everyone that I am proud to be an Indian.But  my focus were really upon watching new movies that are releasing on Independence day. My friends would book tickets and we had some few funny and good hours during those days.

Now my college days are over.Lucky I got this blog and bloggers to celebrate with this time. And to my surprise there was an award waiting for me today from my fellow blogger MEGHANA.

I surely have to tell about her blog here. Those who haven't visited her blog please do so.By clicking the name above.Her blog features mostly about our culture,tradition,friendship,God,Saris etc..etc…arranged in a neat template and very inviting to read.I am very happy to receive the award from her. 

So there is no fun in celebrating alone…So i want to share this award with my fellow bloggers who deserves this too…So I present this award to the following members..And the winners can put this picture in your blog(as a widget) if you like to do so.


This is the code for the award:

“<a href="http://ballat.blogspot.com/"><img alt="Beautiful Blogger Award" style="border: 0" src="http://i598.photobucket.com/albums/tt68/shankar13288/Beautiful-Blogger-Award1.jpg" height="200" width="200"/></a>”


Bharathi – Best political Blogger..For his beautiful views on political grounds



Shilpaa – The analyst.. For her superb and mind blowing analysis on various topics..



Venky- My Top commenter.. This guy has a great passion for commenting.He likes commenting more than writing a post for his own blog.



Ashwini- Die hard Potter fan. Check out her blog..You can find some great post about potter in her blog.I was much impressed to see such a lot of information about harry potter in her blog.



IP- The great pundit of India.. I give this award to him for his latest post about India.



Vipul- The reflector .. For his great reflections and reviews about various topics.



Pawan-The poet.. His poems were always a nightmare for me….



Sugandha- Creative Blogger…. She is indeed very creative..



Shruthi- Do you ever want to know what is a fiction(55 fiction)??? visit her blog….



Nandhini-  Curious Blogger….From Dubai…I was much impressed with her “A booby trap of sorts” post…very funny one….



Pranksy Gang- Fantasy Blogger…. She can be called my fantasy mate. we share same taste in the world of fantasy. A lots of eye candy pictures in her blog.. And her “recent crush” picture gets updated all the time…



And Happy Independence Day to everyone around here…..Celebrate with Beautiful Blogger Award.


Image Courtesy: http://nonzie.com/


And there is something more which I did for the world on this nice occasion(As an Indian)…I got a mail from Bright Planet and there was a attachment…its shown below…


Bright Planet


  • Sugandha Gupta

    Thanks so much for the award shankar :)
    I am honoured...
    happy Indi day !!!
    jai Jawaan, Jai kisan hehe :)

  • Unknown

    Wishing u the same sugandha....

    arey...Mujhe hindi thoda hi maalum hai.. so if u want to tell anything tell in english...so that i too can laugh...

  • pawan

    Thanks for the appreciation man! If my poems were frightening, here I come with my stories!

    Happy Independence day in advance!

    I too will surely present awards on my 50th post!

    That's only fifteen more to go !


  • Sugandha Gupta

    : Shankar : hehe arey ... thts an old saying by Lal Bahadur Shastri for India
    it says : Hail Soldier, Hail farmer!!!

  • Sugandha Gupta

    n i wana put this honourable award on my blog ... hw to do tht ??? :-o

  • Unknown

    @pawan: i called it nightmare because I takes a long time for me to read the poems and I always open a online dictionary nearby.... So i called it a nightmare buddy...

    @sugandha: oops..I dont know that saying....nice one....thanks for saying that...

  • Unknown

    @sugandha: I will soon give you a code for that...by tomorrow probably.....

  • Sugandha Gupta

    oh oki ... I didnt know tht ... thanksy :)

  • Shruti

    oye shankz...
    am sorry for scolding you in messages!!
    thank you for the honourable award!!
    i feel very elated!!
    mine is a 55fiction blog huh?!!
    hehehe :D
    thanks da!!
    but hw 2 put that award in my blog?!
    copy paste?!

    keep smiling

  • Unknown

    I will give u code by tomorrow..I hope so...U just add the code...

  • Shruti

    how could you think and write like this?!
    am completely impressed!

  • Unknown

    @shruthi: excuse me... this is so simple.... not a big thing...I don't know whats so much good in this to get impressed......

    And u dont have to think for writing these.... its not a 55 fiction or a poem... I dont know either of them...

  • Shilpa Garg

    Thank youu Shankar. It feels good. :)
    And wishing you the very best!!
    Happy Independence Day!!
    Jai Hind!!

  • Indian Pundit

    Hey Shankar.......

    Thank you VERY MUCH...........

    Happy Independence Day to you and your family.

    Cheers man!!!!

  • Amit Kumar Singh

    Happy Independence day :)
    wow!!, what a gr8 way to celebrate independence day..

  • Have a happy Independence Day!Have a great weekend.

  • Vipul Grover

    hey, happy independence day 2 u too buddy.. thnx 4 d award.. will put it up straightaway:)

  • Indian Pundit

    Hi Shankar

    Thanks again for this award.
    You wrote:

    """""PROUD TO SAY “MY BLOG FIGHTS CLIMATE CHANGE”…Thanks to Brighter Planet…"""""



  • hey Thanks a lot!!!! for the award :) That's really sweet of you! Happy Independence day to you as well.. Yeah reminds me of my school days when we would go for flag hoisting.. I liked Republic Day better because of the parade on TV :)

  • Meghana

    Thanks Shankar for so appreciative words about me.

    Wish u a very happy Independence Day!

  • Unknown

    @IP: hi..Ip...thanks a lot buddy...

    @amith:thanks..same to u dude..

    @gigi: hi..nice to see ur comments in my blog..thanks a lot..

  • Unknown

    @vipul:thanks vipul.....

    @evanescent thoughts: the parade reminds of my days in NCC.I should have participated in one of the republic day parade...but missed due to my tenth board exams...

    @meghana:thanks a lot..wishing u the same...

  • IndianPundit

    Hi Shankar


    Check it out.


  • Naina

    what a nice way to celebrate Independence Day..

  • Unknown

    @rane:thanks a lot..welcome to my blog..visit often...

  • Prashansa

    You should get the "most honest post" award for this post :-)
    A Very happy Independance Day!

  • Unknown

    @pra:thanks a lot pra... my friend subhayan already game me that award...

  • Raji U

    hey shankar, cool blog. I loved it just by the site of it. I love ur post too. I've also started it as a hobby and has become passion. I just cannot stay away from my blog even for a few days. Do come and visit mine too.. C ya.

    Ps: I write @ http://attitudethatneverfails.wordpress.com/

  • Unknown

    @lakshmi: hi..welcome to my blog...I am glad that u liked it... Yup..I will visit urs... stay in touch...

  • Madman

    Well said man i was also part of RSP and thank you so much for the award.

  • Bharathi

    I was out on a short holiday and am back now. Thanks a lot for your wonderful award. This is my first from fellow blogger. Will post it straight away.

    And congrats on your fighting climate change certificate

  • Unknown

    @bharathi: welcome back... i was wondering why u have not posted any comment.... and welcome back....

    thanks bahrathi...

  • Swetha

    Hey mate!! Happy independence day!! Thanks a lot for the award! you have delighted my evening and my weekend!! thats very sweet of you!! Thanks a million:)
    sorry for responding late.. had some project and roaming work !

  • Unknown

    @pranksy: no problem.... thanks a lot.... I know about engg..colleges...after all i am also from one of those......

  • My first time here.. nice blogging!!
    Independence day wishes [:)]

    Added yours in my blog roll. keep visiting :)

  • Unknown

    hi....roopini..thanks.... keep visiting.....

  • Indian Pundit

    Hi Shankar

    You have been awarded.

    Just check my blog and COLLECT THE AWARD.

    You deserve it.

    Cheers man.

  • Shruti

    hey shankz,
    check out my blog!
    you have been tagged..

    keep smiling

  • Swetha

    hey mate! i cant get the award picture.. its removed it seems.. just gimme a link yar !!

  • Unknown

    @ip: thanks Ip...

    @shruthi:will check out...

    @pranksy: check out the post...i have provided the code...

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