The Cream and Scum Of Blogging


This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 1, the first edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.

The Idea of Blog-a-ton was originally proposed by Vipul Grover. I am proud that I am part of such a community. Thanks to Vipul and IndiBlogger. Further the topic which I proposed was chosen as the finalised one for Blog-a-ton. A few weeks back, I asked vipul to announce the topic well ahead of the date so that I can prepare myself to write about the topic. The topic was announced a few days back. To be exact I had six full days to prepare and write about this topic. But did I prepare? No…Not at all.

Each day I said to myself there are still six days….five days and kept on counting and suddenly the day arrived. Its August 1st today and I haven't even prepared or written a line about it. Then there was a second thought, ofcourse its the topic which I myself proposed. So should not be a difficult task for me to write about it.But actually its lot difficult than I thought.

So the topic is Cream and scum of Blogging. Its now nearly three months since I started blogging. I am still a kid in the world of Blogosphere. When it comes to blogging there are hell a lot of things to write about…especially about the cream of blogging. blogLetters

First and foremost there has been a great difference in the way I express my thoughts now a days. You can compare my first few post and the posts which I write now a days. I wont say that I am an expert in expressing my thoughts, but the narration level has increased say atleast by one percent.

Most of the my topics are really biased ones. The opinions are single sided. I would have written everything from my point of view. But some topics generate good debates and gives me the overall picture of how to see and analyze things. By the end of the day I could see things differently with different perspectives. And all the credits goes to my readers. A blog cannot be successful without readers and comments. Comments are such an essential thing when it comes to blogging. A little appreciation, a little criticism, the different perspectives of different persons cumulatively gives a whole new picture of the problem or controversy. positives-thumbs-up_id2807701_size250

The next cream is the network,friends and fellow bloggers. When I started blogging there was no one to follow me. No friends and no comments. And blogging was hopeless. Then from Indiblogger I got few good friends and I have to say, they are the best. Most of my topics are not so interesting to read, but still my FB’s says its a nice write up. There comments were really encouraging at every point of time. Getting such a nice set of friends is really great thing. And if you rate my blog with the other blogs in my network I am sure mine will be found right at the bottom of the table.

And further my fellow bloggers say I am one of the honest bloggers around. So always I have to keep up to my name and the small reputation I have. So if you are a blogger you have to work your way upwards and never look back. So day by day blogging improves everything around you..the way you think..the way you express..the way you react…

And lastly I learnt a bit of HTML while editing the looks of my blog. I started liking HTML a lot and so often I spend time in editing the looks of my blog.So blog has helped in learning a lot of things from English to computers.

And I have to say about the tags which really helps in expressing ourselves in few words or a single line.

And there is always a positive and negative for all the things in the world. If you take a magnet, you have a north pole and opposing south pole. Similarly we have both positive and negative for blogging too. Here we call those negatives as scum. scum

The greatest and the worst scum is the addiction to blogging. You get very quickly addicted to it once you get good and encouraging comments.It takes all your time and the worst thing is you wont have a clue that you have wasted so much of time in blogging.So beware of this scum. When I write a new post I spend most of my time nearly two to three hours in it. And you know a few weeks back I spent hell a lot of time in editing the looks of my blog instead of preparing for my interview. And I never knew it took so much time in doing it until I completed my work.

The fellow Blog-a-Tonics who took part in this Blog-a-Ton are Arjuna, Saimanohar, Dhiman, Vipul Grover, Avdi, Daisy Blue, Sid 'Ravan' Kabe, Shilpa Garg, Bharathi, Ranee, Ranee again and Pawan.Click on their respective names to read their posts on The Cream and Scum of Blogging.To be part of the next edition of this online marathon, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.

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  • Vipul Grover

    Buddy, the scum is same 4 all of us! i hate it bt still luv it:)
    nice one shankar, nd yeah 3 cheers for suggesting a nice topic!

  • Bharathi

    The same happened for me. I postponed writing this till the last hour and only now I finished it. Nice compilation though.

  • Unknown

    @bharathi: not as good as yours....

    @pawan: thanks mate..what about urs?

  • Shilpa Garg

    Interesting post!
    You are being modest, when you say that ur narration level has increased by 1 percent!! :)

  • Unknown

    @shilpa: I said it comparitively.. when i started blogging I was zero..and now at least one percent better... anyway thanks for your comments...

  • Roshmi Sinha

    "The greatest and the worst scum is the addiction to blogging. You get very quickly addicted to it once you get good and encouraging comments."

    Well... that is actually the 'best' part of blogging... what... ?!!

    And this 'addiction' is better than any other 'addiction(s)'... what say... ?!!

  • Siddhesh Kabe

    I simply agree about the addiction...but as roshmi says its a safe addiction rite???
    better than putting holes in your own lungs that is...;)

  • Unknown

    yes ofcourse..we can call this as healthy addiction....

  • Unknown

    @sid: ha..ha..yeah ofcourse..a lot safer than holes in your lungs....

  • Dr. Ranee Kaur Banerjee

    I'm new to blogging, Shankar, and yes, I can already see the effects of the addiction! I think my worse nightmare now would be to be in a place where I couldn't be "connected" to my blogs!

    And yes, the sense of community that I'm slowly starting to feel is great.

    I enjoyed your post.


  • IndianPundit

    Hi Shankar

    Great post. i agree with almost every point.

    This "addiction to blogging" thingy is actually very true and very real for me.

    Also reading blogs is a GREAT TIMEPASS and a source of good entertainment.

    Most importantly, blogs provide "FOOD FOR THOUGHT"........

    Cheers and check out my latest post.

  • Unknown

    @ranee: thanks a lot..

    @priyan: thank you dude..wishing you the same...

    @indian pundit: thanks..sure will check out..

  • Saimanohar

    Modest blog and ur narration is good mate..

  • Unknown

    @saimanohar: thanks mate...

  • Dhiman

    Hey man you are three months old and 63 posts old as well....once you cross 50 posts you can't be called a 'kid' anymore.... should you?
    I completely agree with your views regarding the fellow blogger buddy they are amazing... i have recieved some compliments which noone in my life gave me ever...and its pretty much the same story for all i think
    and the 'scum' of addiction Oh boy thats something I can't resist at all...
    anyway thanks for suggesting such an incredible topic....

  • Unknown

    @dhiman: ya..absolutely true..thanks for visiting my blog...

  • Gomathy S

    Good to find you from Blog-A Ton ..
    I just cant agree more.. my writing has improved too..I have spent so much time in re-designing my blog & finally stuck with the current one ! I very well understand what you mean :-)

  • Ajinkya Kale

    Nice Blog man ! Liked the layout and stuff..


  • Unknown

    @daisy blue: thanks a lot...
    @ajinkiya :welcome..thanks a lot man...

  • just 3 months and still so good.. great!! another nice post :)

  • Unknown

    @evanescent thoughts: thanks a lot....

  • Lavanya

    Good write up shankar.. I like your narration, it makes the topics more lively.As you said blogging has become an addiction. But as somebody said its a sweet and safe addiction. Also a good way to put your mind out.

  • Meghana

    Hey I agree Shankar!!!Blogging is an addiction....

  • Unknown

    @lavanya: @meghana: true..

  • Rambler

    Addiction to blogging is really hard to get rid of. But blogging also takes lot of discipline. I have been blogging for a year now, and my posts are beginning to dwindle. So, am really in awe of the people who have been blogging for 2-3 years now.

    Oh, btw its really hard to read comments against the black background...

  • Unknown

    thanks for your comment rambler..just wait for sometime to can see in a lighter background...

  • chandreyee

    wow..have read a few more articles about this..yours is the most honest one..even i am new to blogging and i already find myself wasting so much time for it.really loved your post...would love to follow your blog...:)

  • Unknown

    @chandrayee: thanks a lot....welcome to my blog..

  • I need to check myself out.
    I am spending my entire day in front of laptop...

    great post buddy!!

  • Unknown

    @rsv:ha..ha... getting addicted?? even I am like that...

  • Kevin

    The scum of addiction can actually be good. It is only when we are addicted to something that we can spend a lot of time on it and improve on it. And we get addicted in the first place because we love doing it. And writing a blog is one of the good things to do.

  • Deepika Vasudeva

    agree with the scum thing... it took a lot time of mine too.

    and even i spent hell of a time in designing my place... god now i know what i did!

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