My Name Starts With “S” Tag!!!


I was tagged by Dhiman..My new blog friend…..Thanks dhiman for the tag…This is really interesting one and little difficult one too.Have to think a bit before writing…


Tag Rules: It’s harder than it looks!(Mind It). Copy to your own note, erase my answers, enter yours, and tag your friends. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real… nothing made up! If the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can’t use your name for the boy/girl name question. Have Fun!!

And those of you who have names starting with “S”… should not write the same answer which i wrote…

1. What is your name: Shankar….


2. A four Letter Word: Sure..


3. A boy’s Name: Shiva


4. A girl’s Name: Shivani..


5. An occupation: Service engineer.


6. A colour:  Saffron(present in Indian Flag),Silver,Sea green


7. Something you wear: Shorts (This one was pretty easy….. lucky my name starts with ‘s’…)


8. A food: Schezwan noodles,Schezwan fried rice etc..etc…


9. Something found in the bathroom: Soap


10. A place: Seattle…


11. A reason for being late: Stuck in traffic jam..


12. Something you shout: Shit…!!


13. A movie title: Sleepless in Seattle.


14. Something you drink: Soda…(actually  hate this one..)


15. A musical group: Spirit


16. An animal: Sheep


17. A Street name: Shenoy street


18. A type of car: Scuderia Ferrari(Yey!!!!…My Favourite)


19. A song title: Show me the meaning of being lonely(Back street Boys)


20. A verb: Start..


I am tagging Bharathi,Shruthi,Shilpaa,Maya,Pra,Sugandha,vipul,venky,pranksy,pawan,Priyan,Ip,Avada Kedavra(I didn't know your name till now..Hope will know ur name from this tag),nandhini and all my friends and visitors of my blog….whoever like this tag can take up….


I really want to see bharathi’s bharathi make it asap…


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  • pawan

    I'll take up this tag tomorrow and If I don't take it up tomorrow that means I will take it up next week ;)

    The answers you gave for a food with S are hilarious :P

  • Unknown

    thanks pawan..take ur time...

  • Sugandha Gupta

    huh my name start wid S too and u wrote all the interestin ans ... can I cheat plz plz :P

  • Unknown

    No..way..and another 's'already doing hurry.....

  • IndianPundit

    Hi Shankar

    Great one....loved your answers.

    Very tough indeed.


  • Bharathi

    You can see my answers here

  • Vipul Grover

    man i got double tag on this one.. cmpletd it but hey cant rmmbr any song starting with V..

  • Unknown

    @IP: thanks a lot..

    @Bharathi:I will check out..

    @vipul:will surely check out....there are lots of songs in tamil starting with V... why not in hindi or english??

  • Shruti

    Shankz very nice one... i was going mad with this one :P
    >>If we give A its Ashwin or Ashwini
    here S, So shiva or Shivani huh?!! You are funny!

    >>IF they say 'A Color' that means you have to give a single color.. U have written many!! Not fair..

    >>Even i was happy my name is starting with S!!

    >>U are an Indian... Wrote a foreign place?

    >>you have no other word than $***

    >>START??? Start the music :P

    but to be frank, I loved every answer!
    keep smiling!

  • Unknown

    whats so funny about name..i wanted things to be similar..and i dont write it because i have to... I will write it only if i feel like..ok...

    ha..ha..i specified so many that others would go out of option... just to make u,shilpa and sugandha to think a bit...

    Is there any condition that Indian should not write a foreign place?

    whats wrong in shit.... if it is F then i would say F***...these are so common now a days...

    start is a verb... thats it.... may be start the bike for me..

  • Dhiman

    Very nicely done and also you get the benefit of being early bird as you see too many "S" names later the harder :)

    Very Good :D

  • Swetha

    Hey mate .. your answers are super cool.. even my name starts with "s". i think i cant give your answers.. i will work on this pretty soon .. thanks for the tag!

  • Shilpa Garg

    WoW! Atlast I get tagged too! Thank you Shankar (and Dhiman too)!!
    Will take it up surely!
    And you have some cool answers with 'S'!

  • hey this is a cute one.. btw my name is Ashwini :) and that's why I was curious to know why you liked that name earlier :)will do it ASAP

  • Amit Kumar Singh

    interesting post..
    Shiva and sivani , nice names .....
    somehow related to ur name,,,
    Saffron.. patriotic feeling..

    I have also posted my A- Tag
    do visit ..:)

  • Unknown

    @dhiman: the early the better dhiman..thanks for ur comment..

    @pranksy: ur name in S??? whats ur name??I never knew or i might have forgotten..

    @shilpa:waiting for ur answers..remember shilpa..myslef and shruthi have done this ur answers have to be unique..

    @ashwini: hey..ur name ashwini?? what a coincidence..I like the name very much..dont know why...I am attracted to some names such as shruthi,ashwini,shivani etc.. etc...may be these names are cute....

    @amith:will check out amith..thanks for visitng my blog..

  • Unknown

    We Share No 18 in common!!! Scuderia!!!!!!! Sad dat the champ has called off his return!!!!

  • Unknown

    @sumeeth: yes sumeeth...very sad about it.....I expected a lot.....everything spoiled..

  • yayyy.. nice.. somebody likes my name (other than me) :D

  • Unknown

    I have completed this tag just now! Please visit...

  • Hey!! Nice answers. Well written :)

    -> Shiva and shivani
    ->haha.. the food you listed there
    ->being very patriotic!
    -> the rest was pretty easy :)

    I have posted the R tag :) check it out!!

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