My Life In Numbers!!!


I am Back after a small break.. Thanks to shilpa and Bharathi who reminded me that I haven't blogged for a week.And I welcome one of my friends to the world of blogosphere….SHRUTHI…..

So here is a tag from Shilpaa…..
If Life could be defined in numbers, this is what my life (some aspects of it!!) would look like…
Here I go…1-10 and My Life in Numbers!!

This is the position in which I bat for my cricket team.

Two famous sportsman whom I consider as my Ideal match:
Sachin Tendulkar
Michael Schumacher

Three persons without whom life is meaningless….Dad,mom and bro…

Four things to do Before I die:
Watching a Barclays Premier league match at Stamford Bridge             
To drive a Ferrari.
Sky Diving.
Become an expert blogger. 

Five things which are most important for me….

Six sports which I like and love to play:
Formula one
Table Tennis


My favourite number…..can say my lucky number too……

The number of hours I sleep…
The number of hours I used to spend time in college each day…

Nine films which I can see again and again and again…
Independence day
Pursuit of happiness
Saving Private Ryan
Chak de India
Taare zameen par
Rang De Basanti
Indiana Jones
The Godfather

The number of friends in blogosphere
Vipul Grover
Sugandha Gupta
Avada Kedavra

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I am tagging: Avada Kedavra,Venky(manky),Nandhini... hope you three didnt do this tag earlier... 


  • Shruti

    hey shankz..
    an the first one to comment..
    thanks for your warm welcome..
    as usual a great post!!
    simple yet cute!!

    keep smiling!

  • Bharathi

    Thanks for mentioning my name pal. Its very interesting and informative post to learn a little more about you. But do you know? you didnt tag anybody at the end.

  • Unknown

    @bharathi: i think all my friends are tagged and already completed this tag.. so didnt have a clue about whom to tag...

  • IndianPundit

    Hi Shankar

    Thats a great read as usual.
    My thoughts:-

    Point 1....left hander or right???????

    Point 2.....for me it will be Brian Lara and Ronaldo

    Point 3.....Nice family photo. Good to see that u have a brother.....i am not so lucky

    Point 4......i wanna watch an EPL match at either Arsenal or Anfield,Liverpool.

    Point 5.....i too love all that except the I-pod...

    Point 6.....SAME WITH ME!!!

    Point favourite number is 4.

    Point 8...i dont sleep that much.....i sleep abt 6 hours/day.

    Point 9...great list of movies..

    Point 10...thats a great list of bloggers....i read a few of them...

    Overall......a great post....waiting for your next tag...


  • Unknown

    @ip: thanks a lot.. I am right... but can play well in both u know....basically right..but due to my interest and seeing dada's(ganguly) game i started practicing left and now i can play equally well in both hands...

  • Dhiman

    Point 2. Schumacher is back !

    Point 4. You are already on the way to become an expert & popular blogger (7 comments within an hour of publishing !!!) rest of the dreams also would be fulfilled .... you have written them down go over them everyday once (Free Gyan !!! Robin Sharma effect!)

    Nicely done overall ....

  • Unknown

    @dhiman: its great to hear.... thanks a lot....

  • Madman

    nice tag da really enjoyed. I was wondering y this guy hasn't blogged fro long, ah here u are i am happy

  • Sugandha Gupta

    @ Shankar : ahha .. super cool tag :)
    and unno The Pursuit of happiness and crash are my favourite too ... I can watch these again n again ... :)
    great tag loved it :)
    hppy blogging :)

  • Unknown

    @whyso serious: thanks..a. lot..those are really good oscar winning movies...its no doubt that everyone like those movies..

  • Swetha

    Hey i love this tag.. Its so cool and you have done it well.. the pictures are coool..

  • Amit Kumar Singh

    nice post..
    really I caught a glimpse of your life through
    these numbers..:)

  • Unknown

    @pranksy: thanks..if u like u can also take up the tag....

    amit: welcome..thanks a lot....

  • Shilpa Garg

    WoW! A wonderful story of your life in numbers!! Liked it!! :)

  • pRiYaN...!

    you have numbered ur life !

  • beautifully done.. I will complete it ASAP.. even shilpa tagged me for this.. I am not able to find something for 9 and 10 :(

  • hey I completed the number tag :) It was damn fun.. loved it.. but yeah it was little tough.. check my website.. will complete the other tag soon...

  • Unknown

    It is simple and cool tag! I like Sachin as well.I like almost all the movies you mentioned..
    I have also done this tag at

  • Unknown

    @evanescent:ya..pretty tough one...thanks for taking my tag...

    @pra: thanks welcome to my blog...keep visiting..

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