Teaching a service or a profession?


I wonder whether teaching is a service or just a profession to earn money....
For me everyday starts with hot coffee and Newspapers.I usually read The Hindu and Times of India.Last week I was shocked to see a news.... Guess what? Its a 17 year old girl in her XII standard died in school due to severe asthma attack.
Staff reports say that the student suffered an asthma attack while she was attending a class.The school authorities delayed in taking the girl to the hospital. And the medical facilities in the school were not adequate to give first aid.
Acoording to the sources,When the girl complained of her breathlessness,the school authorities instead of calling for an ambulance,instead called to her parents and waited for them to come.When they arrived she was taken to hospital and she was reported dead. Parents claim that why the school authorities waited until a car arrived from her house.
This happened last tuesday.
Then again this week one boy drowned in swimming pool and died.Once again lack of good coach and various facilities were the primary reasons.It took place in chennai and the coach was arrested.
And today I was really shocked to see a 10 year old girl died in school due to severe punishment.This took place somewhere near calcutta.
According to sources, The teacher punished the girl with duster for making a mistake in her bengali lessons.The girl vomited four times and when taken to hospital,she was found dead.
Three children dead in two weeks time.This is due to negligence of teachers,coach and lack of facilities. I wonder whether teachers work only for money and income, neglecting childs safety and future. 
I personally feel schools are no more a safe place for childrens. Everyone used to say Mother,Father,Guru,God(MATHA PITHA GURU DEIVAM).Does the teachers still hold a place ahead of god?Are they still eligible for the position ahead of god? I dont think so.....


  • sriram balasubramanian

    wow...shankar...a splendid write-up.....no flaws to my eyes.....
    "nobody is perfect, and instead of being nobody, lets be somebody who educates the teachers itself"... why can't we take up a project of making a video on children and teacher relationship?

  • Unknown

    We can....I prefer team work...a team of 3 to 4 persons can be formed and lets do it..

  • i must say a very well written piece of work.i am truly shocked to learn this has actually happend at the hands of teachers which parents trusts thier children with,and why isnt more doneby the education department to train the teachers,so this does not keep happening.i myself work as a teacher,here in uk,and we here are given full training for these situations..this would never happen here..niether should it happen anywhere else in the world.

  • Lavanya

    Good article Shankar. Teaching today has become more of a profession for money rather than a service. Also i think there is very less formalities in appointing a teacher in india. Recently i was shocked with this news on HT. A daycare teacher murdered her own mother. I definitely doubt that she would be good and caring to the kids under her care.
    Aisha incidents do happen in any school irrespective of whether its in UK or USA or india. There was a recent incident in illinois in a daycare, the care taker got annoyed with a toddler and struck the child to the ground and the tot died.

    There should be more care taken towards appointment of teachers. Because they have a very important role in a child's life. Its they who make their personality. Thats why they are in the same level as mother, father and god.

  • Unknown

    hey aisha is a teacher..she told in uk they are very strict in appointment of teachers..

  • Lavanya

    Yes i agree she is a teacher and also they may be very strict in appointing teachers in UK. All i meant to say was such incidents do happen in those countries as well. Wherever it might happen, its for us to condemn such a behaviour.

  • Unknown

    We can only condemn those actions..But can we bring back those life's???

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