How To add .gif Or animation to your posts?


Have you ever tried to attach a .gif image to your posts. I just did that today.I created one animation today working for hours and when i tried to share it in my blog,I ended up disappointed. My animation just remained as an ordinary picture. So then i found out how to add your animation to your posts. I think it might be helpful to my friends, who are interested in sharing a animation with the world. So follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Create your own animation.

Step 2: Since you cannot directly add an animation to your posts, u have to upload your animation in any of free web hosting domains. for

Step 3: Now register for free in photobucket and upload your animation.

Step 4: As soon as you uploaded your animation, goto ur album and when u hover your mouse over the uploaded animation you can see a box as shown in fig. below

step 5: Can u see a HTML Code text box? copy the contents of the box and paste it in ur posts. Do remember to paste in Edit html mode and not in compose mode. U can then return to compose mode and have a preview of your animation.

Hope this helps you. If u have any queries please write to me in comments.


  • SV

    Thank you for the tips. I hope to try animating a post. Do you recommend any good sites where one can pick the animation?

  • Unknown

    @sv:search google for animations SV... I think you can get an idea.. So far in my site I did those simple animations using frames myself..

  • resturchemistry

    though I paste the html code to html edit and the compose frame displays gif correctly, it stills displays as a photo not animation. where seems to be a problem?

  • Unknown

    @rest my chemistry: did u paste the direct link given in the image hosting site?? make sure you have saved the file in .gif... and paste the link should work...

  • Gif Animator Software

    @SV, you could try WeGif ( Easy as pie. You can check their sample gif animated images there.

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