Its time to vote!!!! Now In Nxg(may21/2009)


Do u remember my post titled "Its Time to vote!!!!!" ? That topic was my first official post. I started writing blogs exactly a week ago (i.e) from 13 may 2009.Nxg is one of the supplementary Of the daily newspaper" THE HINDU". Last Thursday I saw few articles in Nxg. They were really good.Articles were published in the penultimate page of the supplementary with title MY SPACE.But it was specified only best three articles would be selected and rest will be displayed in website.Seeing the level of some writers I thought my article would not stand a chance to get into papers.

But i decided to post my first ever article i wrote in my life time. I did it too. I never told anyone about this. Today morning i got up from bed and took Nxg. But was disappointed at first because I didn't see the title "ITS TIME TO VOTE" anywhere in the page. But suddenly, I noticed my name at the bottom of one article with my college name. Actually the title was modified by the EDITOR of the page.

When my father saw my article, He was really happy and soon i started getting both appreciations and criticism from neighbors,friends etc....Actually i had my Final year exams today,But i totally forgot about that.Instead my mind started thinking about what made me to write such an article and post it to"The Hindu".

First is my brother sriram. He actually insisted me to do something useful,which ended up in starting my blog, Which in turn helped me in writing the post. So indirectly with or without his knowledge he is one of the reasons.

Second is one monthly magazine: "THE FROZEN THOUGHTS". This magazine boosted my self confidence and the articles in the magazine was awe inspiring. Especially the Unposted letter of the April edition.

Thanks To Nxg for posting my article.It serves as a huge encouragement and kindles the flame within me to write more articles.


  • Unknown

    hey man...
    u should not have quoted me as a reason...cos i just gave an idea.. but your efforts are to be appreciated..."frozen thoughts" as you say, even i introduced the book to you(to my knowledge)..he he he... but you are the one who read it before me.. so credit goes to now i want you to break open all barriers and get into electrical stream..never late..make your fundas clear....get the self-confidence...make out few good videos...
    all the best...
    lets join hands and do the best...!

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