Catalans-The Champs Of Europe!!!!!


Barcelona proved to world that they are the best in Europe by winning the Champions League final against Manchester Untied on 27th of may 2009.

Pep Guardiola's side won by a 2-0 margin,shattering the dreams of Manchester United from achieving quintuple trophy's this year.

The Olympic Stadium in Rome saw some electrifying atmosphere with huge number of fans supporting two greatest European teams of all time(Fc Barcelona and Manchester United).Manchester United was impressive through out the year and they were almost considered as unbeatable under Sir Alex Fergusen's management. On the other hand Fc Barcelona under Pep Guardiola's management was the only team to match Manchester united.Sir Alex Fergusen would become the greatest manager of all time if his side wins this game(having already won four trophy's this season). On thee other side Pep will become the youngest manager to win the champions league if his side wins the game.With both side having some great players in line up,there is no wonder it is called the greatest games of all time.

Huge crowd turned from Old Trafford dressed in red to support their men(Manchester United).
The match started with great expectation. Cristiano Ronaldo's Aggression met the tactical Messi for the first time.

Both the team were equally good until the first nine minutes of play.However It was Samuel Eto'o of Barcelona, who got the better of Manu's defense and made a strike which went past Edwin Van der sar to score the first goal of the game in the tenth Minute. The whole stadium went silent and some barcelona fans started shouting.Soon all Barcelona flags In blue and red started flying. Manchester united in white were disappointed. Manu's defence failed miserably. The combined efforts of Iniesta,Xavi,Henry,Messi and eto'o held manchester united midfield and striker's from scoring a goal in first half. Christiano Ronaldo was marked superbly by Piquet(barcelonas Defenender).Rooney spent most of his time defending for Manchester United.

Second half started when Anderson was replaced by carlos tevez of manchester united. However barcelonas defence proved too good for the manchester united. But still manchester united hopes were alive,as they can come back into game at any minute by scoring an equalizer. But their hopes shattered when a superb pass from one of the midfielders of barcelona was turned into a header by Lionel Messi which went past Van der sar for the second goal in the 70th minute of the game.And till the end of the game Puyol and his men held tight so that manchester didnt score even one goal.Whislt blew after the added time and shouts from various barcelona fans,players echoed throughout the stadium. Disappointed fergusen and his side had nothing much to do and Manhester united faced their first defeat in champions league in the last two years. Barcelona became the first spanish team to win the champions League.

Messi finished Fifa player of the year in second behind Christiano ronaldo.But in yesterdays game Ronaldos was no were near messi's. Messi outperformed ronaldo in every department of the game.

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    man i don watch football...but played long time before...
    wat i can see here is beautiful pics and cute kid...
    nice colorful pictures...

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