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Hello friends

This post is dedicated to all my friends who have helped me in designing this blog.Also to those who were commenting,appreciating,criticising and keeping track of whatever is happening around in this blog.
I decided to write one post each day and i fulfilled it successfully for the month of June. This is my 30th post for the month of June and of course I am writing it a day earlier.I am not sure what might happen tomorrow. May be i might be busy with a work or else even I might face my end tomorrow(i.e) death. So I have planned to write my 30th post a day earlier.
Everyone must have come around this saying atleast once in
“Friends and Books should be few and good”.
I started blogging with no prior network or followers. Now after a month and half I have 12 followers to my blog and there are few who visit my blog daily and write their views on my post. I was always jealous when I see blogs with huge networks. But now I am not. I have a very small network,but still the network around me is one of the best. I visit everyone’s blog daily and some have been really inspirational,some informative and there are some blogs which are innovative.So here I take the pleasure to notify some great blogs in my network which are really worth reading. I assure you these are some blogs which makes you to visit and read again and again.
Here I have categorized the blog according to their contents.
Best Informative Blog:
Author: Sriram. This blog is the best informative blog. It has various information regarding Astrophysics, Creativity,Illusions,Aerodynamics etc..etc.. If you want to have a nice knowledge in science and facts then this is blog is the best one for you. Further if you want to know about anything in science you can comment and you will be responded shortly(or_ you can find a new post about the topic you have queried.
Best  Tech Blog:
Author: Jaladhi Desai. This is one of the best tech blogs. If you want to know anything about computers,Windows vista,Windows 7. I recommend you this is the best place. I once asked for a little help from a help from this guy regarding designing a favicon for my blog. I wanted to replace my ugly looking orange Blogger Icon into my own style. I just asked this guy to design me with two letters BT. The next day he gave a link to one Icon. I saw and I was surprised it was way better than I imagined. You can look at my gorgeous favicon near the address bar. Only very few offers such helps to members. What is so special about him is, he doesn't know me.I haven't spoken to him before.Just posted a comment in my blog to me and he instantly helped me. In this world no one offers to do even small help to others. But he does it.
Best Blog About Politics:
This section consists of two blogs.
If you are interested in politics and Issues then these are the two blogs that you must spend time with. The blog by shree consists of various categories but I mainly categorized it under politics as most of it contents reflected the politics in India.

Best Personal Blogs:
There are several blogs under this category as each one has its own beauty. In these blogs you cannot find any words,sentences paragraphs etc. What you can see is the Imagination and creativity taking the form of words.

Over Cups Of Coffee           By Psych Babbler

A rose is a rose is a rose     By Shilpaa Garg

The World Of An Engineer   By Srinath

Wrahoolz Wramblingz         By Subhayan Mukherjee

Devils Workshop                By Swetha

So there is a newcomer to my network and to the world of Blogosphere. I welcome Lavanya to the world of blogging. She has been toping my list of commentators for more than a month. She has almost written comments for all my post. And atlast she herself started a blog to express her views. Hope she still write comments to my blog even after starting her own blog.

My Opinion  By Lavanya

I thank everyone for being in my network and I hope everyone will stay in touch forever.

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  • Swetha

    you are a good blogger buddy, because posting an article a day is too tough! you have to have new ideas in every post!! it seems like you have a gr8 passion for your blog just like me!

    And thanks for mentioning my blog in your post!!! its very helpful for me!

  • Unknown

    thnx pranksygang. Actaully I was out of ideas today for a new post. I spent a lot of time in designing my blog..made some changes like menus,added some widgets etc.... i don't know what to write.. so i decided to notify the blogs in my network...

  • Unknown

    Thank you for mentioning my blog. I am happy you liked my dream. Let us hope it becomes a reality sometime soon.
    You have a lively interactive blog and a post a day is a great achievement!

  • Unknown

    @sree: Thanx a lot.. every true Indian would like your dream and it will become reality one day..but the time taken is Indefinite..

  • Swetha

    hey i have tagged you ! have a look !

  • Unknown

    Thanx pranksy for the tag..

  • Lavanya

    i will definitely make sure to comment on your posts. I like them a lot.. your blog is the inspiration for mine..

  • Thanks for that! :) Appreciate the gesture...

  • Unknown

    @lavanya:my blog an inspiration? Just view all other blogs in my network.they are way better than mine.Even I am new to blogging...

  • Unknown

    @psych.. thanks for your appreciation too.

  • Bharathi

    1. I thank you for mentioning my blog.
    2. I am also inspired by this post. Probably its time for me to do one like that.
    3. A post a day seem to be a distant dream for me as I have to struggle for a post a week. At the moment I am determined to write a post on every Friday or Saturday as I get free time then. May be I should make it as two a week. will try.

  • Unknown

    @Bharathi..thanks a lot.. but your contents are too good to be read for whole week..they are so deep... but may be twice a week is a good idea..

  • Bharathi

    You are too generous in your accolades. but I can see lots of far better posts than me in the blogospeare. I want to write a post on Nostalgia for the past two weeks but coudnt find time. Hope I would do this this week.

  • Unknown

    @bharathi: nostalgia is a good topic... I would soon post a topic about that... will surely check yours before I do mine..

  • Shilpa Garg

    This post stumped me, Shankar! The honesty, the simplicity in this post made me think for a while!
    And Thank U for making me a part of this post!
    All the very best to you!! Keep Blogging!

  • Unknown

    @thanks a lot shilpaa... for your comment..

  • Subhayan Mukerjee

    thanks for the referral Shankar ... u're a great guy!!!

  • Unknown

    @subhayan: I have written the truth subhayan.... nothing so great about it..

  • Meghana

    Hey Shankar,


    I must say that you write well.

  • Unknown

    @meghana:Thanks.. meghana... welcome to the world of ballat..stay in touch..

  • prithvi

    It is a nice thing that you appreciate those who helped you. Well written.......

  • Unknown

    @prithvi...Thanks a lot prithvi

  • Unknown

    My main objective of writing this post is everyone in my network might know each other in turn so that the network goes bigger....

  • This is one thing a lot of us dont do very well - acknowledging our fellow bloggers and actively giving them the praise they deserve.

    Kudos for having done an inspiring job at it. Let's hope this sets off an inspiring trend :)

  • Unknown

    @theishu:thanks theishu..

  • Jal Desai

    Thank you for mentioning me in your blog. And I have solved out the problem of the pic in the comments thing. Just search for "16.gif" file in the HTML and u will find a URL. Upload your 75 x 75 image to any photo hosting service like Photobucket and copy its URL. Delete tht URL tht contains "16.gif" and replace it with this one (of the pic u uploaded). Save Template. Enjoy your pic in the comments.

  • Madman

    join me too in your network of followers, i am here.

    "May be i might be busy with a work or else even I might face my end tomorrow(i.e) death"

    Y were so down ur young how can u die so early. Ennada cancer patient madiri pesara.

    I know i being too nosy here, i would say u bring down the number of post. Too much of anything is not good. Give ur dose in small amounts.

  • Unknown

    sure venky..I will bring down..I added you in my blog list..check out... sorry i didnt mention your blog here as we dont know each other at that time... your blog is added in the list...

  • Shruti

    hey you are simply down to earth. Praising others works must feel great! but writing a blog to pat them on the back is something outstanding!
    kudos to you!

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