Hi friends..

These are the five essential things which i use in my day to day life. I named these five things as Hi5..

So the Hi5 includes:

Sony Playstation2

Sony Hdtv

Mobile-Nokia 2600classic


My I-Pod Shuffle

Sony PlayStation 2:

The play station is absolutely the best of all. My play station really helped me during the worst and most difficult part of my life. My play station is almost two years old now. And Play station 2 is getting outdated at the market. I usually play at least ten hours a day during my holidays.  I usually love gaming a lot and many of my friends say I am an expert gamer. I always had that passion for gaming right from the age of 11. Games like NFS Underground,Most Wanted,Cricket 07,Formula one 06,Fifa  09 are my favourites. I used to sit for hours playing and while playing I used to forget the world around me.

I really felt the heat of life during the early 2009 period. I was affected by Hepatitis-A virus and was denied to go to college.My doctor insisted me to remain in house and so my parents never left me out of my house. Further the most unexpected tragedy in my life happened during the same period. My girl friend said she is no more in love with meBroken heart and broke up without any reason.This happened after our two beautiful years of relationship. This further affected me. Now I felt really lonely.I was away from my friends as I was not going to college and no more love. Now there was no one to whom I can share my sorrows. I never wanted to take my mobile as it was her last gift to me. My health was getting worse as I always used to think about her and my present situation. My close friends advised me as usual, “Just concentrate on things which you like the most,so that you might feel better”. So I was just thinking of what can change me? Studies?? books?? not at all. Then It was this play station which came to my rescue. I took my play station bought new games and started playing 24*7. I played and mastered each and every game I used to play during those times. It changed my world completely. I felt like I was reborn and after three months of great struggle,My blood reports showed that I was completely normalSmile. But once again my happy days with play station ended as my semester exams came right ahead….

DSC01068 DSC01065DSC01067 DSC01064

My Bravia HDtv:

A life without television is unimaginable now a days. That too technology has developed to such an extent that televisions are used not only for media. I use Televisions for three purposes.One like every human being for watching sports,news,movies,entertainments,commercials etc. Second is my Samsung 17 inches LCD monitor is replaced by my Bravia. Yes, Of course I use my TV as computer’s monitor.I usually have the habit of watching HD and Blue ray movies. So I connect my whole system to my bravia to watch the Hd movies. I bet even a worst movie with good visuals will be a treat to eyes in Blue ray and HD formats.And the third use is of course my TV is the screen for playing games with my play station.

DSC01241DSC01242 DSC01248DSC01245

Nokia 2600 Classic & I-Pod:

My mobile,just a simple Nokia 2600 classic always keeps me in touch with my friends. I just now very recently passed out from college,So my mobile is very useful to stay in touch with my friends. But now-a-days we have orkut,facebook etc to keep in touch with everyone.But mobile is always Unique.

Listening to A.R.Rehman,Harris Jeyaraj,Eminem,Back street Boys with my I-pod always turns me on. I usually have the habit of travelling long distances in Buses and trains. My I-pod always makes my journey time a very comfortable and soothing one. There are times where I used to travel 15 to 16hrs in Bus. But with my I-pod these 15hrs just looks like 5 hrs of travel. Thanks to apple for such a creation.


My Pc:

Last but not the least. This one really helps me.I would call this an All-Rounder. Let it be Studies,Profession,Social Networking,Entertainment,Blogging,gaming etc. This always keeps me engaged. I am very sad that my most recent hobby (i.e.) Blogging has replaced my Play station. I never play now a days,as I spend most of my time for blogging. Its really sad to see my Play station packed inside a box.



  • Subhayan Mukerjee

    cool .. i dont have a PS, nor an LCD TV ... sigh ...

  • pRiYaN...!

    d ipod looks cool !



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