Magic!!!!! Try this!!!



Pick a card, just one card among the six. Are you done? Just choose one card among the six, I know which card you’ve chosen, don’t believe me? Click here "Reveal The Card".
Is it right..?
Ha Ha Ha.....
Try once again...!!!!!
I can read you any number of times....!!!!!

 Click Here For More!!!!

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  • srinath

    i remember this... i got this email forward long time ago... ;)

  • sm

    good idea i like your pics.

  • Subhayan Mukerjee

    i know the secret dude, u've changed all the cards ...!!!

  • Unknown

    @srinath: ya..da.. i found it very interesting.... took me half an hour to find this happens...
    @subhayan: ur always brilliant dude...
    @sm:thanks Sm...

  • Shankar its really good

    Try to find this Magic secret

  • Unknown

    Thnx anonymous..If its really good... i will add it to my blog...

  • Unknown

    It was really great...Please check the link above posted by anonymous for more magic..

  • Sandeep

    @ Shankar
    Thanks for placing the link.Plz Make the link in HTML so that we can easily go to the site

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