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Have you ever wondered how things have changed in the last one year? There has been a tremendous change in almost everything around us. Let it be economy,let it be sports.. there has been a drastic change.

The pictures shown below are funny examples which portrays the reactions of leading companies in world towards recession.





Now Lets see the change in sports from last year to this year.

1)Last years ICC Champions T20:India

This Year Failed to Qualify for Semi-finals.

2)The Cricket Legends Australia Ranking Number One in ICC last year.

This Year they face continuous Failures. I never felt like they played this years T20Championship. Knocked out in the first round.

3)Pakistan, I never thought this country would ever play International cricket again after Srilankan players were shot at Pakistan. But they are the T20 Champs this year.

Did anyone notice during the match between Pakistan and Srilanka(finals). One of the spectators waved something towards camera. It was written “India Are You Watching This” . It was really hard to believe India back home and Pakistan going for Title.

Formula One:

Lets get into the World of Formula one. Honda which was one of the Giants in car manufacturers,announced their retirement from Formula one Championship.


Lewis Hamilton and McLaren the Champions of 2008 now struggling at the back of the grid trying to get some points and often lap defeated by Jenson Button.

butt_hami_bahr_2009Brawn GP, Ross Brawn bought the last years Honda team. With Mercedes powered Engine They establish themselves as supreme heroes of Formula One this Year.


Ferrari, The best team formula one has ever witnessed struggles like McLaren this year to get some points. But with their experience and Hard Work they are fighting their way ahead.

Felipe Massa- Last Year proved his supremacy and talent.But lost championship by one point. This year struggling in the middle of the Grid.

Kimi Raikkonen- The champion of 2007 and one of the costliest players in whole world.Earns around 130million$ a year. He is a disaster this year.


From Heroes To Zeroes

kimi-raikkonen _felipe-massa-magny-cours mahendra-dhoni ricky_ponting Lewis_Hamilton

From Zeroes To Heroes

jensonbutton re-born-button-praises-new-start-with-brawn-gp-4851_1.jpg

pakistan-cricket-team 104751

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  • Bharathi

    good compilation. very entertaining to read.

  • Shilpa Garg

    Very interesting post! And the logos of the companies are just apt! :D

  • le embrouille blogueur

    Good stuff ... the logo compilation is very interesting ...!!

  • Unknown

    Thanx Blogueur.. The logo compilation is not mine.. Picture courtesy from other sites...

  • Swetha

    ha ha ha:) its a fun post! u are creative :)

  • RM

    First of all thanks for your comments...Well, u r very creative....interesting post..

  • pRiYaN...!

    gr8 post dude !


  • Madman

    I like the pics of that recession whoever did that must have a witty brain.

    Coming to India i always thought they will lose this year, the kinda scene and bulid they gave the flattered to deceive. If ind played in Aus they would have been knocked out too, lucky they got the draw right and played against BAN and IRE

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