Bride Wars


Very recently I was at satyam cinemas,Chennai to watch a nice movie. I usually prefer Tamil movies. But on that day we decided to go for a nice English or Hindi movie for a change. I am actually a fanatic of action and fantasy movie. I never preferred Drama or comedy movies.

One of my friends said Bride wars is a really good movie. This movie got nice reviews and it’s a must watch movie. So we decided to go to  Bride wars.

Bride wars portrays the the story of two best friends who turns enemies when they schedule their wedding on same day. Liv(Kate Hudson) and Emma(Anne Hathaway) are two good friends. The former is a Lawyer and later is a school teacher. Both of them gets engaged in sabride_warsme day and their dream is to get married in Plaza Hotel. They book two different dates,But due to a small mistake from the secretary of  Marion St. Claire their wedding gets scheduled on same day. A revolt breaks between the two, when none of the them agrees to change their date of wedding. As an outcome the two best friends becomes two worst enemies. So,Whether both of them turns friends again? Are they getting married on same date? Is the remaining plot.

The film is categorised under comedy,Romance. But only very few scenes(might be two or three) in the film made me laugh. There was no importance given to romance or love,as both the male counterparts were almost absent for most of the film. They just appear in the scenes to agree and nod their heads to the female leads. There were lengthy scenes with more dialogues than necessary which was very distracting and the two friends always shouts excitedly in each and every scene during the first part of the film was awful.

However there are few plus points too. Kate Hudson did her role really well both in comedy and emotional scene. She was the only plus to the film. And Anna Hathaway, She was looking dull through out the film. She actually got a very serious role in this film when compared to Kate. She looks pretty and cute in every other film,but in Bridal Wars she is a disaster when in looks. She looks as if she had not slept for weeks and I felt like she was crying the whole day before enacting the scenes.

I felt even a cruel war film with lots of blood shed would have been better than the Bride wars.

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My Rating: 6/10


  • 6/10 is quite generous! I haven't seen it because the promos put me off. I hate movies where the women are portrayed as bimbos. IMHO, the promos seemed to show that this was one. Too bad your choice didn't work out though! Better luck with a movie next time.

  • Unknown

    actually what exactly u mean by the term "bimbos" psych?

  • Bimbos = women that have no brains or very little intellect.

  • Unknown

    ya..exactly... both the female leads are portrayed as bimbos..

  • Swetha

    i love both the both the women .. i dunno why they are portrayed so ! i don i lost my interest to watch this movie

  • Unknown

    Its a bad movie.. I love hathaway..But she looks very dull and bad in this film..

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