The word recession is not in their dictionary!!!!


Have you ever wondered about the influence of recession in the department of world sports. I am a great fan of formula one races. I love formula one than any other sport.

A few months back I was discussing about last years Brazilian grand prix with my friend,My friend asked me “Do you think recession would have a major influence on Sports especially formula one?” I replied “I don't think so. The teams running formula one are giants and this is not going to affect them anyway.”

The next day when i saw the newspaper I was shocked, one of the worlds leading car manufacturers Honda quitted formula one due to large expenses. From that instant formula one association has implemented budget cap,cost cutting measures and lot of steps to handle recession.

On the other hand one of the greatest sport proved that the word recession is not in their dictionary. I am talking about the worlds greatest game “SOCCER”. The recent headlines from the community of football proved that they are unaffected by recession.

Day before Yesterday, One of the Spanish teams Real Madrid transferred the veteran Ac Milan player for the record price of 58million Pounds, the worlds best and costliest deal ever made in the history of soccer.

Today, the same Spanish team once again transferred Christiano ronaldo from Manchester United for record price of 80million Pounds. This is the worlds costliest deal ever made.

Could you imagine the worlds two costliest transfers were made during the time of recession?

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  • le embrouille blogueur

    Good post....what about the world of cricket?? Would be curious to know how that made out in the hard times.

  • Unknown

    Cricket and Icc always depends on india..since most of the sponsors are supporting india..From IPl itself u can see that cricket is not affected by recession.

  • sm

    popular sport of a nation will never feel the heat of recession.
    expample is cricket in India.

  • Unknown

    @sm. Then do you mean formula one is not a popular sport?

  • sm

    In India formula one is not popular , other few nations they are popular .

  • Unknown

    @sm... so according to u whatever sport which is famoous in india will never face recession... Those unpopular will face recession????

  • edwin

    You're right. It'snot about recession, it's about business.. To Real madrid, if you want to get a massive revenue, do not hesitate to spend massive payout...Btw, I've just added myself on your google friend connect. If you dont mind, please give a feedback onto my blog. Thanks..

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