Which Is More Cruel… Racism Or Raping?


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Which is More cruel?

From the title itself you can conclude what this post is about. Its about two most cruel things in this world. The two most cruel things which we have to eradicate from this world. When someone asked this question to you.. “Which is more cruel? racism or raping?” I wonder what's going to be the answer.

First lets get on with Racism and Racial Discrimination.

The definition of racial discrimination is contained in Article 1 of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination to which Australia is a party:

"The term "racial discrimination" shall mean any distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference based on race, colour, descent, or national or ethnic origin which has the purpose or effect of nullifying or impairing the recognition, enjoyment or exercise, on an equal footing, of human rights and fundamental freedoms in the political, economic, social, cultural or any other field of public life".

A few days back,may be a few weeks or months,  there were racially motivated attacks on Indian students. It lead to a great protest in both Melbourne and Sydney. The protest attracted attention from Medias all over the world. I felt very proud about our unity in protesting against Injustice and Racism. The whole country joined hands against Racism.

This not only happened to our students in Australia,But even our country’s Cricket players faced the same situation from fellow aussies. But irony is that we Indians were also involved in racism against aussie players.

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But now lets get into a different issue. Now I have a doubt are we eligible enough to fight against the racism in Australia? Do you think foreigners from other countries are safe in India? I feel our fellow Indians do worse things to our foreigners,which is far more cruel than racism(my personal opinion). So let me prove why foreigners are not safe in India.

A few days back, A 18 year old girl from Britain came to India for teaching small kids. She works for an NGO in India. While returning from work,she was offered lift by two fellow Indians(I am ashamed of calling them as Indians). I think this happened in a place called Palampur. The girl unaware of the consequences ahead got into the cab with those two guys.Then the cruel thing happened,She was molested at first and then was later raped(not once) repeatedly.

But I wonder why no attention was given to this issue by both rape_new_313media and our Indian Government. So shall we deduce that according to our Indian Government Racism is cruel than Raping? Or India is not concerned about foreigners safety? Or Indian government thinks this is the revenge for the act of Racism on Indian Students?

So when we are not able to give any safety to peoples from other countries,How can we expect safety for Indians from other countries?  This is not the only incident,various similar incidents have taken place in past and I fear this would continue in future. I really condemn for the above act. The girl from Britain worked for an NGO to help the kids in our country. This is what we give back to her in return.I don't think any punishment or imprisonment would be worth for such an act. I really feel a new law or rule should be enacted against rapist,so that they should never think about rape in future. This is a more serious issue than Racism and it has to be eradicated.

This is a land which abolished Sati,Child marriage,Female Infanticide(to an extent). I firmly believe raping can also be abolished and eradicated from our country.  

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  • Bharathi

    I can read similar views in few other blogs. This is what I call as broad mindedness. Not everyone can accept our own mistakes. good thinking.

  • I'm going to be cynical here and say racism will probably cease before rape. I think that's because of technology, we are able to communicate more with people from different cultures. Inter-racial marriages too will be common in the years to come. However, with respect to rape, while education is important, it is unlikely to end if most men continue to feel that they are entitled to have sex with a woman. In India, no one even talks about rape within a marriage...just because a man is married to a woman doesn't mean he can have sex with her if she doesn't want to. I honestly doubt India will manage to 'abolish' rape --- there still exists plain and simple gender discrimination, discrimination based on region, language, caste....

    As for your comment on the Indian media and government --- it's good to see you can take that view. The media (world over) loves to sensationalise things. And of course, when they are trying to convince the whole of India that Aussies are racist, they can't really point out Indians assaulting people of anglo-saxon backgrounds, can they? Defeats their whole argument of Indians being victimised. Mind you, the media were reporting on Aus without even being here! They have only recently come to Aus and hopefully will talk to people on the other side --- the Indians that don't have the view that 'all Aussies are racist' like the media appears to be portraying.

  • Unknown

    Your views on media are perfectly correct. And I think Rape will abolished from India..but there is no definite time..Even it might take a century..

  • Hehe...yeah, I doubt you or I will ever live long enough see rape abolished :)

  • Unknown

    Who knows what happens tomorrow? When we dont have the ability to decide our own birth and death days, its not possible to decide these things...

  • SV

    You have raised a very pertinent issue. I feel rape is worse than racism. One might be able to get over a racist attack, but rape is something a victim lives with her whole life. There are also instances of homosexual men being raped.

    The rape of any woman, be she Indian or foreigner, rich or poor, should be condemned. Somehow the Shiney Ahuja-maid case has received so much publicity by the media, that the rape of the NGO worker got sidelined.

  • Unknown

    You are correct.the main reason for sidelining the NGO worker case is it would cause a poor name to our government and country.

  • SV

    I do not think it was done delibrately. The media in India is free, it does not do stories based on whether the government or country will get a bad name. The Indian media puts out anti-government articles all the time. I feel it is its preoccupation with celebrities that resulted in undue print space and prime time devoted to the Shiney Ajuja case and the NGO worker case not getting the kind of condemnation it deserved.

  • Unknown

    ya..in one way you are correct..But the latest trend is politicians having their own media to spread their idols. For eg:Kalaignar tv owned by cheif minister of tamil nadu...
    Jaya tv owned by opposition AIADMK.

    Do you know these two channels spend most of the time accusing other party's.Instead of portraying the true news.I feel media is always in the hands of politicians.

  • Ho you wise man tell your govt. to liberalise sex. no one dire to rape then. This generation of Indian are not dire enough to that, may have to wait one more. There is nothing holy about a female body, so long as it is treated as bard.... can't help brother. You ought to pay the price of ignorance that is the rule of nature.

  • Lavanya

    Oh so the solution of not liberalising sex by the government is rape, what a wonderfull suggestion. why dont we put this as a bill in the parliment to discuss..

    Sorry about my sarcasm friends.. but this comment just threw me off.

    Why doesnt anybody understand the agony and pain.. we are human beings not beasts.. so we need to follow some rules of civilization and not go just by rules of nature.

  • Lavanya

    abolition of rape shankar, a good dream.. definitely not happening anytime soon.

  • Unknown

    @lavanya: you are correct lavanya...
    @anonymous: you first try to reveal your name buddy...

  • Madman

    I feel both racism and raping are equally cruel. U cant say racism doesnt exist in India. People from North east are being abused as chinky and that sort, they are also Indians. Still that doesnt mean the whole India is racist or does Australia.

    Read my view on racism in my blog here is it

  • Lavanya

    very true venky about how people one region treat people from other regions in india. we are all indians and never we give a damn to that thought.. i truely mean it after living for seven years in america.. i have seen more division among indian people based on caste and language, than i actually experienced in india..

    Ramachandra Guha in his book India After Gandhi, describes how much divided india is. I was so touched when i read this book. Read this book to understand what our country india is really when it comes to being racially divided.

  • Unknown

    @lavanya: will surely read that book.. and venky is on a mission...

  • Neeraj Shinde

    So when we are not able to give any safety to peoples from other countries,How can we expect safety for Indians from other countries?

    Completely Agreed buddy!

  • Unknown

    @neeraj:welcome buddy..... have seen this face somewhere.. i think indiblogger....thanks a lot for ur comment buddy....keep visiting..

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