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Yesterday I read one of the post titled “Disgruntled” from one of my good friends in this Blogosphere. I was shocked to see my blog being mentioned in the last paragraph. I wondered what for? Was it to appreciate about my blog? or was it to criticize? the answer for both the question is no… then what for? When I continued reading I found that my fellow friend was disappointed as he was not able to comment for my blog and to his another friends blog…

Oh..my god!!! I said to myself… I am working on my comments for past one week.. Did a lot of things.. changed comment forms, changed java scripts, changed templates…

Everything started last week when one of my friends and top commenter of the blog Lavanya raised a issue stating that she is trying to post a comment in my blog..but she couldn't.I thought she might have not submitted the comment and might be her fault as everyone else was posting comments. Then came another complaint… Pawan commented..” Shankar, i commented in your blog..but was not able to see my comment now… Did you delete my comment?”. After hearing this I understood there is some problem with my comment form. While searching for a method to delete the present comment form and to embed a new comment form I found a new,modern “Intense Debate” comment form with various features. But after I installed I found all my earlier comments were deleted. And my blog is left out with zero comments. I apologized to everyone for this. But I thought everything was alright now.

But the next day Lavanya once again mailed me that she cannot see the comment box itself. I enquired about this two other friends..Shilpa and Venky about the issues. Shilpa said she was able to post her comment only after four unsuccessful tries. Ofcourse I realised everyone cannot be as generous and patient as shilpa to wait and comment even after three unsuccessful tries. So,I decided to change my favourite template.It was a good template and my favourite one.Everyone liked the template and it was so welcoming to my visitors.

So I sat back the whole night before the system and searched for few templates whole night. Added java scripts,Images etc..etc..to give a good look to the template.But still menu work is pending.I thought everything was fine and comments started coming slowly once again.I was relieved until yesterday.

I became extremely sad and felt bad when shubhayan expressed about the new word verification problem while commenting. And once again lavanya was the first one to complain about this. So,once again I thought of changing template. But this time little bit lucky to sort out the issue quickly.Just now while writing this post I received a mail from lavanya stating that she was able to comment now. Huh.I was relieved after one week struggle.But still waiting for a positive reply from subhayan

So…If somebody is having a problem in commenting.. How can they convey to me? If they don't know my id,what do they do? this question ran through my mind and I decided to add a feedback form through which everyone can contact me..about the issues of my blog.. You can find the Feedback form in top menu after Home,posts rss and comments rss.. Please feel free to utilise it and state the issues of my blog. It can be a positive or negative feedback.I would try my level best to settle the issue.

And once again I thank shubhayan,lavanya,shilpaa, pawan and venki for mentioning the issues and help me sort out the issues.

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  • Madman

    My frnd had the same problem. I fell it had to do with the option in the comment section of your dasboard in setting. If you have embedded below post i couldnt comment in Firefox but works with google chrome the best may be to change it to the other two options available, it works with all browsers.

  • Unknown

    will try out venky... but i am using firefox only... still I could comment..Still u have that problem while using firefox?

  • Madman

    no still i cant, who cares i use google chrome now

  • Unknown

    k... I will change it to open in a new window..tell if that works properly..

  • Vipul Grover

    hey shankar, i've taken up ur tag in my latest post. do visit.

  • Unknown

    @vipul: sure vipul... thanks for taking my tag..

  • Shilpa Garg

    I think, your blog is looking too cool now. I liked especially the widget at the beginning of the page which flashes your recent posts! But I guess, it stops after some time!
    And you still have some fine tuning to do regarding the blank "Your Link Title"! Take your time!
    Great going though!! :)

  • Unknown

    @shilpa: ya.. I am working on those links now...its a bit lengthy process..

  • pRiYaN...!

    every 1 here were trying 2 post comments :( but in vain...i din know how 2 inform u..anyway i thank frnd who left few lines about that in his blog....now its k ! ur back in inform an we are ready to post comments !


  • Unknown

    @priyan: thats why I placed a feedback form now priyan.. Learnt from mistakes.. so any further issues..dont hesitate to bother me...

  • oh that's bad.. you lost all our comments.. but there is something about your header.. it just displays STOP and after I click it, it changes to START but nothing is getting displayed there :( But I liked your new template.. it's very cool

  • Unknown


    I think you might be using a old browser... which browser are you using..the slider almost supports all the latest browsers..

  • ok.. I am now able to see..I use firefox.. my antivirus sw at office must have blocked it earlier.. nice theme :) loved it

  • Bharathi

    When I tried posting my comment on sunday on your Raj Bhavan post, after it took me to word verification, it didnt show me the 'submit comment' button at all. I tried couple more times with other browsers like firefox and opera and got the same result.
    since I dont have your mail or phone or you dont have a chat box (you can try chat box in your blog. people can use it when comments are not working) I coudnt communicate you. But on monday I used a different trick to post comment. when I used tab several times, it found the 'submit comment' button hidden down under. Since others posted comments then, I thought some thing is wrong from my side.
    Today I dont have to do any gimmicks. its working fine.

  • Unknown

    @evanescent thoughts: thanks a lot..

    @bharathi: thanks for your patience bharathi. I think everything is ok now. Thats why I have attached a feedback form.. I am not interested in shout box widget... but will look out to add one..

  • Subhayan Mukerjee

    hey, i can comment now ... the pop up comment form is the best ... and my pleasure in helping u out ... was outt town so couldn't respond earlier ...

  • Unknown

    @subhayan: no problem shubhayan..glad that you can comment now...

  • Subhayan Mukerjee

    have tagged thee ... respond for thy own sake :)

  • pawan

    I'm happy that u too have embedded a pop up comment box, it is the best and hassle free as I can surf ur blog and comment in ur blog at the same time without opening a new tab.

    And Shankar, as a fellow blogger its my duty to help you out mate!
    Keep posting!

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