Entering Blogosphere Again!!



I am back… I had a hectic trip,but I just found some two or three hours for roaming in Delhi. Let me post about my experience in Delhi tomorrow or day after. It was pretty nice and unique experience. But I didn't find time to roam Delhi and I went to very few places.These were just taken with a 2mpx mobile camera.So you cannot expect much clarity out of it.

Image0009Image0010Image0011Image0012 Image0014Image0015


Image0021Image0022 Image0024


  • Nice pics! welcome back :)

  • Vipul Grover

    welcum back.. real nice pics.
    nd yeah, ur topic got selected for Blog-a-Ton 1, nxt satrday. do visit http://blog-a-ton.blogspot.com/ for details.

  • Madman

    nice photo none the less. what happened to your interview

  • Shilpa Garg

    Welcome back! Hope you had a great time in our national capital!
    Nice Picture post! :)

  • pawan

    The pictures look very clear!
    It looks like you enjoyed a bit!
    How did your interview go on?

    And most importantly, Welcome Back!

    Btw, I have officially entered writing fiction!. Do read my latest post in my blog!

  • Unknown

    @vipul,shilpa,venky,pawan: thanks a lot... Wait for my next post to know what happened to my interview...

    @vipul: will check out blog a ton...

  • kunu

    welcome back :) Blog on :)

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