The Unpleasant Journey


After having a week’s trip to Delhi and a one day trip to Tirupathi, I am here now in home. I thought I could enjoy my days ahead with good food at home(as for now). But things turned bad on Monday eve.First a little headache and then cold and within a hours time I got fever. Within the next few hours I could feel the heat of my body temperature rising above normal.

The irony is that I had a Trip to tirupathi the next day. And having such a temperature and a day in tirupathi is not a joke as huge crowds turn out there and once we are inside temple we cannot come out without visiting lord venkateshwara.

My mother got really scared about my health and my father started advising what not to do.My father was really worried and he asked me not to sleep at late hours.But till now for the past one year I had never slept before 1 am. My father was pouring advises and repeated advises bored me. This situation reminded me of the time when I was in bed affected by Hepatitis-A.

My mom,dear mom asked me whether I can come to tirupathi.. Actually speaking the fact I was not in a situation to go.But I auspiciously believe that saying no to a temple is a big sin.So I said to my mom “everything will be alright tomorrow morning and I will come with you”. feel_sick-700625

We started early morning and my condition didn't improve a bit. I told my parents I was alright.But my mom can judge things on seeing my face.She understood I was not in a condition to come. She insisted me to stay back. But I argued “I feel comfortable being with you than staying alone in these kinds of situations”.

We were at Chennai Central Railway Station at 5:45 am to board Sapthagiri Express.To my sorrow my father reserved seats in Ac. I said to myself, “its just a three hours journey,you can manage”.The first two hours were comfortable one as the coach was not much colder.Suddenly after sometime I started trembling.. I felt like the temperature has gone down below zero. I went outside but was not able to stand for long as I was feeling sick. A very tough one hour.

Then to my sorrow there was a huge crowd and I have no option other than standing in line along with my parents and brother. We joined the queue and after 5 hours we came out seeing the lord. The last train from Tirupathi is at 5:20 and we just came out at 4:30.We have to make our way down to Tirupathi station which involves a 40 min journey. As we came down the hill due to pressure my ears started paining. I felt like some one was trying to make his way out of my ears with a sharp needle in hand. I couldn't tolerate the pain and somehow we caught the train at the last moment.

Once again it was A/c coach and I was trembling for whole three hours. The train was late by half an hour. Then we went to a hotel and I just had a cup of milk and I never felt like eating. We returned back to home at 10:30 in the night.

I used to watch a program called “SACH KA SAAMNA” at 10:30 but my father immediately switched off the television urging me to go to bed. And till now my condition has not improved.. But I think I have recovered by say 10 percent.

And I have a Big cricket tournament ahead this weekend. And I am not sure whether i will recover within that time.. And even if I recover I am not sure whether my parents would allow me to play. And I owe my captain a lot.I cannot stay as such in home saying others to play. I am in a pathetic and tough situation through out the week so far.I think it will change.

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  • Bharathi

    Get well soon. Your narration skills improved a lot. Keep going.

  • Vipul Grover

    hmmm.. evn um down with flu buddy though mch rcvrd by now.. gt well soon 4 ur match!

  • you blog, you play cricket, you watch t.v etc..all these are selfishness...

    your parents are self-less...
    it's not worth saying "sweet mom" or "great dad"...
    keep you fit and follow good habits by sleeping early and getting up a bit early before 8...
    get well soon....

  • Madman

    Dei swine flu va irukkalaan da.
    Aprm one correction "vow" wrong spelling right spelling is owe.
    No news abt Interview yet!

  • Unknown

    @bahrathi: Really??thanks bharathi....

    @vipul:Thanks buddy..I am better now..

    @anonymous: Thanks for those words... But there is no fun if you dont break the rules...

    @psych: Thanks...

    @venky:no swine flu and all.... I never did anything to get swine flu...

  • Madman

    dei shankar i am terribly sorry da 'vow' is the same also the 'owe', both are right and pardon my ignorance

  • Unknown

    awww.. get well soon! Just take rest and sure u're gonna rock the cricky tournament! :)

    I was gonna suggest Swine Flu.. :P but someone already did! :D

  • Unknown

    @venky: no problem dude.... we have to learn things each day...

    @nandhini: hope..its not swine me...

  • Shilpa Garg

    Take care and get well soon! I am sure you'll be hale and hearty for the cricket match!
    Good luck for that too! :)

  • Unknown

    @shilpa: Thanks a lot...

  • pawan

    Get well soon mate and gather enough strength to bowl out the other team with your antics!


  • Lavanya

    Sorry to read that you are sick.. Get well soon..

  • Unknown

    @meghana: lavanya: thanks...I am alright now...

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