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July has been hectic so far. The past six days were really busy days,not allowing me to concentrate on my routine works.Now I am back with some breathing space.
I recently came through series of events which raised a question in my heart, “ Being right and fighting for rights is it wrong in our country?” What I feel is, we unnecessarily compromise for small things which are against law and rights.
Last week I went to one super market to assist my mom in buying some household items. We bought all the items that are necessary and stood in a very long queue for billing. Suddenly a quarrel broke between the man who delivers the bill and the customer. I like such kind of controversies and fights.I went forward eagerly to find what’s the issue about. The customer has bought a 7up can. The M.R.P of the product is around 25 rupees. But the can was charged a sum of Rs.40. The customer asked why you are charging 40rs for a product worth25rs, the answer was clean and simple “Tax sir” the official replied. The customer didn't leave, he once again argued for a product worth 25rs you are charging 15rs as tax..which is almost 60% of the product amount. Customer got tensed and asked “Whom are you cheating? Do you think I am illiterate?” there was no reply to this question from the official. No proper bill was provided in the supermarket and when asked for a proper bill, the customer was denied.There was a huge argument and a whole crowd was waiting behind. I thought everyone would support the customer.But the crowd behind started shouting at the customer stating that he was wasting time. One man from the crowd went ahead to the customer and told if you want you buy here,Else go to another shop and buy. The customer got vexed and dropped his item and went back without buying.b64e838dd6b1
Just think,For one can extra 15 rupees  is charged. Consider a sum of 20 cans is sold one day.so 20*15=300 rupees in one day. 9000 rupees a month and one lakh and eight thousand rupees a year. Where does this money goes? This huge some goes to the owner as black money.This is for one product alone.Think of how many products sold and how much goes into the pockets of the owners.
A similar incident happened while I was leaving to Coimbatore from Chennai CMBT bus stand. A aquafina water bottle was sold at Rs15 instead of 13rs. So two rupees per bottle. If 100 bottles were sold then 200rs per day,6000rs a month and a huge sum of rs72000 a year.no body asks for bill in these shops. Why are we compromising on all such things? Why don’t we fight back for the right. The irony is that even those who fight against these activities are let down by the society without any support.
Another interesting incident happened while I was returning from Coimbatore. I bought a ticket for a state transport Volvo bus. The scheduled departure is at 8:30 pm. But due to unavailability of conductor, the bus was late by around 2 hrs. One of the women who travelled in the same bus stood against this.She asked for the reason for the delay, but was not responded properly. She wrote a complaint letter and threatened to lodge a complaint against the bus driver and conductor. Further the AC in the bus was not functioning properly. But none of the other passengers failed to sign the complaint letter. One man simply said “Complaining now is of no use.. Will the Ac function properly if we complain now? so no use in complaining”.  The passengers couldn't understand the fact that complaining would ensure that such incidents wont happen in future.
Such a poor society. Everything right from small items to big electronic goods or whatever it might be, we seek compromise  in everything. Why are we not fighting back? We seek compromise and neglect as we think those are small mistakes.But we should understand the fact that those small mistakes will cumulatively become a big crime.
Stealing one rupee is not a big crime.But stealing 100 one rupee is ofcourse a big crime.
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  • Subhayan Mukerjee

    ya, we look at just how things affect us at that moment, never think about people who'll be using the services later, and facing the same difficulties ... and LOL regarding 7up can .... which supermarket was this? 40 instead of 25?

  • Unknown

    one in chennai..dude..but still people are buying it...

  • Rambler

    I faced the same price issue over a bottle of water at a restaurant on the highway. Got angry and argued with the shopkeeper. And ultimately left the place without buying the water. But what's the use. That guy must still be cheating his customers!

  • Unknown

    @rambler: Exactly sheba.. that is because everyone compromises. those who compromise let them be cheated... let them pay.

  • Arunk

    Is MRP in India some (say govt) regulated set price? In US, it is MSRP where "S" is suggested. While the actual price would usually be very close or LOWER than that (depending on market dynamics), the point I am making is, it is not like MRP is a fixed price. I think the correct "market response" from the consumer is simply take it elsewhere if it is too much for him/her. His reason of course can be that the price charge is tantamount to cheating, but I am not sure that itself amounts to breaking the law. Those who do not feel the bite or cheated, keep buying. Eventually the shopkeeper arrives at 'i can get by with this price' or "i am shooting myself in the foot".

    Also, while I can see what you are hinting it, I am not following how the 15Rs be black, if the bill says 40Rs? I would only consider income not recorded as black - here all of it is recorded - isn't it?


  • Unknown

    @arun: MRP is maximum retail price... you cannot sell anything in India more than this rate. most of the shops and local supermarkets wont give proper bills here. Many goes unrecorded. only some good supermarkets provide proper bills with their logo's.

  • Madman

    which super market da. Very very filthy words are coming out of my mouth. these suckers always do this.

    Gandhi said " the customer is doing u service by buying from you and not the other way around, without him you wont exist"

    exactly the opposite is happening in india.

    If u see even in theatres a veg-puff costs about Rs 20 outside it cost Rs 6, this happens even in M.A.Chidambaram stadium during cricket matches too.

  • Unknown

    @venky: one in anna nagar da.. During IPL it happens..

  • Bharathi

    I am very happy after reading your mail. Generally everyone blames politician for what ever happens. It takes a thinking person to understand politician comes from people and only the quality of people causes the problem. In whole of my blog I tried to explain this point through various ways. Please find few of my posts which support your line of ideas below.

  • Unknown

    @bharathi:Thanks Bharathi.. I will check out immediately...

  • Meghana

    Really Shankar!Until we become the aware citizen nothing going to change.If every one in India thinks why I should get into this issue of complaining then things would never change.Someone has to be the first!!!!!!!!!

    I feel our govt should have forum on internet where we could file these issues and then govt could take up these issue.

    In Mumbai,there is another problem.Auto Rikshaws refuse to go to many particular destinations.I have waited hours and even requested the rickshwa drivers to drop me,but they say there is no return fare from there..so i don't go there.Is it my fault that return fare is not there??Unluckily!!!All this happens in front of traffic officers.

    I don't know where to take up this issue.......many such things we encounter but again if go to file these issues there are huge lot of formalities involved.Sad!!!!!!!

  • Unknown

    @meghana: oh..Auto rickshaw controversy in mumbai?? here autos demand for return fare..so double the amount meghana..

  • Shilpa Garg

    Its the same state everywhere! But, I guess, we should not be giving in meekly to all these issues, and should definitely file a complaint! Until and unless the wrong doers are taken to task, things will remain status quo. So taking action, even a small one, is definitely mandatory for all!

  • true but I guess it doesnt happen only in India.. here the same product is available at different prices in different shops so no concept of MRP.. atleast it is better in India with the MRP concept in place.. if some people dont read MRP and buy, then it is their fault..

  • Unknown

    @evanescentthoughts: are you sure it happens in every place other than india? i dont think so..

    @gigi:thanks gigi..

    @shilpa: you are perfectly correct..

  • SV

    Good post. Though this is a small thing in the face of the bigger corruption that happens in our country, it is necessary that we oppose it. If more people protest, the shopkeeper will stop charging the extra rupees. Shankar, I find myself totally in agreement with you when you say we must stop compromising on corruption.

  • Unknown

    @sv: only small corruption have a bigger impact sv... As i told before.. stealing one rupee is not a big crime. But stealing 100 one rupees is a bigger crime..

  • pawan

    Shankar did u delete my comment?
    I'm positive, I posted one here!

  • Unknown

    @pawan: no pawan... there is a problem with my comment section.... another user complained the same.. i dont have a clue about it...I am really sorry... could you please repost the comment.. I will try to sort out what the problem is..

  • Unknown

    @pawan: i wont delete comments pawan..let it be appreciation or criticism..I value comments the most...

  • pawan

    Corruption is prevalent in India because only of one reason, ignorance and at times laziness. Every one think for their own selfish reasons, makin India sicker!

    Ur blog post reminds me of Rajinikanth's "Sivaji'!

  • Unknown

    @pawan:ya..shivaji and almost all director shankar films... especially Anniyan..Aparichitudu in telegu

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