The Red Baron Is Here…


What else can be more inviting for a formula1 fan like me?

When I read the newspaper today for a moment I reacted a like a kid on watching a cartoon show. I enjoyed each and every word of the news. And even I kept reading it for four or five times again and again. I was completely clueless of my behaviour towards the news. I jumped in the air like I have won a world cup for India.

The news was that Michael Schumacher the greatest legend of the Formula one world racing is back.After Felipe Massa’s Injury Doctor’s confirmed Massa wont return to racing until next season.

Schumacher who haven't driven a Formula one car since his retirement in 2006 announced today that he will be driving for Ferrari for the remaining races of this season.

The 40 year old has already won Seven world Championships with 91 grandprix wins.He has been one of the Highest paid sportsmen of his days and now he is the highest paid mentor for Ferrari. He is also the member of United nations for drivers safety.

His name can make millions of crowds to assemble in grandstands with the scarlet flags along with the symbol of prancing horse flying everywhere in the air.

Now Michael Schumacher will drive along with Kimi Raikkonen for the rest of the season. He has to undergo rigorous training as driving a formula one car is not a joke or an easy thing to do.

Wow.I am excited to the core and I am waiting for the day to see Schumacher back in track. I am sure huge crowd will turn out to see his race. Even though I am not confident with his driving skills now,I still support him and I am still a hardcore fan of him. What more can we expect from a forty year old??Lets see… Hail Schumi….Hail Ferrari…

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  • pawan

    Schumi rocks!

    Good for you, being a F1 fan!

  • Unknown

    @pawan: yes pawan.. schumi..the red baron.... the time world champion...the legend....the rain master is back.....

  • Shilpa Garg

    Great! So the F1 fan in you is rejoicing! :)

  • Unknown

    @shilpa: the f1 fan in me is crazy and driving me mad...

  • Unknown

    No clue or interest abt F1 - but i was sure excited to see that he was the Stig in Top gear...Must be really exciting for u f1 lovers!

    Cheers! :)

  • Even I am not a F1 fan :D
    But yeah I completed your tag.. check my site

  • Madman

    I watched this news yesterday around 10 am. I was excited too. As you sad he is coming from restirement, his fitness would be dicy and he would be rusty. I dont have high hopes on him i would expect hi to get atleast a point for ferrari, a podium finish looks bleak. Who knows he might do it , after all he is a champiom right, he has fooled us many a time

  • IndianPundit

    Hi Shankar
    The Champ is back.
    Almost like the resurrection of JESUS CHRIST!!!!!

    Great news anyway.

    So what is the meaning of "ballat"????


  • Unknown

    @nandhini: I think you are the person from dubai right??? The first ever formula one race is going to take place at abu dhabi this year... waiting for it to happen in India..

    @evanescent thoughts: thanks..will take a look...

    @venky: But I am sure atleast one race he will make it to podium da... and you know his name would draw huge crowds and huge profits man... Thats the power of his name...

  • Unknown

    @Indian pundit: hi...thanks for visiting my blog..I think this is your first visit..

    Keep visiting..thanks...and the meaning, I have specified it in your blog....

  • Bharathi

    I am also not a keen fan of F1. I am bored to hear the rrrrrrrRRRRRrrrrrrr all the way and nothing dramatic happening. May be because I dont have an informative friend like you to educate me :-)

    But I can see your excitement through out your post. Enjoy.

  • Unknown

    @bharathi: many of my friends who hates f1 are now watching it because of me....they like it now.... But I still dont know the reason for it...

  • IndianPundit

    Hi Shankar

    Alpha inventions is a great site.

    Normally, a person visits other blogs.

    But in Alpha Inventions, BLOGS VISIT YOU!!!!!

    Submissions to the website is free.

    They put your blog in their reading cycle.

    i learnt about this website from Animesh Mukherjee of churn-news.


  • Unknown

    Yup am from Dubai and I do know that We have a F1 thingy happening next year at Abu Dhabi... Maybe it's then my chance to go take a look at it live and get interested! :)...that's how i came ot like Rugby as well! :)

  • Unknown

    @nandhini: a rugby fan....... Is rugby such a good game??? I never liked it....

  • Lavanya

    I share the same feelings with you shankar.. I was so saddened when he left in 2006.. I am just waiting to see Schumi back..

  • Unknown

    I stopped watching F1 after schumi retired.. Now I am goin to start watching it again. I know many ppl have said this b4 and I 1 amongst those.....

  • Unknown

    @sumeeth: schumi is legend...lets see what happens...

    @lavanya: u watch f1??interesting...

  • Lavanya

    why not.. is it because racing is not a girl's thing.. look there is bias against women again here.. :-) dont want to divert the topic here.

    Sumeet you are right. I am one among those too.. I almost stopped watching F-1 after schumi..

  • Unknown

    But lavanya...dreams shattered.... schumi not returning...... i am sad..depressed...etc...etc...

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