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It was morning 9am, I got up from bed asusual thinking that this is going to be another boring day of life.Days are really boring as I passed out of college a few days back. And most cruel thing is I have hectic exams ahead this month. But these exams are a little different. These exams ensure my place in one of the better concerns. No more hanging out with friends. It has been lots of days since I saw my friends. Thinking of all these I hated each day that comes ahead. I thought today was no different until I received a beep from my Google talk. Who was that?

It was none other than lakshmi parkavi. Wonder who’s that lakshmi parkavi? She was the founder of HARDUM web portal(the on which I mentioned a few pages before). The message said “Hey Shankar.. lucky you were online now.. just give me your mobile number?” I gave her my number. Then the next moment I heard the Die another day song… It came from my mobile… I took the call. A female voice spoke hurriedly as if she was speaking after running fast for several hours. The voice said “Shankar this is lakshmi.” and she never allowed me to talk. Lakshmi invited me to join the official launch of her website HARDUM. “she just said be there at 10:15 rajbhavan guindy”. I don't know what to say. It was already 9:25. I have to do my shaving,bathing etc..etc.. Further I didn't have my breakfast yet. There was a great dilemma whether to go or not. I thought of lakshmi who took great pains to arrange this event. So I decided to go.

I reached Raj Bhavan at around 10:20 am sharply. Raj Bhavan is the governors place and painted in white it resembled like a gorgeous palace of those days. I waited for lakshmi to come so that I could go inside with invitation. The security was so tight. Soon I was given the invitation and I made my way into the gorgeous palace. After security checks I was inside a hall by the name “Annapoorna Hall”. Inside the hall I noticed the names of previous governors who took charge along with their working period. I read through all those names and found Shri. Surjith Singh barnala was the governor of Tamil nadu for second time. There were also large pictures laminated in fine frames of the presidents of India. The hall was clean with marble floorings. There were doors made of fine polished woods on both sides of the room. There were enough chairs for both press and visitors. I took my seat at second row. I was the first one to reach the room other than few press members who were checking there cameras and video cams before the function. Soon one man entered the hall. He was dressed up with clean white shirt with striped black court. The face was a familiar one,but I couldn't recognise it perfectly. I was just thinking, I knew this person.I have seen him before. “Who is this? who is this” my mind was keep on chanting. Soon many entered the hall. But still I was thinking of who that person was. I was starring at him thinking who he was.. when he suddenly turned back and said “Hi”. I recognised the voice and suddenly I asked “Is that you? Sharath Babu?” He smiled and replied “yes.. I am” I was excited and nervous to see such a huge personality sitting so close to me as a simple man. If you don't know Sharath Babu.. here is a little piece of info about him.

Sharath Babu is a graduate from the prestigious IIM at Ahmedabad. He was offered upto $185,000 per year as salaries. But he declined all those offers and stood for Indian Politics. He was one of the contestants in the election which was held few months back. He also won the MTV Youth Icon award.

Such a great person was sitting within my reach. I smiled at him and shared a few words with him.Then came another surprise.. A tall,fair,middle aged man in his early fifties entered the place. I could recognise the person very easily as he is one of the famous personalities in India.. We can say even to the world..He was none other than Our Universal Hero.. Dr.Padmashri Kamal Haasan, who entered the room silently. Oh. my god… I felt like I was jinxed, Somebody casted a spell on me. He nodded to everyone in the hall. Then honourable Governor of Tamil Nadu made his way to the hall. Then the function started. The website was successfully launched. I saw lakshmi for a second, who felt happy and contented after her hard work for lots of days.

Everyone completes their graduation.Do their MS in great universities in America,Get a job there and settle in life. But this girl,who in her mid 20’s completed her MBA in United Kingdom and came back to India and launched this site. Now she is running her own concern in Chennai. Such kind of persons always deserves encouragement and support.

I feel only few Indians are job providers,but many are still job seekers. Sharath babu’s last few words were regarding this concept. He told everyone to become job providers and not job seekers.Those golden words ever stay in my memory. I thank lakshmi for inviting me and giving me such a nice opportunity. It was different and a nice experience too. But still I wonder why she invited me for the launch. I had never seen her before today. Just one post on my blog about her website gave me such a big opportunity.

So atlast it was a day which I could say to everyone proudly that I met some great personalities in my life.

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  • pawan

    What happened to all the comments?
    And the news changes in ur blog are perfect!

    Btw, I have posted a new poem in my blog!
    Do go through it if you want to!

  • Unknown

    @pawan... I had some issues with comments pawan.. so i decided to change my favourite template and hope u like this outlook..

  • Bharathi

    The way you described Rajbhavan, floor, photos, chairs and guests proves that your writing skills has increased. You can be a good writer in future. All the best.

  • Unknown

    hey thanks bharathi.. Actually I observed a lot there.. what was happening around me..etc..etc... so i wrote about it... thanks a lot for your comment..

  • Roshmi Sinha

    Great! This will be one of your most memorable experiences... and will remain with you forever...

    P.S. You have been tagged!

    Check out my post: "More tags... One down, 2 more to go!" for further info...

  • Unknown

    @roshmi: ya..indeed a memorable day....

  • Lavanya

    shankar i agree with bharathi. You brought out the description in such a way like everything was happening live. a very good article.

    kamal haasan is my favorite actor. i think he is one of those actors who are very humble even after acquiring great fame.

  • Unknown

    @lavanya: he is not only humble... he always attends every program like this done by youngsters.. he always encourages youngsters to become entrepreneurs.

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