Hey guys

I was out of town last week. So couldn't write much after BLOG-A-TON.

First my hearty wishes and congrats to IP.Great going buddy. I somehow managed to get a single vote this time.This result for me is very similar to the result of BLOG-A-TON 1. Now I think I have to considerably improve my style of writing to get votes in future. And thanks a lot Raji… For voting.


Now there are other reasons to celebrate… 5 awards in the past 4 days. Thanks a lot to all my blogging friends.. When I logged into my blogger account today morning I was surprised to see message from IP.. The pundit has an award for me… It feels great to get an ward from Pundit.. It seems he loves my blog(Don't know whether its true or not..) Thanks a lot IP.



Another Award from IP. I didn't notice this before..Thanks a lot IP..for such good awards…



I share this Blog Buddies award with






Another message from devils workshop clearly depicted that another gem was added to my crown. Thanks a lot Swetha.. for the Honest scrap award.




The third one from Raji. She gave me the Stylish blogger award. I thank you again for the award. She requests me to post often. I will try to do it Raji. I am so lazy now-a-days. I am also writing for another website. Typing throughout a day makes me sick. But i will try my best to keep this blog alive.



The fourth one was a complete surprise. There was no message about this award. When I visited his blog, I saw many awards were presented to everyone. It was really nice to see the various awards given to various persons. But atlast there was one award,which according to him was very apt for my blog. Thanks a lot Bharathi. It feels really good to receive award from fellow Bloggers.




Now I am certified Honest blogger. Actually speaking the fact,I am not such honest. On seeing one of my posts,Some bloggers said I am very honest. To keep up my reputation and maintain the same image, I continued the same.. And ended up as a certified honest blogger. So thanks a lot guys.













The above 5 bloggers are best in their style of writing. Especially I have to specify about pawan. Let it be his psycho series or poems.He is cool and best..


  • Raji U

    Awards showering:) kaluringa ponga... Super ma. Happy for you and I try to write whatever I think at that moment so I get to write 3 on somedays or none on other days!! Lol. You dont have to thank me for the award. You deserved it :)

  • Unknown

    @raji:thanks a lot.... I am honoured...

  • pawan

    I am honored mate!
    It is because of reader's like you I keep going and get better ideas!
    Otherwise my blog is another pile of shit.
    Thanks for the special mention, it really made me feel special for one moment, by far this is the best award I have received!
    I'm out of words to describe my happiness, a small sentence caused this.
    Thanks again man!
    *teary eyed*

  • Swetha

    you deserve those awards mate!

  • Shilpa Garg

    WoW! It's raining awards for you, Shankar!! That's damn cool!!
    Congratulations on all your awards!! :)

    And thanks a ton for the 'Stylish Blogger Award'!! I can't stop beaming!! :D

  • Indian Pundit

    You wrote:
    ""It seems he loves my blog(Don't know whether its true or not..) Thanks a lot IP. ""

    You are right. i love ur blog.

    i gave you TWO AWARDS .

    i think u OVERLOOKED the other award.

    Collect it.

  • Indian Pundit

    The second award is waiting for u.

  • Unknown

    @pawan:thanks a lot... Its because u deserve it...Cheers..

    @swetha:thanks a lot..

    @shilpa:thanks a lot..

    @priyan:thanks buddy..

    @IP: ya..sry..Just now i saw..thanks a lot buddy....

  • Congrats dude!!! getting showered with awards? you deserve them all :) hey we are waiting for your continuation post on the "Costly mistake".. it's been so long.. no posts from your side.. come on blog something!!!!!!!!!

  • Sugandha Gupta

    Well Deserved :)

    P.S. - Even I think u r an honest blogger :P
    haha :)

  • Unknown

    @ashwini:sorry for not posting about it..I know its long time.... As i said in my post, I am sick of typing.I will try to complete it today....(not sure)..Thanks for asking...I will do it as soon as possible.

    @Suga:thanks a lot suga..... :-)

  • Meghana

    Hey Congratulations Shankar!!!! Seems awards are showering on you.May god bless you with lots of success in future.

  • Unknown

    @meghana:Thanks a lot meghana..

  • finally you are getting what you deserved all this time....
    and I assure you deserve a lot more of them.....

    and thank you very much for the buddy award....I am happy that you think so!!

    keep cheering us up!!

  • Vipul Grover

    Yipieeeeee.. another award.. I need a new shelf(read sidebar) to display them and show off :)
    Thanks buddy.. keep reflecting:)

  • Unknown

    congratulations and congratulations for all your awards!!
    Tell us the other sight you are writing on and we can check that out as well!!

  • Unknown

    @vipul: lol..I too need one... This space is not enough...

    @pra: thats a technology website..I write about electrical engineering... If u like reading about engineering and other technical stuffs I will surely give you the website...thanks pra...

  • BK Chowla, is pouring awards.Keep it up.

  • Unknown

    @bk chowla: thanks ji....

    @RSV: very sry for late repsonse..thanks a lot RSV...will surely cheer u up often buddy..

  • Swetha

    hey!! thanks mate!! i'm really stunned!!

  • Roshmi Sinha

    Its raining awards... for you!!!

    Congratulations and celebrations!!! May you receive many more...

  • Unknown

    @swetha: u deserved it...

    @roshmi:thanks a lot....

  • Bharathi

    for some reason, the comment I put here didnt reflect. I dont know why. Life became little busy and am sorry for missing this post pal. Thanks for informing though.

  • Unknown

    @bharathi: no problem.... You are so generous to drop by and comment during ur busy schedules.....Thanks a lot....

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