Brand Tag!!!!


I was tagged by Shilpaa for this brand tag.


Numerous brands move us in our day to day life. I think brands are like relationships. Do you maintain a good friendship brand? Are you loyal and caring in your brand relationship?

Take any day in your life and chart out the brands you have used.


Let me start my brands from electronics!!!



When it comes to electronics..I always prefer this one… As for me Sony is second to none in Electronics.

At my home you can find  Sony 32” LCD….

Playstation 2.(after i earned enough will be shifting to playstation 3)

Sony Ericsson

Sony Digital camera.




Apple I-pod







This connects me…with the world…

Nokia 5130 xpress music







Without this I cannot write this post… and You cannot see this one..

My pc….

Hewlett Packard







   I had this laptop… my brother’s..  before buying this pc…


 Dell Inspiron







Running without this is a nightmare…









Hot Mexican flavoured Cheese burger… my favourite….

 Burger Man 









Yummy pizzas from Pizza hut…….










This takes me distinctly ahead of everyone in road…..







This is a little bit outdated product..I am having the same watch for over for more than three years.. high time to change…How about fast track??





Weekends are hell without these channels… I either watch Barclays premier league or formula one racing…








Will mostly get good offers from this brand. Often gives buy 2 get 1 free…








Levis is best….








Connects me with WWW……apart from social networking sites…Thanks to Google…








Seedhi bhat..No bakhwaas… CLEAR HAI…








Sprite for my bike……Shell..I actually use Bharath petroleum..But since my brother is working for this concern now..He wants me to use his own company’s product…marketing the products of his own company….



I think that's all of now…

I tag..Ashwini,shruthi,bharathi,Vipul(tag hater..who does a tag.. actually without doing it…..), My new bro from the world of blogging RSV… IP,Suga,pawan,priyan,swetha….


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  • here is what I prefer: u think any other could do? apple yet...will soon 6300,N72 before..
    4.and 5.hp is bro's lappy i have lenovo...
    6.yes reebok anytime
    7.don't know!!sorry?? hut..mmm...a hole in the pocket..but definitely worth some time..
    10.and I like sprite more than thumbs up....

  • Unknown

    @rsv:thanks for the comment..I am not able to comment on your blog buddy..please verify about that.....

  • Dhiman

    I share Nokia, HP for brands :D ... Shilpa's tagged me too will do it soon :D

  • Sugandha Gupta

    @ Shankar : coooollll choice of brands Jawaan[Wud be Air Force officer :)]
    Seedhi Baat, No Bakwaas ... clear hai :P

  • Unknown

    @dhiman: thanks dhiman.. tell me when u complete this tag...

    @suga: lol....I just applied for air force... Its not so easy....thanks for the comment.....

  • Shruti

    dai shankz
    cool tag!!
    Yes will complete soon!!
    Thanks for tagging me!!
    >> Sony rocks
    >>Aaah!! The same! Apple Ipod
    >>samething for pizza hut!!
    >>Sonata is my brand too!

  • Unknown it soon shruthi.......

  • Bharathi

    Nice to know little more about you. Will try to do this tag.

  • Amit Kumar Singh

    it's cool tag...

    Dell INSPIRON laptop-- currently i am using..
    Sony Erricson-- i am using its k530i
    Apple IPOD.. it's really rocks...
    Reebok.. it was my favourite..but currently adidas..
    I prefer Thumbs up to Sprite...

    Nice choice u have... :)


  • Raji U

    Cool brand tag shankar.. So many brands... There must be a lot more if you could think more about it.. gr8 going anyways

  • Unknown

    @amith: thanks amith....oh..i think i left out ur name..please you too do this tag amith....I forgot sorry..

    @Bharathi: thanks if possible... I dont want to force anyone... because some one does a job due to force it wont be nice and good...So do it if u like...

    @rajalakshmi:thanks rajalakshmi..ya..i could have thought... but dont want to spend much times on tags...

  • BK Chowla,

    there is something wrong.I am not able to post comment.

  • Swetha

    im tagged again !!
    oh shankar.. you really help me to keep my blog alive by ur tag!! thankssssss a lot. i have just one worked on a tag! have a look..

    And your tag is cool!! i will let you know my list in my post soon ..

  • Shilpa Garg

    A good tag Shankar!! And gave some more insights abt you!! :)

  • Unknown

    @BK Chowla: chowla ji comments are being moderated... So whatever you comment will be visible after approval... So you post comments.. it will reach me....Sorry for that...This is due to increase in spam...

  • Unknown

    @shilpa: thanks a lot....

    @Pranksy: thanks... I will check your post now..

  • Indian Pundit

    Shankar rocks big time.

    Coolest tag i have seen in this category.......Cheers

  • Indian Pundit

    Thanks for tagging me boss......

  • pawan

    Another tag for me!
    But good!
    Got to know a bit more of ya!

  • Unknown

    @IP: thanks.looking forward for ur answers..

    @pawan:thanks... do the tags soon..

  • hey check out my latest post

  • Unknown

    @rsv: i already read the post..but not able to comment in your blog buddy...

  • Unknown

    Blogger brand ,shell brand are very innovative.Long time no see where have you been?

  • Bharathi

    tks for giving liberty pal. however will surely take it up sometime.

  • Unknown

    @pra: little bit busy...pra..well I guess I am back...

  • pRiYaN...!

    hey ur turning into 2 Invisible King of Tags....ur tags rockzzzz....

  • Unknown

    @priyan: lol..thanks a lot... why invisible?? I mean whats that invisible king??

  • aSwIn kUmAr

    its a cool idea to shed some light on the products which makes our life better.....i second you on Sony especially....great tag!

    [p.s]@priyan:i think he mistyped invincible as i right?

  • Unknown

    @ashwin: thanks ashwin.... may be....only priyan has to clarify that...

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