Recently there are lots of issues with my blog and some of my FB’s are complaining about the page load time of my blog. I know that my blog takes a long time to load and its mainly due to the css of sliders and other stuffs. I tried editing the template and removing some of the widgets. I removed some unwanted widgets too. But still it takes a long time to load.


So after searching for a new template and after trying out some,I am fed up. There is no good template which matches our expectation. I searched lots of websites,lots of templates and Finally I gave up the Hunt for a new template.


But now I started working on creating my new template. Its lot tougher than I expected. I have worked on it for past 4 to 5 days.But till now I have been successful in giving a 3 column layout for my new template.


I am very bad in choosing colour combinations. So i asked for help from my few friends to choose the colour for headers. Some of my friends helped me with their Ideas but I still don't know whether they are good and which one to select. So I leave it to you friends for choosing the header. Photoshop is really cool and interesting. But it often makes me to scratch my head. Its more complex for a rookie like me.


Untitled-4 header and menu new new1 Untitled-1 Untitled-2

Some headers have title.But Others don't have.So you guys have to help me out. Help me out in choosing the headers, so that I can successfully create a template. Select the one which you like the most from the above headers. If you are not satisfied with anything,give me your own colour combination. I need two colours. The top one and for the bottom links colour. Please suggest the colour combination in the comment box in case if you feel none of the above is good.


Which Header Is Good?

So probably considering the rate at which I am working on creating a template,  I think it will take another month to complete the entire template. Fell free to give your own suggestions about What a good template should have?Is the read more hack necessary? Do you like the sliders? or you think sliders are not important? Thanks a lot in advance.


  • Sugandha Gupta

    hmmm Suga likes header # 1 .... it looks interestin to me ... both the color combo n the way Ballat is written on it ... kinda rocks !!!

  • Unknown

    hmm..thanks a lot suga..... Thanks for ur suggestion...

  • Dhiman

    I too am very bad at colour combinations but the first looks nice but you have see it in context of the whole template.... Good Luck with your new template :D

  • Shilpa Garg

    Header 1... my choice.
    Reason: The colors are good and the I would lay emphasis on readability of the text on that background, as well as clear and simple font style!! Hence header 1!

    Best of Luck!

  • Unknown

    @dhiman: thanks a lot for your comment...Suga too likes the same..

    @chowla: a different one..thanks a lot chowla ji..

  • Unknown

    @shilpa: thanks a lot shipa..i think everyone likes header 1... thanks a lot..

  • Indian Pundit

    My Suggestion:

    i voted header 1.

    My suggestions are:-

    1)Keep things simple....remember its the content(which is very good in ur blog) that brings back readers.

    2)Use a white background for blogspots.....its better for the eyes and easier to read.

    Very high quality templates here.

    Cheers and hope it helps.

  • Unknown

    Thanks a lot IP.. A very useful comment... I will check the website..thanks a lot...

  • Raji U

    Shankar ji, I vote for the first one. Like Ip said, keep everything simple. Take care and all the best for the best template

  • Vipul Grover

    Its not apt to suggest u the header till we don't know the cmplete colur scheme of the blog and its layout.
    However with the given options, any blue will do.. maybe white will luk nice with it. bt plz go for lesser gloss as most of these headers u'v shown r literally pinching my eyes..
    (i know, i know um jus jus counter suggesting wat u suggested 2 me.. its not intentional :p)

  • Unknown

    @rajalakshmi: thanks a lot....

    @vipul: counter suggestion..huh...ok.. I will reduce the gloss.. Hope ur counter suggestion is for the good...

    Vipul... I am going to design the template only based on header... So..suggestion in invited..

  • pawan

    The first one mate!
    I loved it!
    And I voted for it!
    Btw, the fourth one looks nice too!


  • the font of header is good...the background color will depend on the background for the posts....
    and as IP said white ones are always best....
    I would suggest to keep the padding of the header a bit less....

  • Bharathi

    I like 5. But I think I am the only one who voted for this :-)

  • Sh@s

    First one coz it looks jazzy n cool but it again depends on the colour scheme of the rest of the body of the template. I bet its really tough to get a suitable template. My search is still on since the last one...don't know if i will find one any sooner.

  • Shruti

    hey first one!!
    adana anikku decide panadhu!!
    the ballat font on that is cool!!

  • Unknown

    @pawan: thanks mate..most of the one..chose first... So i think I can carry on with first...

    @Rsv: you mean the width?? or the height?? padding is actually associated with something else.. I guess... increasing or decreasing the padding, increases or decreases the header from other content..(i guess so)

    Thanks for ur comment...

    @bharathi: I created no.5 first..and I too liked it a lot..but some of my friends told its not nice.. So i started creating others..

    Actually my vote goes for 5...

    @shas: hi shas... thanks a lot for the comment... Yup..I will try to make the header similar to the rest of the template.. thanks a lot for ur suggestion...

    @shruthi: hey loosu... you yesterday said that font was not nice???now you are saying its nice??

  • Bharathi

    Thats great. then I m not alone

  • I voted for one tooo..loved the color combination and the lettering on it.. yeah make it simple and reduce using javascripts and other scripts which slow down the load speed.. and yeah you have loads of unwanted widgets.. remove them.. you can try having multiple pages too

  • Hey I completed the brands tag finally.. check out my site

  • Unknown

    @evanescent thoughts:hey...thanks a lot for suggestions... I will try reducing things.. thanks a lot...

  • Shruti

    Hey loosu,
    nan idha pakave illa.. i went out and when i returned to desk, the net got DC :P

    But idhu nalla irukku!!
    hey nan select pana colors than majority :)

  • Unknown

    nee sonna colours third... only one vote..for that.... I showed u this colours and asked whether its nice... So my creation...

  • Sandeep

    my vote is for the 1st header

  • Unknown

    @sandeep: thanks a lot sandeep.....

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