This has been one of the worst weekends. Now-a-days I usually sit before the TV for watching 3 programmes.

Barclays Premier league

Formula 1



Disappointment no 1:

My first disappointment was at Saturday evening. It was a fine evening until…. I saw both the Ferrari's Failed to qualify in a good position for the Singapore Grand Prix. Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen managed only 13th fastest and Fisichella who gave the glory for Force India, managed only 18th. It was a great disappointment as Kimi failed to qualify within top 10.

Disappointment no 2:

It was not over. There was blow after blow. Second came when Pakistan managed to score more than 300 against India.

Disappointment no 3:

It was Barclays premier league..Chelsea against Wigan.. It was very disappointing to see Chelsea losing 3-1 to Wigan. Chelsea won all league matches before this game. 6 continuous wins and alas… The winning streak ended. The Blues were shattered. Heart broken.I switched back to watch India’s match.

Disappointment no 4:

About 45 min later.. Little master gave a flop show when he was caught out.. I expected a century from the little master, but he apparently failed. He just got for 8 runs.

Disappointment no 5:

Few hours later… OMG.. India lost to Pakistan. India were bowled out for 248.. All went bad when the GREAT WALL of our team was broken by our Great “Bajji”. Good innings from Dravid. It was a great disappointment.  


Oh…Thank god.. Only one disappointment on Sunday. Once again Ferrari failed miserably to score a point at the Singapore Grand prix. That’s not so disappointing actually..Because the result was expected. But the greatest disappointment is LEWIS HAMILTON took P1.  



Actually wanted to write a review about our teams wonderful display at the Champions trophy. But not in a good mood to write.Lets have our fingers crossed for the match against Aussies.. GO INDIA GO…

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  • Swetha

    i'm sorry that your week was bad!!But you gave me good information about whats going on.. i dislike cricket!!

  • Unknown

    @pranksy: even I am not much into cricket these days... One main reason is I dont like our team... Ours is a very good T20 team.. but a very poor 50 overs team...

    And soccer almost made me feel that cricket is bit boring..

  • Madman

    It all in the game, cat on the wall hehehe. Kavala padatha sagothara karumari kaathu nippa un team ellam jeykaveppa kavala padatha sogothara

  • Bharathi

    i too disappointed for the poor show by Indians. How could sachin can get out to an innocuous delivery. Lazy runout of Gambir, stupid and unnecessary shot by Kohli and Dhoni and umpire's to Raina irritated me to the core. I lost interest in watching today's game.

  • BK Chowla,

    I know it has been very disappointing.I was in Singapore last year this time,it was really exciting.

  • Unknown

    @venky: lol..thanks a lot for the comment...

    @chowla: you were at singapore last year??? did you goto the track and watched the race??? its great... It was really great to watch from TV itself... then going to singapore directly would have been great fun....

  • Unknown

    @bharathi: i too feel the same.. may be our side is unexperienced..

  • pawan

    There are much more better thing to find on the net so dont get disappointed!

    India was a sucker at the cricket match day before, and it surely was a dud.

    Btw, I have seen ur comment up on my blog, u couldn't see the review?

    Anyways Happy Dusshera and take care!


  • Unknown

    @pawan: thanks a lot for comment..

    I couldnt see the review pawan... I dont know why...

  • Shilpa Garg

    Yeah, disappointing performances!

    Hope the joy and gaiety of Dusshera have cheered you up!

    Enjoy the festivities and a very happy Dusshera! :)

  • Unknown

    @shilpa: yes shilpa.... festivals are always good.. wishing you the same too...

  • BK Chowla,

    Shankar,yes I was there last year and saw the event from the Flyer..it was outstanding

  • disappointments??
    I am confused....
    OK...I confess I am mad....
    sorry dude....

    happy festivities bro....
    (actually I don't follow none of these things)

  • Unknown

    @rsv: thanks a lot rsv.... You dont follow cricket??... very strange.... Its not a problem for those who follow... But the above three are my religion... So i follow them with full dedication...

  • Unknown

    @chowla: great.. excellent... Did u take any pics??? can u send it if you have the pics... I am dreaming of going there..and want such an event to take place in India too... Great chowla ji..

  • I kinda hate cricket because I feel we give tooo much of hype for a single sport and neglect all the others.. nice informative post

  • Unknown

    @ashwini: hey thanks a lot for comment.. I dont hate cricket..but i am also loosing interest in it....

  • Sh@s

    Its just a game buddy...aaj haar toh kal jeet hogi(am assuming that you know hindi). After the loss, success will taste sweeter. Hope next time when the team wins you will have plenty of reasons to rejoice and smile. All the best for your teams for the next match or event.

  • Unknown

    Hi shas..

    Thanks for those great words.... Its a game..but it means a lot to me... lets see what happens next weekend..

    I dont know hindi much... So I would be comfortable if the comments are in english....

    Thanks a lot for the comment..

  • Sh@s

    @ Shankar,
    I shall translate it..... "today one may lose but tomorrow one may win" (its not the exact translation but it means almost the same).

  • Unknown

    @shas: i know hindi to an extent.. SO i understood those... anyway thanks for translation...

  • HaRy!!

    OMG....so many dissapointments!! but some are quite reasonable especially the cricket...chaaa..so much expecting i was!...hmm no funny posts lately?..sorry just my kinda thought:)...cya around...

  • Unknown

    Hey harry..thanks for the comment...I know about you harry... I mostly dont write comic ones.. but will try yaar..for sure.... atleast for you...

  • HaRy!!

    ok yaar...just yur write is goood...so i thought humor will be goood :)

  • Unknown

    I am not sure about my humor...anyway will try and have a go as soon as possible..

  • Avada Kedavra

    hey new template? you dint choose any of those headers? other than the header everything else looks cool..

  • Unknown

    @avada: hey still i am looking out.. Will add the header..after completing all others... I will retain the same font and may be change color combination..

    THanks.. yeah.. I have to change header.. Let me see what is possible...

  • Sugandha Gupta

    good to hear the news abt Chelsea .... ahem ahem .... ouch !!!
    else evrythn is sadddddd :(

  • Unknown

    @suga: days will come..during which manu loses.. and chelsea wins...

  • Unknown

    I am having a problem in acesing your blog. I will read both the posts later and then comment on it!

  • Volverene Evo

    Need help with blogging....add me up at volverene@hotmail.com at MSN...I`m online most of the time. I suggest you get good theme a better one than this Primus theme...

  • Unknown

    @pra: pra i am editing my template... So very sorry... will get back soon...

  • Roshmi Sinha

    Hey! Cheer up!

    Disappointments are a part of life... you know the 'law of averages'... !!!

    Ferrari and the Indian cricket team will bounce back... maybe they needed this 'motivation' ;)

    I was too busy enjoying the Durga pujas... to notice any of them :D

    btw... Shubho Bijoya!

  • Unknown

    @roshmi: thanks a lot roshmi..

    sorry for late reply..since i was busy with template editing..thanks a lot for ur comment..

    hope ur durga puja's went good...

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