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This time the topic deals with teachers of yesteryear and teachers of today.  I am not sure about the teachers of yesteryear. How they teach?are they good or bad? etc..etc… But the fact is let it be yesteryear or let it be today…  There are teachers who are really good,who treats teaching as a service to the society and on the other side there are also some teachers who  merely work for money.They treat teaching as another profession and teach for the sake of earning money.


So in this post I will share about the different types of teachers I have seen so far in my life.


Teachers: I first would like to discuss how many teachers can teach,assist or help in mastering the various concepts of the studies. Let it be ABCD that we study in LKG or the complex engineering and medicine concepts. How many teachers can really teach in a way so that every student in their class can understand? How many teachers can honestly clear the doubts of students in their class?


From my personal experience I can hardly say 5 or 6 teachers have done that so far. A teacher should take a class in such a way that each and every student of his class should be eager to listen to the concepts. Especially the students who talks or sleeps during class.The teaching should be very lively and interesting. But most of the teachers today are not able to control the class. They remain as a mere complainers that students are always sleeping in my class.. Some say “the students never listen to my lectures. They are keep on chatting during the lecture hours.” But they never think about why the students or not listening and they cannot understand the fact that they cannot convey the message properly to the students. And as a result of that the students lose interest in their class.

I see those teachers as mere losers. They cannot teach properly and beg the students by asking “atleast give respect to our age.” My college lecturers are hardly four to five years elder to us. Most of them have just completed their ME. They joined as a lecturer as they didnt get any good job. They don't know how to take a lecture. How to make it interesting.. And they don't even try to improve and remain mere complainers.


On the other hand there is one experienced teacher. No teacher comes to our class for the second time. They teach for one semester and never turn back the next semester. They say we are such bad students.


But two experienced and good staffs took class for us for continuously 3 to 4 semesters. I can call them here the yesteryear teachers. Their ages would have crossed 70 and their experience in the field of teaching is more than my own age. Both the staffs liked our class very much. We don't chat or give any trouble to these two staffs as they keep us tightly packed with various good and lively concepts. Their way of explaining things have been so good and Only those two staffs can control our class with the power of teaching. Even the worst student in our class remains silent and listen to whatever those staffs say and teach. They often say “I don't understand this. Your class and you guys really good during my session and its weird when other teachers complain about your class as ungoverned and worst class.


So I feel, If a student fails in a subject its not the failure of the student.Its rather the failure of the staff who took that subject.

Young Lover:

I think this is a very rare case. And this wont happen everywhere(I think so..). I was in my second year of college. I am Electrical student. I had one beautiful friend who did her computer science engineering.She was a close friend of mine. Many boys were crazy after her,I don't know why. And many proposed to her,gave letters etc..etc.. But is it wrong? Giving a love letter during collage days is not such a bad thing.


But it was very weird when one of the lecturers of my college ran behind her for over a month and ended up giving a love letter. That too his wife works in same college too. How weird it is. The girl cried a lot and she never came to college for over a month until that lecturer was suspended from college. This really is very bad. How a teacher can give a love letter to her own student?  That too if he is a bachelor,then atleast we can consider. He is married and still needs another girl.

Do we have to respect such kind of teachers? Is this what a teacher does?

According to me I give respect to a person according to his/her deeds and not based on his/her age.  I completely hate such kind of teachers.



What should a invigilator do? Take care of the hall during examination and should protect students from involving in mal-practice. What today teachers do??(especially male staffs)


Usually during our exams, We wait for the right time to copy.lol… not me. I wait for the time to show answers to others.I accept I will  copy during my internal tests, But not during universities.Do you know when the right time is?


Its when a male staff is invigilator and when a female staff crosses the examination hall. The staff immediately starts chatting with the female staff and that's the best time we get to copy . Both the staffs will be very intimate and involved while speaking to each other, as if they are talking about inventing a new type of machine. And the male staff would often turn to class and starts creating scene by shouting “If I see anyone copying,i dare say you will be suspended from college. I think you know very well that I am very strict”. He just creates scene and wants to impress the fellow female staffs.


Are they qualified to be called as teachers?



This does not mean teachers kills students.. They directly or indirectly responsible for spoiling the life’s of various students.And this happens more often in our mother country.


  • 17 year old girl in her XII standard died in school due to severe asthma attack.
  • One boy drowned in swimming pool and died. Incompetency of the coach and lack of good coach is suspected as primary reason.
  • A 10 year old girl died in school due to severe punishment.This took place somewhere near Kolkata.

There are lots of such similar incidents happening in our day to day life. The primary reason is that teachers don't do teaching as a service.But they only do it as a profession. Teachers work only for money and income. That's their primary goal. They never consider child's safety and future.


So far everything was like against the teachers. So do I have a grudge against today's teachers? No way. I wouldn't have got so much success and marks without teachers. Each and every teacher in my department helped me and I vow them a lot. I was affected Jaundice last year and I was not able to attend college for four months. I missed all classes and never did any lab sessions. I thought I cannot write the exam that semester due to lack of attendance.  So as a matter of fact I thought I would get 9 backlogs(as i had 9 papers at that sem).I was really worried about my condition. But my HOD called me to college and personally advised me to start studying while I was at me home. He encouraged me a lot and said “I know you don't listen to classes and you can write exams without attending.I will take care of your attendance and with your past records, all the teachers agreed to help you with attendance.So its high time for you to start preparing for exams.Don't let me down and keep up my name.”


All the teachers helped me with the attendance and they allowed me to write the exam. And luckily I cleared all papers those sem and my HOD was really happy to hear that.


MATHA PITHA GURU DEIVAM…Do they deserve a position ahead of god?

As I said before Some teachers value teaching while most of them don't. Most of the teachers consider teaching as only a profession and only very few does it as a service.


I think yesteryear teachers must have considered teaching as a service and very few considered it as profession. So they deserve the position ahead of god.


But Considering Today’s teachers… Most of them value it as profession and very few as service. So do they still deserve a position ahead of god?


My Best Teacher:

I end up this post by telling this world about my favourite and best teacher. According to me EXPERIENCE is the best teacher. None can teach us as good as what Experience does and none can make such an impact in our heart so that we don't forget the lessons teach by experience for rest of our lives.


Ofcourse there are lots of books which can teach us how to survive in this competitive world but only experience teaches the value of life and how to cherish it.

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  • Indian Pundit

    Very Good post Shankar.

    That lecturer who gave a LL to the girl while still married....must be suspended and jailed......what a disgrace.

    "According to me EXPERIENCE is the best teacher." Totally agree,

    Cheers and CHECK OUT MY POST.

  • Raji U

    I even remember that incidents of female molestation by teachers. It is very unethical when it comes to respecting these type of people. Wow.. I love blog-a-tonic. So many views to the same topic. Thanks to you for interesting me to join this big step in my blogging life. :)

  • Unknown

    @Ip: I already checked out and commented on urs...

    @Raji: Did i interest you to join blog-a-ton?? how??? and thanks for the comment... its very unethical as you said.....Thats why I said i respect based on their deeds and not because they are so called teachers...

  • Bharathi

    Well narated and interesting post as usual. Though it is a long post, you made me read untill the end. I liked the way you categorized them. you made me say 'amen' at many places.

    I even feel attendance is not necessary. If the class is interesting, students will automaticall attend. Poor attendance means poor lecture.

    And I agree with, "So I feel, If a student fails in a subject its not the failure of the student.Its rather the failure of the staff who took that subject."

    Your best time to copy brought me a smile.

    altogether interesting post. all the best.

  • you have touched some very sensitive and important points in your article...
    incidentally the same type of thing did occur to me...
    I was diagnosed with CKD and even now on steroids and had to completely leave all the exams due to some complications. one of profs phoned me and asked me to give the exam the informal way even if it is against the rules. I did(could) not accept the offer is a different matter ofcourse....

  • Madman

    hmm well teaching over the years has depreciated. Thats because the student of yesteryears who are now teachers are mostly wash out who didnt get other job.

    I dont see any change in this generation either, so blaming the teachers is not gonna help. He or she should take up teaching to break this cycle.

    Blaming a student failing on the teacher is too much. The guy fails because he is a sucker that is the reality if others can follow and he fails then it is his mistake. For gods sake you cant blame teachers for that. You cant satisfy everyone. Let me tell there student who will keep on texting even if Abdul Kalam takes classes i can guarantee you that.

    "thirundana pathu thirunda vittaal thirutai ozhikka mudiyadu."

    And what is wrong if teacher thinks it as profession, if engineers, IT guys, CA's and others do so without any shame. Why should teachers look at it as service if they want to earn their bread and are being looked down by their students. What si wrong in earning money.

    There are also equally bad profs there a few in my college let me tell a prof doesn't even know what is an insolvent he takes auditing for us.

    teaching aint easy buddy, if one stands front of crowd which is unruly at least 10 jackasses sitting in the last row making fun of you. everyone should imagine their self in that position. Tell those last bench bullshit mongers speak up in front i bet they will piss in their pants

    The mistake is on both sides. If we want to clean up this mess he or she should volunteer and do so or else support the person who are doing that.

  • Unknown

    @Bharathi:thanks a lot bharathi...

    @RSV:What is CKD??? take care RSV... thanks for ur comment...

  • pawan

    That was the best post I have seen on Blog-a-ton as of now!
    The copying thing is too good, and you are right.
    You have raised a few important points here, I wouldn't hesitate to vote for you tomorrow, if I don't find interesting stuff!

  • Unknown

    @venky: lol.. I ain't a last bench supporter or a teacher hater...

    ofcourse...they can treat it as a profession..but they have to do justice to it...

    according to me... even if you are earning a penny.. you must work for it... but I say they dont...

  • Unknown

    @pawan: i guess... u haven't read any other post till now.. when i read others post..i felt mine was the worst one... But thanks a lot.. I guess I will get at least one vote this time... thanks a lot pawan.. will check out yours now...

  • Raji U

    Thats because I first saw about blog-a-ton in your blog.. lol :)

  • Shilpa Garg

    A post which is so very near the reality, with good anecdotes too!

    An interesting read, Shankar!! :)

  • Prashansa

    catagorising teachers with your own experiances! Very good idea and a very good post.I have seen teachers in all the catagories you mentioned and they don't deserve to be called teachers!

  • Unknown

    @rajalakshmi: oh..I see... its nice to hear that... thanks for joining blog-a-ton

    @shilpa: thanks shilpa.....thanks a lot...

    @pra: i too feel the same...thanks for your comment...

  • Shruti

    hey shankz,the way you have wrote this article is amazing! scene ah yezhudhirkka!!
    Interesting read with your real life experiences!

  • Wow...that lecturer that pursued a girl...shouldn't that be unethical??? I thought there were codes of conduct for stuff like that! Good post...

  • Lakshmi Rajan

    Good observation bases post derived from real life instances !

    :) best of luck !

  • Unknown

    @lakshmi rajan:thanks...

    @psych:thanks for your comment... Codes of conduct?? Do they exist in India?? If so..DO u think they will be followed here???

  • hey what an awesome post.. sorry for reading it late.. was out today because of some work.. agree with everything you have written.. I know these new lecturers join because they dont get jobs.. But I was shocked to hear about that young lover incident.. How can he do that to a student? Agree with the invigilators thing.. have seen that even in my college..Killer thing is really sad.. overall, too good as usual :)

  • Amit Kumar Singh

    very well classified and narrated post... :)

    "Experience is the best Teacher... " so true...

    well, one thing I find(I may not be correct) that the content of post was not matching with the post tiltle... there was 'AAj' but not 'Kal'...

    you made it so interesting by giving such apt examples, from ur life...It's appreciating.....


  • Unknown

    @amith: kal has two meanings right... yesterday and tomorrow... here I refer to yesteryear teachers..I think I specified that I dont know much about them..So i am not going to write about them...

    @evanescent thoughts:thanks ashwini...thanks a lot...

  • BK Chowla,

    Very interesting but slightly longish though.

  • Dhiman

    Shankar I was waiting for the Aaj part as till now whatever I have read from teacher point of view and mostly from yesteryear perspective and you have brought out the scenario as it is today....I agree that today's professors are inexperienced and are not very proficient in the subjects and also how to handle students which they'll know through experience....
    I was aghast to read a married teacher approaching a pretty student....I think its the society's reflection on teachers...

  • Swetha

    Amazing post shankar!! its really wonderful.. i have to say i don like any of my college staffs! esp the ones in my department! they show us something worser than hell!

    And there is one fella who says that "you are not sitting right", "you are not standing right swetha" .. agrrrr i hate that!! everything i do is wrong!! and every other students in my class does that .. but its not a mistake!! hhmm..
    i love my school teachers .. they were my saviors!!

    And what you said about teachers is 100% right!! thanks for this post!! .. it really moved me !:)

  • Unknown

    @dhiman: thanks a lot...

    @pranksy: I think the teacher expects something from u.. So bad... thanks a lot for your comment..so glad that u liked it...

  • Pankaja

    Very truely said Experience is indeed the best teachers. Now-a days there is a tremendous lack of such experienced teachers.
    And it is never a student who is good or bad, it is the skill of the teacher to understand his student ( remember 'Tare Zameen Par')

  • Unknown

    @chowla: sorry for making it a bit lengthy.... Next time will make it shortly...

  • Unknown

    @pankaja: thanks... Yes you are very true..i too believe the same...

  • confused rants

    Hey shankar ..cool categariosation ..and what shame on the proff ..well its happening these days in every other colleges..

    To share with you

    Most of my batchmates used to sleep in our QT Classes all thanks to the teacher who used to talk to the white board only hehhehe

  • Dr. Ranee Kaur Banerjee

    "If a student fails in a subject its not the failure of the student.Its rather the failure of the staff who took that subject."--that's how I've always felt, Shankar. Every student who fails is my failure.

    A tremendous, analytical post.


  • Unknown

    @sweet nothings:lol.... most teachers take classes to white board..i think.. Or may be they are teaching themselves... which they haven't learnt during their college days... thanks for the comment...its a great shame to teachers..

    there are good teachers too... But they are lots of bull shits among them...

  • Unknown

    @ranee: i guess then you are one of the good teachers and savior of many students...thanks for the comment..thanks a lot..

  • Saimanohar

    very good post... though I beg to differ with the point " If a student fails in a subject its not the failure of the student.Its rather the failure of the staff who took that subject.".. nevertheless..great post..

  • Unknown

    @sai manohar: thanks sai manohar for the comment..I said what I feel sai manohar... Thats why I specified in my post "I feel that"... Thanks a lot for ur comment..

  • Vipul Grover

    I accept I will copy during my internal tests, But not during universities.
    Lol.. same was d case with me buddy..
    nice post there talking about so many things (the othr way of saying- hey, its too length ;)
    Jokes apart, straight frm the heart post.. Experience is indeed d best teacher:)

  • I know of a different instance where a girl used to hit on a good looking lecturer.. she would shout in the class "look at me", "he is not looking at me" and embarrass the poor lecturer.. what would you say for this?

  • Unknown

    @vipul: sorry for making it too lengthy without much content...thanks a lot for ur comment.....

    @evanescent: lol... If that has happened in my college or within the reach of my knowledge you could have seen another classification over here...But this is very rare..and i must say the girl has to be treated immediately in some good psychological hospital.. in other words mentally retarded...

    the lecturer would have quit the college after such an embarrassment...

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