Who deserves the vote???


I guess everyone might have seen my last post which was published on behalf of BLOG-A-TON, the online marathon for bloggers….Where we decide and we write.


BLOG-A-TON 2 was a great success. Nearly 30 bloggers participated and wrote for a single topic-TEACHERS Aaj Kal…


Asusual I forgot the date and some how manage to write a post at the last few moments and posted it. The final phase of blog-a-ton is the voting phase,where all the participants votes for the best post and the person who gets the maximum number of votes is the winner.


Will you believe if I say writing a post is easier than selecting the right person who deserves the single vote? Yes it is… I felt it really difficult to select a single post out of the 30(approximate)…


I first read ashwini’s post.She was new to blog-a-ton and so I wanted to check her post very first. I was amazed to see such a nice post. At the same instant I commented and I decided I should cast my vote to ashwini. To be frank I liked the pictures of the post than the way she expressed it.The pictures clearly reflected about the teachers of this age.Especially the kalinga war picture. So I decided to vote for ashwini.


Then as soon as I logged in my blogger account I saw half a dozen post with title “Teachers Aaj Kal” or “Teachers now an then”. So I decided to check everyone’s and comment before voting for ashwini.


I reached Bharathi’s. His post are quite natural and true. Let it be 200 words or 2000 words… It will be very interesting till the end. As soon as I read his post,I was in a great dilemma…Whether to vote for bharathi or ashwini.Both are equally good. I especially liked the attitude of bharathi. He never wanted to win blog-a-ton and never cares about the votes. But he wanted his message to reach the society(i.e.) to fellow bloggers… I liked his post a lot and I thought now I have to short list between two. whether its bharathi or ashwini?


Then I clicked on “A rose is a rose is a Rose”. It was shilpa’s blog. She was the winner of blog-a-ton and I expected a lot from her. You know they always say when you expect so much it will lead to disappointment. But in this case it was false.She was at her best. I think before writing the post,she might have taught her son “Differentiate between” answers. And straight away she implemented the same for Blog-a-ton. It was a classic post I have to say. The differentiation was uniquely constructed with nice pictures and beautiful quotes exactly in opposition to each other. Now its between three…SHILPA…BHARATHI..ASHWINI..


Next came Vipul ’s. This time vipul ’s father wrote for blog-a-ton as a guest blogger.  I feel that only a teacher or a professor can best describe about this topic. Because only a teacher truly knows the difficulties involved in being a teacher and how today's teacher differs from yesteryear’s. And Vipul’ s father was no exception. His post was amazing and I guess vipul made him to write for blog-a-ton inorder to win blog-a-ton 2.(just kidding;-))..


And so the list added on…


Pawan… who differentiated very well between teachers during his school days and college days..

Shruthi.. who justified the post with amazing quotes and a very different 55f…

Ranee.. narrated the topic with a beautiful and touching story..

Pra…IP…Guria…Dhiman…. Rajee…..the list went on…..Each one’s post was very good and It really became very tough to vote. I asked vipul to open up the option by which “A person can vote for themselves”. A better way to solve the above problem. Another reason is  that mine would not manage even a single vote. Atleast let me tick my own counter.

Further this voting system is an acid test for my friendship too. Shruthi and Bharathi are my two good friends over here.. So as a good friend I have to vote for my friends right.. But is this the place to show my friendship?

Pawan commented that my post was really good and he will vote for me if he didn't come across any other interesting post. So how can I repay the courtesy to him? Should I vote him back?


Now who really deserves the single vote(4 cheers)? Lucky, time has been extended so that I can think for some time.. And may be my Fellow bloggers can help me to sort out..


If you want to participate in future events of BLOG-A-TON,Please click here.

I am very happy that some of my blogging friends have joined BLOG-A-TON after seeing my post. So indirectly my post has been a source of inspiration for some of my friends over here.


I got one super cool award..from Shruthi….Thanks a lot shruthi….for the award..


superior scribbler awardThese are the rules for the award:

Each Superior Scribbler must in turn pass The Award on to 5 most-deserving Blogging Friends.
Each Superior Scribbler must link to the author & the name of the blog from whom he/she has received The Award.
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Each Superior Scribbler must post these rules on his/her blog.



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  • Shruti

    Ada paavi!
    Idhaye oru post ah yezhudhittaya?!
    Chanceless po!
    Even i had the same problem,but finally voted!

  • Hey you were my inspiration.. I joined blog-a-ton only after reading your awesome post on creams and scum of blogging.. You had written it so well that I got motivated.. so kudos to you.. and regarding the voting, even I am in the same position.. friends or post? what do I look for? but I guess post is what we should choose at the end.. and I guess winning or losing doesnt really matter...all that matters is the fun in taking part and being a part of this event :) and I think each person has written in a totally different manner and it's difficult to judge anyone..and congrats for the award :)

  • Madman

    This is the first apt i ever received , Crap shooter might have been even more apt ;)

  • Unknown

    @shruthi: ezhudamnu thonichu ezhuditen.....

    @evanescent thoughts: lol..nice to hear that... you are correct post is more important here... I feel this is not the place to show our friendship...lets see i think I will make a decision within today...

    @venky: next time i will make it for u buddy.....thanks for the comment..

  • Bharathi

    1. I congratulate you for receiving an award.

    2. Thanks a lot for mentioning my name and writing a very generous description on my post. Thanks again.

    3. Regarding whom to vote, 'for friends or post'. our mission is to choose the best post in our opinion and not to choose the best friend.

    I am sure our blogger buddies are matured enough to understand the above fact.

    I already voted and while reading the post, I purposefully didnt read author's name just to avoid the bias of friendship. Though my judgement spoile the party sometimes, I think I did justice to this rule.

    And I think everyone would aware that we are only voting for a post and not a blog. If you ask me to vote for best blog, sure my preferance will change.

  • Dhiman

    I had the same problem in the first edition of Blog-a-ton and I had abstained but Vipul coaxed me that I should vote for someone and I did that and I knew it would be a bigger problem this time with more participants but you should vote for the one you feel right(it may be your friend or any other post) :D and I agree it doesn't matter who wins.
    I enjoy this one because I get so many perspectives to the same topic see this time we had abt 30 entries yet they all are different...

  • Indian Pundit

    Hey Thanks a lot Shankar.

    I am truly honoured.

    God bless u

    As far as voting is concerned, i am think about abstaining!

  • Vipul Grover

    Hey, thnx buddy 4 the award.. nd hey jus follow ur instincts, do a little balancing, nd u'll reach the post tht deserves ur 4 cheers.. Mind u, d contest is vry open till now. Each vote counts a lot!

  • Shilpa Garg

    Impressive Shankar!!

    I guess, we all went through the same dilemmas!

    But this time, as soon as I started reading the posts, on a piece of paper, I wrote the Plus Factors for a post against their names.
    It made my job a bit easier!!

    Congratulations for your award!! :)

    And thanks for everything! :)

  • Unknown

    @bharathi: yup you are perfectly correct..we have to select the best post...very true....yup..ur technique of not seeing the authors name is a good one... may be i will try to follow it...Thanks for such an elaborate comment...

  • Unknown

    @bharathi: yup you are perfectly correct..we have to select the best post...very true....yup..ur technique of not seeing the authors name is a good one... may be i will try to follow it...Thanks for such an elaborate comment...

  • Unknown

    @dhiman: you are perfectly true dhiman.... thanks for the comment...

  • Unknown

    @IP: lol.... do you think vipul will leave you as such??? vote for some one buddy....Try to face the problem.. dont escape from it...

    @shilpa: nice idea... may be i will implement it next time....

  • Unknown

    @vipul: Yup.. I will balance and sort it out and vote before the deadline.....

  • it really took me some time to digest this....means....an award and that too from Shanker..9-9-9 did the thing I think.....
    I mean who would have thought?
    thank you boss!!
    you were there to inspire and guide me I must confess!!

    and yes congrats....for your own award..

  • pawan

    Well Shankar,
    As Bharati said one should vote for the best not considering friendship!
    Please do read Govind's post too, its excellent!

    Ad thanks for mentioning my name mate!


  • Guria

    Hey, you wrote a great piece yourself! Don't underestimate yourself, you might be surprised at the number of votes/cheers you get! :)

    And I voted very early. I couldn't wait to finish reading all the posts at once. And without thinking about voting, I just thought of that post which stayed with me, in the recesses of my mind, even after finishing reading all the posts and being completely muddled! :D

    And congrats on the award to you and all the winners! Way to go! :)

  • Unknown


    lol...Why Getting an award from me,is it a rare phenomenon???Anyway u deserved this buddy..

    @ pawan:yup ur correct and atlast I voted....
    oh..I already voted.... k..anyway will take a look at his post..

    @guria: thanks for those encouraging words... Whether I get some votes or not..But it feels good to hear these words...Welcome to my blog...Thanks a lot for ur comment...

  • Unknown

    Hey Shankar, I went thro' the same dilemma and asked Vipul to grant more than one vote!:-) Bharati is right..You should vote for the best post you think!
    Congrats! You deserve this award!

  • Unknown

    @pra:ya..ur correct..I voted now..everything done..thanks a lot for your comment...

  • Swetha

    Congrats on you award!! you deserve "An honesty award":) i would surely give you as soon as i find one!!!

  • Unknown

    swetha:thanks a lot swetha..who will say no to awards... when you get one..dont forget to give me...

  • @pranksygang: I already gave him an honesty award.. hehe.. he really is honest :)

  • Unknown

    @evanescent thoughts:thanks a lot....for ur comment..and for the honesty award too...

  • Hey I have tagged you for something. check out my site and complete it. Btw, I liked your previous theme better.. I did not like this new one

  • Sugandha Gupta

    new template ... hmmm ... good o c the change :)
    As I ahvent read all the posts of Blog - a - ton n i oso dunno much abt it .... so cant comment much abt the post :)
    thanks so much for the award ... I honoured :)
    n good luck for the votin n all ... hope u win ... take care :)

  • Unknown

    @evanescent thoughts: ok..will check out... and regarding template..I just changed it as a testing.... Will revert back to my old one soon.... Even shruthi told the same....

  • Unknown

    @suga:thanks a lot for the comment..... this is not permanent..Will change back soon...

  • Pramathesh

    Congratulations for your award.

    To vote, you have 3 options:
    1)Sell your Vote
    2)Face Dilemma
    3)Lucky Draw

  • Lakshmi Rajan

    Ada paavi!
    Idhaye oru post ah yezhudhittaya?!
    Chanceless po!

    lol !!! For once I liked the comment more than the topic !

  • Unknown

    @pramatesh:thanks for the comment...sell ur vote..thats great option...

    @lakshmi rajan: credits goes to shruthi..

  • Indian Pundit

    Hey Shankar


    An award is waiting for u.

    You deserved it.


  • Raji U

    enga sir, Alla kanum. Write more dude!! And I have an award for you please check it out from my blog

  • Swetha

    hi Shankar!! pls have a look in my blog!! i have something for you!


  • Unknown

    @ip,raji,prnaksy: thanks a lot...I will visit now...

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