Brawn’s Magic comes to an End…


Its nearly 8 months since I witnessed an Interesting race after last year’s Brazilian Grand Prix.There are couple of reasons for this.
I finally saw my favourite team in Scarlet's..The so called prancing horse back in Podium.
There were lot of shuffles and fights for the top three positions.
Final and main reason is.. An incompetent Button failed to win the race. So here is a small review about the German GrandPrix  at Nurburgring.   
Red Bull’s Supremacy: 
I was disappointed after the qualifying session to see both the Ferrari's 292475_95_previewstarting 8th and 9th in the grid.The McLaren's new aerodynamic package has done some magic after several poor races. The Red bull’s Charging like a bull towards the championship. Mark Webber proved during the qualifying that their Renault powered Red Bull team is the fastest on track. Right from the start the race was very exciting. Webber and Barrichello  locked wheel to wheel with a small clash. The four KERS powered cars Two McLaren and Two Ferrari's charged towards the other cars running without KERS.Hamilton made a great start,passing all the other drivers to get his car at no.1. But before the second turn his wheel punctured and he went right to the back of the grid. Massa made his way from 8th to 4th and Raikkonen from 9th to 6th. Brawn’s Rubens Barrichello took the lead from Webber. Lots of drama’s happened when Webber was given the drive through penalty for hitting barrichello. But things turned when barrichello  faced some problems in pit with fuel nozzles. Webber’s stunning courage took him to the pole position followed by his team mate Sebastian Vettel. There was a fight for the last podium position till the end of the race and Massa emerged the winner after a stunning performance.
Poor Strategy From Brawn:
Brawn Gp created a new revolution after stunning performance during the start of th292523_95_previewe reason.But their Magic started deteriorating half way through the season. Brawn during the early half of the race were fighting effectively for Podium position. But everything went wrong halfway when brawn switched to harder compound tyres very early in the race with nearly twenty nine laps remaining. Let me explain the technical reason of it.The harder compound tyres requires a high track temperature and tyre temperature to perform effectively.But the track temperature was just 11 degree c and rains were expected. So they started loosing pace and struck in midfield when they pitted for the third time. This is the first race of the season in which both Brawn Gp car’s failed to make it to podium.
Notable Performances:
Mark Webber who won his first ever grandprix after making his debut on 2002.
Massa fighting spirit from 8th position to 3rd position.292441_94_preview
Fernando Alonso who was driving great with his underperforming car, was the performer of the day.
Striking Differences:
So lets compare the so called champion of the year so far Jenson Button with Double World champion Alonso:
Jenson Button: An incompetent driver who appears to be a champion in a majestic and greatly performing car
Fernando Alonso: A great racer who is struggling with an underperforming car.
Kimi the demon for Force India:
Last year Monaco Gp was a great race and a dream run for Force India. Adrian Sutil was 292521_95_previewrunning superbly in a rain interrupted race.He was at P4,when Kimi Raikkonen clashed with Sutil after loosing the grip.
Today’s race witnessed another incident.Sutil was running on 7th after pitting.When he exited the pits kimi charged to get past Sutil. But unexpectedly sutil’s front wing hit raikkonen and finished fifteenth. once again Raikkonen spoiled Force India’s dream of getting points.
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  • Madman

    well read the papers today morning Barrichelo was furious on his team. There is some ego clash going on in Brawn GP. Fluke or no fluke at the end of the day Button leads, we cant do anything about it, it is not his fault that his car is performing well. May be ut has got to do with the spending caps imposed which excludes drivers salary, its time for the poor team to show who is boss.

  • Unknown

    @venky: i hate brawn's...barichello is always a complainer... let it be or brawn..he always complains... another stupid old aged man..

  • Subhayan Mukerjee

    i love brawn as a team because they come as a breath of fresh air ... and two because they are Honda...
    true, button's perfroming well owing to his car only ... and my favs are still Hamilton and Alonso

  • Subhayan Mukerjee

    in fact read this post of mine:

  • Unknown

    @shubhayan: Actually I love brawn.. but i dont like the drivers who are driving it. one is a poor driver... another is a complainer...

    I too like alonso a lot.. all time favorite sena and schumi..

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