Women Biased Society


Before starting with this topic,I convey my sincere apologies to women and girls of this society.

I personally feel that today's society is getting women biased. Everyone around in our society fights for women's rights and freedom. But taking into consideration the recent happening and events every where around India, I personally feel the women are having a lot more freedom than men in this society.

Actually women faced a lot of troubles right from their birth. From female infanticide to sati,Ragging to sexual harassment Women faced all the cruelties. This is a fact that everyone should accept. But I feel those days are gone.

Apart from this social issues now lets go to our day to day life. I don't know whether everywhere this is happening, But some events happened in front of my eye, which made me to write this article.

So lets start from a smaller issue.This is actually about a small game played in our classroom.It started as a game,But ended up in a disaster. This happened in my second year of my college(third semester). Our class girls played a game called ‘Dare game’. According to this game a girl has to propose to a boy in our class. A stupid game played by girls. So,one fine evening one of my class girls after classes came to my close friend and proposed. Of course he didn't take it seriously. We just knew its a game and didn't make it a issue. The following day, My classmates(i.e.) boys in our class, wanted to play the same game and did the same back to a girl of our class. But our class girls took the matter seriously and went to our college principal. I don't know whether there was any vengeance or revenge in girls mind. Girls gave an official complaint to our principal.

Great Principal of our college without any enquiry sent a letter to the parents of those involved in the scandal.The letters were written by our class girls. Several copies of the letter were taken and sent to the parents. You will be really shocked what was written in the letter. The letter stated that your ward is involved in activities such as handbag snatching,eve-teasing,sexual harassment,ragging etc.. the letter went on. What the parents would have thought on reading this letter. Our great principal and other officials without any enquiry decided in favour of the girls. When everyone went and justified what happened in our class,Our principal merely said “ Any girl wont do such things as dare game. You guys are lying. Its the guys who always make troubles.” This is the first example. This clearly pictures how girls are supported by society.

Now this is second example. This event took place outside a busy shopping complex. A women aged around 35 to 40(approximate) came out of the shopping complex. Two guys around the age of 20(resembled like college students) came in a bike and unknowingly the helmet which was in the hand of the person sitting at the back of the bike hit the lady’s hands. she dropped the box she was having in her hand. The biker got down from bike,sincerely apologised to the lady and gave her things which she dropped. But the lady didn't leave. She made a loud noise and called the nearby persons. She complained that the bikers tried to steal and snatch her handbag. The boys argued and told what happened.But everyone acted like they are deaf. No one even tried to hear what the boys were saying. They were taken to police station. I don't know what happened to those two.

Now taking the second condition, If any guy or a male complain about a women will the society believe? will the society take necessary action against the women's? I would probably say no to this answer. That's the power of women in this society.

Here I am not specifying every women in this society is like this. Generally the women's have an upper hand than men in this society.

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  • sriram balasubramanian

    the fact" women are weaker....tats the reason they require all attention and powers....remember...what ever they do..how much association they form...nothing will move an inch without boys...

  • Shilpa Garg

    I empathize with the boys in the 2 incidents. But these 2 incidents alone do not prove that its a women biased society! Newspapers/TV coverage is still full of incidents of atrocities against women.
    Gender neutrality is surely the call of the day!

  • Unknown

    ya..everyday newspaper shows women problems.... But none cares about the problem men are facing. these two are examples. I cannot post everything that happens in day to day life.it will be a long list..

  • aizen

    i guess that is also a case here in the philippines. I understand very well your idea and i also see it for myself. But in my case...i do believe that i would prefer a woman biased society than vice versa.....

  • I feel sorry about the folks involved in that two incidents.But those are isolated cases.Women are always affected because of gender equalities in home,office,schools etc.In how many Indian towns a woman can travel freely after 8 PM.In how many families girls have right to choose guy of there choice for marriage or course for education...Think about that Shankhar.Probably once start working or once you get married , you will understand what i say :) .

  • shankar, came from indiblogger, read ur article with some interest, but what i actually feel is that for every incident of the sort u have mentioned, there are n number of the opposite types ... u havn't come to know about those cause ur a guy. Believ me, a girl knows more of their incidents, that what a guy knows about ours...

  • Lavanya

    Shankar, with trivial incidents which happen in college, you made such a huge statement that soceity is biased towards women. There is huge world out of the college campus where women are intimidated everyday which you will see and agree as you grow.
    Somebody said in a comment that women are weak. My Answer -- No we are not weak. Keep in mind women were and are an important part in a man's life. Without a woman, a man cannot exist. Dont argue against this statement, because it would mean you are arguing for your exitence without your mother, which i think is impossible:-)dont ya agree:-)

  • Unknown

    Lavanya ma'm i already told that these were just some examples.I cannot highlight everything happening around me. It seems like women have more problems than men,because the fact is that the problem that men faces are not brought into limelight. Ofcourse I wont argue about women being weaker sex because personally i beleive a women can turn the world around. The incidents I quoted above are just examples.There are lots of things happening around daily.

  • How many men are raped in the world?
    How many men are discriminated in top positions based on gender?
    How many men have to take on a woman's last name after marriage?
    How many men are sexually abused by women?
    How many men have to give up their jobs to take care of kids?
    How many men are discriminated against based on the clothes they wear?
    How many men are molested by women on public transport?
    How many men are blamed when a woman gives birth to a daughter in socieities like India?
    How many men are killed in childbirth?
    How many men are married off in childhood?
    How many men cook, clean and look after the house when the woman is at work?
    How many men are beaten by their wives?
    How many men are emotionally abused by their wives?
    How many men are discriminated in a bad way from their sisters?
    How many men have to juggle a job, kids, a family, cooking and cleaning?
    How many men are looked down upon for divorcing their wives?
    How many men are molested or hit for drinking alcohol?
    How many men are forced to have sex with their partners when they don't want to?

    If you can answer these, then tell me how society is supposedly biased towards women.

  • Unknown

    I accept ur question 1,3,7,11,15 and last question.they completely make sense. But the other questions are almost eradicated from society and world.

  • Physical, emotional and sexual abuse of women is in no way eradicated. It occurs even in the most developed countries. I work with families and see this happening. The molestation and harrassment of women in a pub took place recently in India. Women wearing western clothes are looked on as meat or an invitation to touch for men even now in India. Do you know any men that give up their jobs to look after their kids? I know several women that still do.

    So in response to your comment, most of these are still rampant in the world today. No way is any society more biased towards women. Yes, some societies have better rights for women and there's more help for women of abuse --- but that still doesn't imply that men have it worse. We have a long way to go before any society will actually be biased towards women, if ever. We still haven't reached equality yet.

  • Lavanya

    so shankar you finally accepted the soceity is not women biased. I agree with the comments of Psych Babbler. But i also think women have come a long way. They do give up jobs to look after kids, but we also many women who are both good mothers and career woman. Also i would disagree with you if your comment is directed towards saying looking after kids means woman have been looked down. As a matter fact mom has more influence on the child than the father. Motherhood is the greatest thing for woman with which she has made an impact on the soceity.

    Biasing of any form is not good for the soceity. That means we indirectly are give special attention to woman. So arent we proving the point that women are weaker sex. We dont need any kind of women's bill all we need is equality in thought not on paper.

  • Unknown

    I accept.Even before writing this topic I knew that I am going against the fact. But I feel women are grabbing more attention now a days than men. So I felt like writing it and I did. And right in my post itself I apologized for writing such a topic. But you can see always a women seeks and gets attention..I went to one cinema hall recently. We had a very long queue for getting tickets. But womens didn't stand in any queue.They went straight got the tickets and went in. But we waited for more than an hour to get the tickets. So they are always given special attention... That was the primary reason for this topic.

  • Lavanya

    Again with a trivial incident you made the statement that women get more attention. If they do women's bill should pass in parliament without any opposition. But did it or is it. No, thats the attention women get.

  • i really empathize with troubles faced by women undoubtedly they have to face a lot of trouble in every section of society men too have to face that the mode of problem is different.

    rather than criticizing i would say that there should be sexual equity no one is culpable for being born as male or female.

    I get agitated when I hear Girija Vyas shouting like a frustrated woman does that really help, at the grass root level every one should be made to realize that every one is equal.We have to fight against social hypocrisy.

    but it is quite unjust to support the wrong of someone who has been a victim a wrong is wrong.

    Question of Psych Babbler is rhetorical in nature and do not yield any thing we have to be progressive as well as rational and work welfare for women without being biased, for she is mother,sister or soul mate.

  • Lavanya

    yeh i agree with what you said about Girija Vyas. Frankly speaking when i saw that, i said to myself -- "whats wrong with this woman". I brought up the issue of women's bill just for the sake of argument with shankar. But i honestly think we dont need any women's bill as i said previously in one of my comments. Thats in itself a mode of differentiating woman. Didnt Indira Gandhi become the prime minister of india without a woman's bill. So how does this bill help women. Except that i have to see on every TV channel, Girija Vyas or Sushma Swaraj shouting :-))

  • Unknown

    hey lavanya.... and amar-chita.... Can u please tell me about girija vyas.... when she shouted like a frustrated women??sry i dont know much about politics and issues... I am zero in this. But lavanya..you are in Illinois right.... how are you keeping track of whats happening in India and Indian politics???? its really great...

  • Lavanya

    Hey Shankar.. Girija Vyas is Women's Commission Chairman, I dont know what minister she is because all of them got new portfolioss now and i am not sure who got what yet..

    What if i am illinois..i have indian TV channels at home.. So i get the updates about india everyday.. and i am very interested in knowing about indian politics so read newspapers on the internet..

  • Unknown

    great..lavanya..thnx for the info..

  • Guruji

    Shankar, I can see you getting ‘genderally’ abused here, so that itself talks a lot :-). Also, always there is the question of women being physically tortured, agreeing that we need stronger laws for stopping this brutality, on the other side, there are men who get physically tortured too, all you need to do is go see how workers from poor countries like India are treated in many places(Gulf regions etc), most of them are men, lakhs of them, leaving their homes, living in poorest of conditions for years together, trying to earn something additional so that his women and children are having a good life. Go see their lives and come back and question on integrity of men.

    For ages, the division of labour was such that women took care of the family, men did the hard work because physically there were constraints to what a woman can do. Now that is changing because physical labour no more is done by humans, machines took over that, hence a woman should also be free to do what she want. Point is, let us not create divides stating women-issue etc, it’s a social issue, and that’s how it has to be seen, male bashers who ask questions like “How many men get sexually abused” etc should also know that most men are on your side, be it from the law enforcement that nabs and punishes these animals, or be it the general public that gives you a helping hand. So let's not generalize things here, I dont agree with Shankar as well as others who opposed him. Problems we should face as a society, together.

  • Unknown

    hmmm...santosh thanx for the comment.First I felt you were supporting me and then you suddenly turned things generally with the name of society.

  • Madman

    Shankar the reason they are biased because of the what they suffered years ago in the hands of men. Everything has to balance, i dont like it myself but like it or not its the truth they are given a soft corner.

    As said earlier this may be true in metros and not in the real India which are the villages.

  • Lavanya

    I totally agree with venky, lets get to villages and see what the real state of a woman is..

    @santhosh.. men are on our side..really? who are they and where are they?

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