Who Am I???


Who am I? What for I am born and what am I going to do in this world? Sometimes when I am alone and when I deeply think about myself, a series of questions strikes me inside my head...

Who am I?

Am I good son to my parents??

I feel like I have never made my parents happy. Right from the age of 5, my mom asks me to study well. But till now I haven’t bothered to listen to her words. I shout at her when the food she prepared is not tasty. But till now I never understood the pain of standing in kitchen and cooking. Am I a good son to my mom??

Am I a good friend??

Sometimes my friends ask me for help. I do help those most often. But sometimes there comes situations during which I am forced to say NO. My friends like me a lot... While there are some who hates me too… Why can’t I be a good friend to everyone?? Why can’t I help everyone when they need me?

Am I a good student??

Lectures, Have I ever listened to them in my life time? Teachers scold me and also punish me for not listening. But I didn’t realize they are punishing me for my own good. I never bothered to respect their words. Am I a good student to my teachers??

Am I a good Citizen?

Till date.. what I have done for my mother country? Why am I so selfish to think about myself? Why I am Self-centric? Why can’t I think out of box and make a difference?

Am I a good Lover?

Whenever she called me I ignored her. I spent most of my time in cricket, racing and other games. Did I satisfy her at least once? Did I do whatever she asked me to do? I couldn’t manage to keep my eyes off other beautiful girls, even when she was sitting alongside me. I never failed to express the beauty of everything around me. But I miserably failed to express the beauty of life when she was with me. Am I a good lover?

And the questions go on… For everything the answer remains no. Till now I haven’t found out who I am and what role god has assigned me in the game of life….

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  • Roshmi Sinha


    You may have heard the following quote by Abraham Lincoln and the common variations thereof:

    "You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time." - Abraham Lincoln

    A common variation is the following:

    "You can please all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot please all the people all the time."

    So, quit worrying...

  • Me first!! Yeah sometimes even I think about such things.. but let me tell you something.. you cannot always be good to everyone.. you can become a good son by now doing something for your parents like get a good job, take them around places, get them things that they never asked for.. it's never too late.. being a good student doesnt matter because not all teachers are good.. becoming a good citizen is also something that you can eventually do.. now a days lot of NGOs have started.. getting associated with any of them can help improve our country and its citizens.. I feel realizing our mistakes make us succeed in life.. once we know where we went wrong, we will never repeat the mistake.. everyone commits mistakes in life..

  • Karthikeyan S

    Hey,You are Good Person to everyone da. I know about u well,

    All Questions are Wrong Except the last one! You Loved Her Deeply, But, suddenly one day You Told that Your Broke Your Love..

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  • those who dare ask such questions to themselves are actually the only ones who do these things in the most righteous manner....

  • Madman

    hey shankar you cant be everyones good books. To take too serious;y your time will come.

  • Unknown

    @Roshmi Sinha:wow...great quotes from lincoln..thanks a lot for ur comment...I ain't worrying.Just curious about why a person cant be like that...

    @evanescent thoughts: Thanks a lot..Except the NGO thing I do everything else...But still sometimes I feel the same....And about the teacher thing..lol... U are correct..

    And thanks for all those awards...

  • Unknown

    @karthikeyan: I think ur first time here..thanks for the comment.... About the last question... I think you know everything...

    @rsv: may be.... I feel that everyone should question themselves before questioning others. If we can find the answers..we can question others tomorrow for being like this.... Thanks a lot for ur comment..

  • Unknown

    @venky:I will wait for such a time to come... ;-)

  • Shruti

    I too think like this many times! Especially regarding being a good daughter 2 my mom!
    But we cant be perfect in all things! There will be a tinge of positive and negative in every human being!

  • Amit Kumar Singh

    I liked your thoughts... :)
    I usually introspect myself too...
    But I always feel...to an extent ...accepting yourself as you are... is pretty correct in such situation.... :)
    Otherwise feeling of guilt exaggerates our discomfort... :)
    I agree with Roshmi on his point that you can not please everyone....
    And I feel.. introspection (witnessing) is good way to come out such problems.....


  • @Amit..
    Amit bhai ye to poochh lete ki shankz aapke baare mein serious hai ya nahi??

    sab samajhte hain hum...
    bedard jamana mmmmmm....

  • pawan

    Why so serious son?
    Who broke your heart now?
    I guess all those answers are left to others to answer not you.
    Life is all a trivia mate, we should ignore it!

  • Unknown

    @amith: yes u r correct.... introspection is really a good way.

    @rsv: you know that I dont know Hindi much..so please comment in our universal language...Bro...

    @pawan:lol..none broke my heart.... Sometimes these questions bugs me... Just wanted to share...curious to know whether only I feel this way or everyone else..

  • BK Chowla,

    Having read all the questions,I am convinced that you are a very normal human being.What is happening to you happens to ever one,I am sorry,you are overreacting.

  • Unknown

    @chowla: lol..thanks a lot for ur comment..may be I am....

  • Karthikeyan S

    Too Much da, We Know Each Other For More than 8 Years and Daily we are Meeting!!


    Too Much Man..

  • Shilpa Garg

    Self-introspection!! Hmmmm.....
    William Godwin said, “The philosophy of the wisest man that ever existed, is mainly derived from the act of introspection".

    So, guess you joining the BIG league! :)

    May you be enriched with the experience!

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  • Unknown

    @karthi: vidra..overa feel kudukadha..

    @shilpa: thanks a lot..Me joining big league??...lol...

    sry for late reply...

    @blogger:let me check and mail you at earliest...

  • Swetha

    Shankar .. don't just explore the negative things.. you might have done lots of good things.. just try to recollect that!!

    Honestly .. you are a truthful commenter!!

  • Unknown

    @pranksy: lol....thanks a lot pranksy....

  • Sh@s

    Existential questions....
    Its only human to err..its only human to have shortcomings so that whatever we may fall short of we will strive towards it.

    Its good to to do self-introspection from time to time. The fact that you have realised that you have fallen short of some of the things is enough to take you towards the path of perfection and becoming a better human being.

    So far whatever posts i have read of yours i can definitely say that you a good-hearted person and this is not to butter or impress you. Its a genuine remark.

  • Unknown

    @shas: thanks a lot for comment....And thanks a lot for the genuine remark...

    your comment is so true and it boosts me up...

  • Remya Raman

    Dear Shankar,

    Nicely written and attractive post. Well for the Question "Who am I?" I would say, you are human being, respected loved and cared by fellow human beings. You are not the one who belongs to the underprivileged and deprived class, who do not even have the rights to raise this Question "Who am I?".

    Please check the post "secret to happiness" in my blog, if you like and you'll understand that you are the most happiest of the bunch and blessed human being.

    Keep writing ..:)

  • Unknown


    hi ramya.. welcome to my world...

    will surely check out.. thanks a lot for your comment...

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